Moodle offers students and teachers a highly customisable learning solution.

Why integrate Moodle and Synthesia?

Create new training videos in minutes and easily embed and deliver them using Moodle.

How does this integration work?

  • Turn on "Enable Video Sharing" for your Synthesia video
  • Click the sharing button and select Embed. Copy the HTML embed code
  • On your Moodle Dashboard, head over to "Content Bank"
  • Select "Add," scroll down and select "iframe embedder"
  • Choose the specifications for your embed video and paste in your Synthesia URL
  • Next, we can build a new course in Moodle. We will need to turn on Editor mode
  • Choose "Add an activity or resource"
  • To select your video, choose H5P, which is short for HTML5
  • Give your video a title and a description
  • Next, we'll need to select the video from your content bank
  • Choose your recently added video and click next
  • Once you have added your video, click Save and return to course

Who is this integration for?

Moodle is a learning platform designed for educators, administrators and learners.

Frequently Asked Questions