Use Synthesia with Tolstoy to create AI videos for chatbots, walkthroughs, and more.

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Why integrate Tolstoy with Synthesia?

Tolstoy has a direct API sync with Synthesia. This means you can browse and use all your Synthesia videos in seconds within Tolstoy.

How does this integration work?

  • To connect your account, head over to Synthesia, click on Settings and scroll down to API Keys. Copy your Synthesia API key
  • Head over to the Tolstoy website and log in, or create an account
  • To connect your Synthesia and Tolstoy account, head to the integrations menu and paste your Synthesia API key. You will only have to do this once
  • Once connected, when you build a new Tolstoy, your library of Synthesia videos will be accessible directly in your Tolstoy library
  • Select "Make your Own" Tolstoy and click on "My Library" to access your library
  • You'll notice two tabs, your Tolstoy tab and your Synthesia tab
  • When you select the Synthesia tab, your Synthesia videos will populate automatically in Tolstoy
  • Your videos will automatically fetch, and all you need to do is create your text and choices
  • You can preview your Tolstoy, and if you are happy with everything, you can publish it

Who is this integration for?

Tolstoy allows anyone to build personalised, one-on-one interactive conversations on websites, send in email campaigns, and much more.

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