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How to make personalized Santa videos?

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We've prepared a few Santa backgrounds and script templates for inspiration.

Write your Santa greeting

Tweak the text, personalize it with your friends' names and special greetings.

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Generate the Santa video and once ready, share it with friends or family.

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Frequently asked Santa questions

Can I make Santa videos completely for free?

Yes, the personalized Santa videos you generate here are completely free.

And feel free to send the Santa videos to your friends and family to spread the festive season.

Can Santa speak other languages in these videos?

Yes, of course. You can type in text in any of the more than 50 languages. You can see the available male Synthesia Santa video voices here.

Can I create Santa videos without Synthesia branding?

Yes. The free Santa videos here contain Synthesia branding, but you can create an account on Synthesia and create more rich videos with Santa. There you can change the background, music, add any text you wish and much more.

Go here to create an account and generate Santa videos without Synthesia branding.

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