How to onboard employees in 2022 (with examples)

Jakob Marovt
September 2, 2022

About Antisel

Antisel is a Greek scientific equipment and services company employing over 200 people in 3 markets, with a growing remote workforce.

Michael Miliopoulos, Antisel's Director of HR shared with us how he uses Synthesia STUDIO to develop stellar onboarding experiences for remote employees.

Onboarding remote employees is damn hard 😔

Sure thing, you can “jump on a zoom call” or email a bunch of documents, PDFs, and PowerPoints. But that’s so 2021, lacks a personal touch and frankly speaking, boring.

Michael felt there had to be a better way to onboard remote employees and ensure everyone received clear and consistent guidance in their first few weeks at work.

One of Antisel's core values is communication, and Michael took a stand in making sure it's reflected in the way employees are welcomed at their new workplace.

And he turned it into an exciting experience.

Here’s how to onboard remote employees in 2022 👇🏻

Michael greets remote workers with a series of bite-sized, personalised AI-generated videos created with Synthesia STUDIO.

Here is an example of an onboarding video received by a new employee, Christos 📹

Wondering how Christos reacted after seeing the video?

Here are 5 reasons why Synthesia STUDIO is the best tool to create employee onboarding videos:

✅ You can create studio quality, bite-sized onboarding videos instead of PDFs and PowerPoints. Without the need for actors, cameras, lights or microphones.

For example, Michael has created a series of short videos introducing Antisel's mission, vision and core values to new employees.

✅  Information specific to different business units can be personalised for each employee, offering in-depth knowledge of specific processes.

For example, Michael creates videos with checklists of tasks for the first week that are tailored to the particular business unit the new employee is joining.

✅ The information can be translated into the native language of the employees, which contributes to even clearer communication.

For example, Michael  translates the videos into English, Greek, Bulgarian or Romanian, and can go on in more than 50 languages supported in Synthesia STUDIO.

✅ The diversity of avatars ensures that the message is delivered by a relatable human (ok, avatar), taking into account the geographic location of the employee.

For example, from over 50 avatars available in Synthesia STUDIO, Michael chose Anna as the onboarding buddy for the Romanian and Bulgarian markets.

✅ Creating videos is a breeze thanks to the templates. They save Michael's time and provide consistency in communication.

For example, Michael chose the Employee Onboarding template (one of the 25 available in Synthesia STUDIO) and customised it to fit Antisel's brand guidelines.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what Michael has to say ✌🏼

Synthesia helps me ensure the message I communicate has close to a 100% success rate. It’s easy to use, cost-efficient, and saves me precious time. It’s like having a whole video production studio, but in a browser.

What’s next? 📚

In future, Michael is planning on expanding the use of Synthesia STUDIO as part of Antisel’s Learning and Development programs. He is planning on developing micro-learning courses for each business unit, and translate them for each local market.

Instead of hiring expensive external training providers or simply buying books, I can develop micro-learning modules using Synthesia STUDIO. The best thing is that I can do that by myself, without the need for advanced video creation skills.

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