Dixa Customer Video Training Hub

May 7, 2021

To learn ow Dixa built a beautiful Synthesia-powered customer video training hub - Dixa Academy, read the below article or watch this video for an easy walkthrough.

is a rapidly growing omnichannel customer service software that provides the best experience for agents and customers alike. They serve modern brands like Honest, Interflora, Too Good To Go and have raised more than $50M so far.

We spoke with Tue Søttrup, Chief CX Evangelist at Dixa. Tue and his team at Dixa have established a Dixa Academy - a place for all their customers and agents to quickly learn and adopt key features of the platform.

Dixa’s Academy now features many videos created with Synthesia. Let’s dive right into it.

Key results

  • 🚅 Dramatic speed-up of video production: Synthesia enables Dixa to iterate extremely quickly on their customer onboarding videos. They managed to produce 20 professional-looking training videos in just three weeks.
  • 🌱 Quicker iteration: Dixa’s Academy team can now test new video concepts much quicker than before.
  • 🚀 Expanded vision: Because Synthesia videos enable quick creation, Dixa’s Academy team can now think bigger and create many more videos for all the new and existing features. This eventually leads to quicker activation of customers and reduced churn.


Every customer success team’s dream is to have a completely video-led customer onboarding journey and training materials.

Unfortunately, until now this has been very hard to achieve because you had to go down one of the two paths below:

  • “Poor quality videos”: You could produce a lot of low quality “talking head” screencast videos with poor voice quality. It’s possible too get away with this approach when you’re an unknown small vendor. But with the size of Dixa, this would be hugely detrimental to their brand.
  • “High quality, but expensive videos”: The other route is to hire a videographer or two and have them produce quality videos. This approach is expensive and also very annoying in the long term when you just want to do some small tweaks to a video because of a changed design or an added feature. It leads to re-editing of the clip and reimplementing new voice recording in cooperation with an external voice artist.


Today, Dixa’s Academy team is able to create many more videos in a shorter timeframe. They no longer have to choose between speed of iteration and quality of the final result.

Here are the main new benefits from using Synthesia:

  • High-Quality human-like avatars: Synthesia comes with a big number of in-built high quality avatars. Dixa’s team simply chooses an avatar, inputs text script and out comes a finished video.
  • High-Quality voices: You can choose between more than 40+ languages and different accents and types of voices for popular languages. This eliminates the need for tedious back-and-forths with outside voice contractors.
  • Quick re-edits: You only need to change the text and regenerate the video on Synthesia. And, voila, in a minute or two you can republish the video.

Who would you recommend Synthesia to?

“Everybody. It can be used for sales (on the website and in personal videos), demo confirmations, product onboarding, in customer success, product releases, Christmas cards, and many more things we have not thought of yet.”

What would your advice be for everyone starting to use Synthesia?

Tue Søttrup from Dixa finishes our conversation with this: “Try it out and see what works for you. It is very easy and intuitive to use and there is a short time to value.”

We’re excited to see and support Dixa implementing Synthesia videos in even more parts of their customer journey.