BSH develops 70% more efficient training

Jakob Marovt
September 2, 2022

Easily scale your video production in 60+ languages.

How do we make our e-learning sessions more efficient and engaging?

That was the question with which Sabine Dömling from the Global Supply Chain training at BSH Home Appliances Group - the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe - approached her partners.

The challenge

With over 60,000 employees around the globe on various posts, BSH corporation as an organization possesses a great deal of talent and knowledge in different fields.

To make knowledge available independently from time and space, digitization of e-learning comes as an obvious choice. But frankly speaking, many of us know the feeling: e-learnings that consist of a sequence of many slides to click through are somewhat exhausting in the long run.

The solution

The BSH team looked into the startup ecosystem and the field of synthetic media. They identified Synthesia as the leading startup in the area, and chose it for a pilot project. Below are the key value points of Synthesia:

👩🏻‍🎨  User friendly interface: creating videos is as easy as writing an email, no need for advanced technical skills.

🚀 Video content on the fly: you can create and edit videos at the comfort of your laptop.

📹  No need for actors or expensive equipment: you just pick one of the 46+ photorealistic avatars, choose one of the 40+ available languages and generate your content.

The results

Using Synthesia software, Sabine was able to develop a virtual facilitator to guide learners through a training session, which resulted in:

📈 Reach: Over 30.000 views of the web based trainings.

✅  Engagement: over 30% increase in engagement of e-learning.

💸 Cost savings: over 70% savings in external video production.

Not only Sabine found the method great, but also her colleagues, and other consumers of e-learning content were equally enthusiastic. Here is what Dennis Hein, Head of Global Planning and Logistics, Supply Chain Management - Standards, Processes says about the trainings made with Synthesia:

A virtual training like this is a great representation in terms of professionalism. We are on the right track. I'm happy to be able to provide something so great for our end users worldwide.

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