How to augment live class training with AI videos

Jakob Marovt
September 14, 2022

Easily scale your video production in 60+ languages.

Read this case study to learn how an L&D manager at an international law firm used Synthesia to turn an entire classroom training introduction module into a quick 10-minute video that:

  • Saved participants an hour of classroom time
  • Made the pre-work content more engaging
  • Helped focus the classroom time, set expectations and leave more time for social interactions
Synthesia saved an entire module both virtually and in classroom, as I could send the attendants the introductory pieces before the live training.

— Learning and Development Manager

Live training participants were pleasantly surprised to receive the pre-work in video format and found the information helpful and the approach innovative.

The video was helpful and well made A+. The pre-work was easy and not overwhelming, I found it very helpful.
— Training course attendant
I thought the video was helpful to start thinking about some of the concepts in advance and make it applicable to my role as manager & my direct reports.

— Training course attendant
The pre-work was just right! It helped set the stage and the video was good. I liked the new approach!
— Training course attendant

The L&D team creates leadership development programs that help managers develop skills such as delegation, communication, team management, etc.

The topics covered are soft skills that require a certain level of human interaction to achieve optimal results. The company organises 2-3-day live leadership courses up to five times a year.

The challenge

The COVID -19 pandemic and the subsequent shift to working from home required the company to find a solution to transition to a hybrid learning approach, combining live courses with on-demand video content, which would result in:

  • Making learning content accessible to those who cannot physically attend a live course.
  • Sending follow-up learning materials to reinforce topics covered in the live course
  • Creating on-demand microlearning videos that can be accessed by teams in different geographic locations.

The L&D team was looking for a solution that would enable the creation of eLearning videos at scale, without the need for specialised equipment or advanced video editing skills.

The solution

As a first step toward a hybrid learning approach, the L&D Manager used Synthesia STUDIO to turn an entire introductory module into a short video. It covered all the preliminary work participants needed to do before the live course.

In just about 30 minutes she created a 10 minutes video, covering the agenda as well as introducing key concepts and desired outcomes of the course.

Synthesia is so user friendly that I could create a professional-looking video in about 30 minutes, and I am not a eLearning designer.
— Learning and Development Manager

What she liked most about creating a video with Synthesia was that she did not have to worry about cameras, microphones, or finding a location to film the video, and instead:

  • Chose from 65+ ethnically diverse AI Avatars to act as presenters
  • Simply typed in her script to get consistent voiceover quality
  • Made edits to the video and recreated a new one within minutes

Key results

The short video created by her was described by participants as a "trailer" for the course that was exciting and new - especially because of the AI avatars used to present the content.

In addition, it helped:

  • Save an hour of class time for everybody
  • Made the introductory content more engaging
  • Helped focus the classroom time, set expectations, and leave more time for social interactions.

Now that it's so easy to produce professional-looking video at scale, the L&D team is looking to innovate and expand the use of Synthesia to truly augment the in-classroom experience.

In the future, I plan on expanding the hybrid learning approach. After a live session, I would like to send participants follow-up AI videos on the topics discussed.
— Learning and Development Manager

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