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Frequently asked questions

How do I convert a PowerPoint to video?
You can go the traditional route and download your PowerPoint slides in an MP4 video format. To do that, you have to use recorded timings and narrations, pointer movements and so on to make a recording of the presentation. Sounds complicated? We thought so.

Instead, you can choose the modern way and use an online PowerPoint video converter. The presentation video creation process with a converter with incredibly easy - you import your slides, choose an AI avatar, type in a video script and click 'convert'. After just a few minutes of work, you will have a Full HD narrated presentation video to replace plain slides.
How do I convert PowerPoint to video with audio?
You can either record a narration for your presentation, and then go through the lengthy process of exporting your PowerPoint presentation into a video format.
There are two possible problems with that approach:

1. Recording a narration requires a good microphone, and the confidence to present. And let's be honest, most of us hate the sound of our own voice on recordings.

2.Using PowerPoint to create video is complicated.

Or you can import your slides into Synthesia, select an AI video presenter, choose a language and type in text. That's it!

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