Cemex created training programs in 8 languages

May 7, 2021

CEMEX, a global leader in the building materials industry, is using Synthesia to create Leap, a commercial training and development program with 12 modules in 8 languages. To learn how, read the article below, or watch the video for an easy walkthrough.

Luis Fernando Gonzalez, the manager of CEMEX University, shared with us the why, the how and the what.

About Cemex University

By focusing on the development of Strategic Capabilities, CEMEX University is helping CEMEX solve specific learning needs by designing and developing top learning experiences. Leap is an ambitious 12 Module program built in 8 languages focused on enhancing the interactions between the commercial teams internally and CEMEX customers.

The challenge

Creating such a volume of content while maintaining quality is a challenge. Before Synthesia, the team had to film internal specialists to create content, which was time-consuming and not always an option. This is where Synthesia came in and helped the Cemex team streamline their video content creation processes.

Synthesia's key value points

šŸš„ Speed: Synthesia has reduced the time-to-market of explainer videos by up to 50%. Now the team can create compelling explainer videos in 8 languages at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional video content creation - without compromising on quality.

šŸŒ Localization: The ability to create content in multiple languages is of particular value to them. Previously, they had to use subtitles for different languages, which was not suitable as it distracted the student's attention from the content of the video.

āš”ļø Agility: Since they started to use Synthesia, the CEMEX team has expanded the use of video in their training programs, resulting in shorter, more efficient courses. They are more agile and can adapt their content on the go since there is no longer a need to shoot videos, which in itself was becoming an issue due to COVID-19 regulations.

Tip from Luis from Cemex:

"I would recommend using animated video backgrounds, it makes a big difference in terms of realism. Also take advantage of the 40+ languages! We used to use subtitles for localized content, but they can distract the viewer from the content and take time to generate, sync, etc."

At Synthesia, we are humbled by the impact our product has had on the CEMEX University team and look forward to supporting their initiatives company-wide in the future.