Learning and Development

Stellar Labs

Design quality learning journeys in minutes - using AI and the neuroscience of learning.

Why integrate Stellar Labs with Synthesia?

Integrate Synthesia videos seamlessly with Stellar Labs to enhance your learning experiences.

How does this integration work?

  • Copy your Synthesia Share Page URL
  • Log in to your Stellar Labs account
  • Create your journey
  • Paste the URL of your Synthesia video
  • Your Synthesia video will be added to your Stellar Labs Learning Journey

Who is this integration for?

This integration makes it’s easier for people to learn critical work-place skills. You get to build tailored, data informed programmes that include support for practical tasks, so people get better at what they do on the job. It's designed to match the organisations goals, making sure your training directly contributes to improving your workforce and hitting your business targets

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