14 Best Explainer Video Examples For Inspiration

Written by
Kevin Alster
Published on
May 17, 2024
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What makes an explainer video good? 

Or, more importantly, effective?

To answer that question, we’ve looked closely at fourteen explainer video examples and dug into precisely what separates the average from the awesome.

1. 91 Squarefeet

Your Retail Store is just a click away | 91Squarefeet

Explainer video format:

  • Length of video: One minute and 29 seconds
  • Style: Live-action video 

Why 91Squarefeet’s explainer video works:

Being transparent and relatable goes a long way when creating videos introducing your company to the world.

And this is something 91Squarefeet gets. They speak directly to their target audience, who face chaos and difficulty building retail stores.

A good product explainer video shows how a product can offer solutions and elevate the user's experience. 91Squarefeet goes from problem to solution in just 20 seconds with the clever use of going from dark to light visuals and from harsh sound effects to upbeat music.

Through the integration of storytelling and screengrabs of how convenient the system works, this explainer video takes viewers through the journey of using their platform while it also:

  • Introduces the company
  • Shows the available new service
  • Communicates customer outcomes that can be expected

Keep 91Squarefeet's introduction in mind when you want to show your client how to go from feeling defeated to victorious.

Notable features:

  • Problem-solution approach
  • Creative musical and visual cues
  • Inclusion of client portfolio

Tip 💡

When you create your explainer video, it should usually be at most 90 seconds. You want the viewer to watch the video till the end and get an accurate image of your product or service at a glance.

2. AzureSky

Online Check-in Guide (FREE AI Video Template)

Explainer video format:

  • Length of video: One minute and 39 seconds
  • Style: AI-generated video

Why AzureSky's explainer video is so effective:

For anyone anxious about checking in for their flight, this video eases all the worries in seconds. It shows a virtual customer support agent for relatability and features a super straightforward, customer-focused narrative.

Clear communication and visual simplicity appeal directly to viewers' curiosity, making the online check-in seem effortless. While short, the entire video is engaging and keeps you watching all the way through.

Notable features:

  • Themed with AzureSky's brand colors
  • Shows the process with on-screen text and timeline visuals
  • Cleverly uses stock images to guide users

3. MiiCare

Introducing MiiCare

Explainer video format:

  • Length of video: One minute and 25 seconds
  • Style: Live-action video 

Why MiiCare has one of the best explainer videos:

Using emotion to get a message across is not only powerful in movies. Any marketing strategy worth it’s salt can incorporate it into the narrative. Emotion is the hook to explain the product.

MiiCare gets its key message and value proposition across quickly. It is impactful and instantly resonates with users.

Conveying the facts and offering peace of mind are extremely important in healthcare marketing. The explainer video of MiiCare reaches for the heart while giving a clear overview of the day-to-day features and how they benefit users. 

Familiarity plays a significant role in MiiCare’s explainer video. Regardless of profession, culture, or age, there comes a time in every person’s life when they are worried about aging or concerned about a loved one aging. And that’s the secret sauce that makes this video tug at your heartstrings.

Notable features:

  • Subdued colors, gentle music, and smooth transitions
  • Script and tone of voice evoke trust and inspire hope
  • Product demonstrations and integrations

4. Magic Meal

Magic Meal: Healthy Meals Delivered to Your Home

Explainer video format:

  • Length of video: One minute and 53 seconds
  • Style: AI-generated video

Why Magic Meal's explainer video is an example to follow:

Introducing a chef-crafted, hassle-free meal prep delivery service, this explainer video makes an enticing proposition. And the promise is critical when creating explainer videos.

The narrative highlights the offering's ease, variety, and health benefits. Plus, it pairs smoothly with the visuals, making it a compelling watch for those looking to simplify their meal routines without sacrificing quality.

Magic Meal creates the perfect mix of product information, mouth-watering visuals, and storytelling. It engages viewers and encourages them to take action

Notable features:

  • Bright, colorful visuals in line with the gastronomic theme.
  • Engaging presenter portrays the chef behind the delicious meals.
  • Big promise that appeals to busy lifestyles and makes the explainer video more attractive.

5. Everee Pay

What is Everee?

Explainer video format:

  • Length of video: Three minutes and 27 seconds.
  • Style: Animation

Everee’s animated explainer video:

Visuals are everything when it comes to animated explainer videos. It should always hold the viewer’s attention and engage the viewer through to the call to action.

Even though Everee’s introduction is longer than the usual 60 to 90 seconds of explainer videos, every bit of information is helpful in this animated video. 

This 2D animated explainer video shines some honest light on the often-tedious task of doing payroll. It ticks all the boxes:

  • Connects the problem to the solution
  • Explains how the software works 
  • Delivers an irresistible value proposition

The simple animations, sound effects, and keywords popping up make Everee’s explainer video easy to follow. And the funny one-liners keep your attention. 

Notable features:

  • Seamless animation
  • Humorous message delivery
  • Real-life scenarios
  • Uses YouTube’s chapter functionality

Tip 💡

Everee makes clever use of YouTube’s chapter functionality. In the progress bar, create the following segments:

  • Intro: Explains the importance of payroll but that it can also be a headache for small businesses
  • Why Everee: What sets Everee apart and how they revolutionize payroll
  • How it works: A quick scenario and product demonstration
  • The best part: Explains the many benefits of payroll for employers and their employees

6. Miro

What is Miro?

Explainer video format:

  • Length of video: One minute
  • Style: Live-action video and screencasting

Why the Miro explainer video draws attention:

Miro introduces itself as a convenient and productive solution by comparing old and new. Snail mail vs. email. Chats around the watercooler vs. messaging apps. Whiteboards vs. Miro.

With the core concept flawlessly explained, the video moves on without losing the viewer’s attention, and there’s a quick transition to a screencast introduction of what Miro looks like in real life. 

This is the perfect example of excellent pacing. No seconds wasted — no unnecessary voiceover. The actual product does the talking.

Miro’s call to action takes it one step further on YouTube. At the end screen, there are two cards. One takes you to a more in-depth explainer video, and the other to the website, where you can get started. 

Notable features:

  • Minimalistic approach
  • Use of nostalgia
  • Multiple calls to action

7. EcoWear

EcoWear Sustainable Fashion Promo (AI Video Template)

Explainer video format:

  • Length of video: One minute
  • Style: AI-generated video

Why EcoWear's example is a good explainer video:

Watching this video, viewers embark on a sustainable fashion journey. They learn about EcoWear's commitment to eco-friendly practices and find out exactly how they produce organic cotton clothes with great care for the environment. 

EcoWear effectively communicates the brand's dedication to minimal environmental impact. It focuses on values like sustainability that potential customers really care about. And it doesn't just deeply resonate with the audience but inspires them to support the brand.

Notable features:

  • Content educates and converts by simplifying the message.
  • Focused narrative keeps viewers watching until the end.
  • Simple graphics and soft music align with the eco-conscious message.

8. CoachHub

What is CoachHub?

Explainer video format:

  • Length of video: One minute and 26 seconds
  • Style: Animation

Why CoachHub has a fantastic explainer video

CoachHub’s explainer video is a good example of how simple 2D animations can empathize with a viewer. Instead of showing how the tool works — it shows what it can do for you (as an individual or business).

Notable features:

  • Use of color and movement
  • Clear call to action
  • Sound effects indicating achievement

Did you know? 🤔

The video focuses heavily on the brand’s colors, blue and orange. Blue is often used to convey loyalty, honesty, and trust, while orange represents positivity.

9. TimeSaver

TimeSaver: Time Tracking App

Explainer video format:

  • Length of video: 50 seconds
  • Style: AI-generated video

What we like about TimeSaver's explainer video:

A focused explainer video that demonstrates practical utility, like TimeSaver's, can significantly influence viewers' decision to engage with the product. This explainer video promotes the app's benefits and ease of use in a way that makes it instantly desirable.

The big promise is a simple, intuitive app for efficiently managing time, appointments, and tasks. The video showcases how their solution streamlines daily scheduling and productivity without the clutter of complicated features. It makes a bold but simple promise and delivers on it convincingly, making it one of the more effective explainer video examples on this list.

Notable features:

  • Short and punchy video, makes a practical demo of key features
  • Clear value proposition and specific call to action
  • Product simplicity is reflected through the simplicity of visuals and narration

10. One Day Video

ODV's Brand New Explainer Video!

Explainer video format:

  • Length of video: One minute and 54 seconds
  • Style: Live-action video

Why One Day Video is on par with Dollar Shave Club

We agree… it is pretty meta to include a video creation company’s explainer video in a list of best explainer video examples. But if you’re confused about why you need an explainer video, give this one a watch because it’ll blow your socks off with its excellent overview of explainer video production.

The explainer from One Day Video communicates three key messages: 

  1. They know how to make great videos
  2. They know how to market video and create great sales funnels
  3. The video you’re watching is proof of the above two solutions

So why does One Day Video takes us back to one of the most famous explainer video examples ever made, the Dollar Shave Club explainer?

It’s the flawless humor. 

And taking it a step further, the actors in these videos are the founders or employees, which instantly:

  • Creates brand image that viewers feel they can trust
  • Provides an awesome introduction to the company culture

Notable features:

  • Humor
  • Shows scalability of work
  • Introduces the team behind the brand

11. Chip App

Chip in 60 seconds | Quick explainer video

Explainer video format:

  • Length of video: One minute and 13 seconds
  • Style: Animation

Why the Chip App animated explainer video works:

Great animated explainer video examples are those that are aware of time.

The video begins with a short mission statement. Then Chip App puts a timer on.

With the help of quick transitions and upbeat music, they get a lot of information across in 60 seconds.

The video explains what they offer. How the user can benefit from the app. A few app reviews and bragging rights are thrown in. And lastly, there is an audio and a visual call to action.

Using visuals from the app gives the user a hands-on approach of what to expect and enumerates Chip App’s services. Alongside the element of time, the company's key message to “save smart, not hard” is a central theme throughout the video.

Notable features:

  • Benefits and features breakdown
  • Fast-paced scene transitions
  • Clear call to action

12. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg

Explainer video format:

  • Length of video: Two minutes and 38 seconds
  • Style: Animation

Why the Crazy Egg remains one of the best product explainer videos out there

Understanding your user and their current skills or knowledge puts you in a great place to create amazing explainer videos. 

Crazy Egg understood that many people own a website, but few knew how to dive into the analytics and dissect it.

So how best to describe one of the most complicated fields in marketing?

By creating a funny video with a cute character and a rock-solid script!  

Without getting wrapped up in technical terms, the video makes something complex, and quirky. It showed the product in action, answered multiple questions the user might have about the product and had more than one call to action.

The Crazy Egg video is not the new kid on the block. But if there was ever a reason for digital marketers to jump on board explainer videos, here’s the proof. Not only did sales conversions increase by 64%, but they also generated an additional $2,100 in monthly revenue. It just shows that these types of videos work!

Notable features:

  • Straightforward explanation
  • Several calls-to-action
  • Cute and emotive main character

13. Airbnb

What is Airbnb? | Travel Tips | Airbnb

Explainer video format:

  • Length of video: One minute and 10 seconds
  • Style: Animation

What's so cool about Airbnb's explainer video:

Airbnb's "Welcome" video makes you feel good the moment you hit play. It's colorful, features an upbeat soundtrack, and brims with eye-catching visuals you're traveling by. Yes, you're traveling because the perspective is first-person, and everything you see reflects diverse accommodations worldwide.

The idea that it's easy to find a place that feels like home surfaces so naturally through the narration. While it makes you wander around the world, the video subtly tells you everything that makes Airbnb a great choice. This is how you keep viewers engaged and deliver your message!

Notable features:

  • Visual journey tailored directly to the ideal customer demographic.
  • "Feel like home" message is reflected in everything from music to miniature world visuals.
  • Narration tells the brand story, company mission, and key features of Airbnb's service.

14. UPS

UPS Supply Chain Solutions: Already Ready

Explainer video format:

  • Length of video: One minute and seven seconds
  • Style: Live-action video

What makes this explainer video by USP so catchy:

Logistics is complicated but UPS sells us on the idea that they're already ready for whatever the future will bring. Confident and upbeat, this video showcases the company's forward-thinking approach. It tells and shows us that they can handle anything, with impressive visuals from their warehouses and digital ecosystem. 

Notable features:

  • Strong hook and clear messaging, with a repetitive "already ready."
  • Quick transition into UPS's value proposition.
  • Narration and visuals back up the big promise of the explainer video.

Bonus example! BankScout 

Example: Product explainer video for BankScout

Explainer video format

  • Length of video: 25 seconds
  • Style: AI generated video

Why the BankScout is such an important example of a video explainer

BankScout’s explainer video was made with AI technology.

That handsome man you see chatting away on screen is a real actor, but BankScout didn’t have to hire him and a full studio to record the video.

Instead they just typed the script into Synthesia’s software, added some animation visuals, chose a voice and a language, and clicked “Generate.”

This example from BankScout illustrates one of the easiest ways to create an explainer video on your own without outside help.

Ready to get your explainer video on this list?

Creating explainer videos is a great tool to establish a company's persona online for big brands and startups. 

Video-makers like Synthesia can help you produce explainer videos with just a simple script and a few clicks. Use this free AI video generator to make your own explainer video in minutes.


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