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Articulate 360

Add engaging Synthesia videos into Articulate. Make training easy to create, enjoyable to take, and simple to manage.

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Why integrate Articulate 360 with Synthesia?

Create Interactive Courses with your Synthesia video for any device.

How does this integration work?

  • Turn on "Enable Video Sharing" for your Synthesia video
  • Click the sharing button and select Embed. Copy the HTML embed code
  • Head over to Articulate 360 and login, or create an account
  • Create a new course, or select a pre-existing course
  • Add your lesson description and select "Add Content"
  • Select "All Blocks" on the toolbar, then "Multimedia" and "Embed"
  • Select "Edit Embed" and paste in your Synthesia embed code

Who is this integration for?

Articulate 360 is a platform designed to help businesses create their learning initiatives.

Interested in learning how to make better videos in Articulate Storyline? We have combined 4 research-backed tips to make Storyline videos more engaging in our blog.

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