Make your dashboard more visual and engaging with videos made in Synthesia.

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Why integrate with Synthesia?

Because you can use a more engaging format - video - to share your ideas and visualise your tasks.

In fact, video is 2.6 times more engaging than text. We made sure integrating our video into is incredibly easy.

How do I embed a Synthesia video in

  • Start by creating and generating a video from text in Synthesia
  • Next, copy the link from the video sharing page in Synthesia
  • Now that you have your link, log in to
  • Find or create a new dashboard in your workspace
  • Click on "Add widget" and select "Widgets center"
  • Find the "Embed everything" widget and add it to your dashboard
  • And finally, paste the video link into Monday's "Embed everything" widget. And that's it!

See our video tutorial above for more detailed instructions.

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