Why Intenseye turns help articles into AI videos

Jakob Marovt
September 16, 2022

Easily scale your video production in 60+ languages.

Did you know that the human and economic cost of workplace injuries worldwide is about $250 billion per year? 😳

Now this is staggering... but fortunately the Intenseye team is working to solve this problem, and in a pretty cool way.

About Intenseye

Intenseye is a category-defining workplace safety platform powered by cutting-edge AI. Using existing cameras within facilities, they empower EHS teams to see the unseen hazards and save lives by taking proactive actions.

The platform helps identify and analyse 45+ EHS use cases with very high accuracy rates, protecting 100,000+ workers in 23+ countries across the globe.

But supporting customers across multiple time zones requires a high level of coordination and orchestration from the Intenseye support team.

We spoke with Kübra Demircan, Customer Support Specialist at Intenseye, to learn how she uses Synthesia to convert help centre articles into short videos that help customers:

  • Get onboarded faster, in their native language
  • Visualise the execution of complex processes
  • Access help content across different time zones

The challenge

To help onboard customers and get support, Kübra documented all processes, instructions and frequently asked questions in a central help centre with over 30 articles.

However, she quickly discovered that Intenseye customers do not always have the time (or the will) to read a long article.

This is especially true for processes that are more complex and require visual support.

As our customers have a widely varying level of competency when it comes to tech-savviness, we should make sure they have access to information in the format they prefer and comfortable with, at a time that is convenient for them.
- Kübra Demircan, Customer Support Specialist at Intenseye

Knowing that viewers retain 95% of a video's message compared to 10% when reading text, Kübra sought a solution to turn existing help articles into short videos and provide a better experience for customers.

Since she is not a professional video creator, the solution had to be:

  • Cost and time efficient, without upfront investment or lengthy training
  • Easy to use, without the need for professional video equipment
  • Enabled the creation of video content in multiple languages

The solution

Kübra decided to leverage the Synthesia AI video platform to turn existing Help Centre articles into short 2-minute AI videos.

By simply converting articles into scripts, adding screen recordings and an AI avatar as a narrator, Kübra was able to turn lengthy and complex articles into short how-to videos.

Now customers can choose to watch a short, step-by-step video or read an article, which helps make the information more accessible to different customers.

Synthesia is super user-friendly. I actually had fun working with it, and it took me less than an hour to create a 2-minute video, without needing any other tools or external help.
- Kübra Demircan, Customer Support Specialist at Intenseye

Once a video was created in one language, Kübra was able to easily localise it and make it available for different markets - so the same video was available in English, Turkish, Spanish, and Japanese.

In the near future, Kübra plans to localise the videos for 11 more markets to help customers find the right information at the right time and in their native language.

And the unexpected bonus?

The AI videos created with Synthesia also proved to be a helpful resource for onboarding new employees at Intenseye. (Some still wonder who the mysterious teacher behind the training videos is, and are very surprised when they learn that it is a Synthesia AI avatar).

To sum up, videos are not just a "nice to have" for a Help Centre, but an indispensable part of a delightful customer experience. And the Intenseye team proves that it is possible to achieve this by being creative…. and using the Synthesia AI video platform. 😉

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