Streamline your sales and marketing by having all your videos, pdfs, podcasts and more in one place — with powerful analytics.

Why integrate Zngly with Synthesia?

Integrate Zngly with Synthesia for streamlined and enriched experiences.

How does this integration work?

This integration seamlessly merges Zngly and Synthesia, allowing you to combine and enhance your media content.

  • Copy your Synthesia Share Page URL
  • Log in to your Zngly account
  • Select "Catalog" from the menu.
  • Click on "Add New."
  • Paste the URL of your Synthesia video.
  • Your Synthesia video will be added to your Zngly library for easy access and organisation.

Who is this integration for?

This integration is for sales and marketing pros, businesses, and groups aiming to convert leads, make personalised content quickly, and improve strategies with intelligent analytics.

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