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Choose a virtual person to act as a presenter in your videos. Simply type in your text and choose your avatar to create a professional video in minutes.

  • 160+ realistic digital avatars
  • Create videos from text
  • No actors or cameras needed

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Main features

Expressive digital avatars

The future is here. Here's what makes our virtual humans stand out from the rest.

Lifelike & realistic avatar performance

Our digital avatars adjust their facial expressions and express emotions based on the context of your text.

  • Automatic lip synchronization
  • Natural facial features
  • 160+ virtual humans

Natural-sounding voices

No more robotic, monotone voiceovers. Our voices have been perfectly paired with the avatars for an incredibly realistic performance.

  • Realistic intonation and prosody
  • A large variety of accents
  • 130+ languages

Highest ethical standards

As members of the Content Authenticity Initiative, we take pride in being an ethical deepfake software to prevent misuse of the software.

  • Strict content moderation
  • No recreation without consent
  • High security standards

Create your own virtual person

Turn yourself or a team member into a custom avatar that you can use in your videos. Only 15 minutes of footage needed.

Produce videos at scale

Create video content with lifelike virtual presenters in just minutes by simply typing in text. No cameras or mics needed.

Applicable for various use cases

Virtual presenters are useful for product explainer videos, employee training videos, corporate digital communication, and more.

AI Avatars

Synthesia's virtual humans

Below you can demo the virtual actors currently available in Synthesia.

Custom avatar
Custom avatar
Dr Dass
Custom avatar
Dr Dass
Custom avatar
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How to create virtual persons for videos

Here's how easy it is to create videos with virtual humans in just a few clicks using AI.

Step 1. Choose a digital human

Choose from 160+ AI avatars. Diverse styles, ages, and ethnicities available.

Step 2. Type in your text

Type in text in any of the supported 130+ languages for your avatar to narrate.

Step 3. Edit video

Personalize your video by changing the background, adding screen recordings, images, videos, shapes, text, animations, and music.

Step 4. Generate and share your video

You can download, share, or embed your video into the streaming platform of your choice.


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Use cases

See how 50,000+ companies use digital humans

Replace boring text, PowerPoints and PDFs with engaging videos.

"Usually, our colleagues don't jump in the air when they hear e-learning, but the AI videos created with Synthesia have sparked motivation that we haven't seen before."

Jesper B.
Learning Specialist at BESTSELLER
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Create high-quality sales enablement videos your team won't skip

"Sales people require engaging training content. With Synthesia's AI avatars and voiceovers, we can now facilitate quicker knowledge transfer."

Jason E.
Global L&D Sales Training Strategy Manager at Xerox
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Create engaging information security training videos, without relying on 3rd parties

"The avatars look real and I can choose from many different languages. Synthesia is solving 2 key problems for me: I can use the in-built AI to generate my script and then make an AI avatar speak it."

Henry Z.
Cyber Security & Cloud Expert
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Create your professional-looking product explainers in minutes, not months

"Thanks to the role-specific product explainer videos made with Synthesia we booked 35% more meetings compared to previous trade shows."

Tolgar A.
VP of Marketing at Infinite Peripherals
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Transform your help articles into short videos and improve your customer experience

"Using Synthesia, we effectively transformed dense help articles into user-friendly videos, significantly enhancing our customer support experience."

Kübra D.
Customer Support Specialist at Intenseye
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Customer stories

Here's why 50,000+ companies use Synthesia

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Faster video creation

"Synthesia’s AI voiceovers sold me instantly. They give us the ability to pivot and create video content much faster than before"

Ann Stutler
Senior Manager of Training & Learning at Division Maintenance Group
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No actors - no costs

"Relying on external agencies and hiring voiceover actors in multiple language was extremely costly. So it would either mean stretching the budget or no video at all."

Jason Etherington
Global L&D Sales Learning Strategy Manager at Xerox
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Speed, simplicity and ease

"We can record anytime and anywhere with greater speed, simplicity, and ease. It not only optimizes work schedules but also increases productivity and benefits the quality of our educational materials."

Pedro da Silva
Global Educational Services Manager at Fiery

All your digital human questions answered

What is a digital avatar?

A digital avatar is a virtual representation of a human being, often used in digital platforms and virtual environments. These avatars can mimic human actions, facial expressions, emotions, and human interaction, providing a personalized and immersive digital presence.

What is a virtual person called?

A virtual person is often referred to as an 'avatar' or a 'digital avatar' in the context of online platforms and virtual worlds. In more advanced technological uses, such as artificial intelligence, a virtual person might be called a 'virtual assistant,' 'AI persona,' or simply 'virtual human.'

How do I create a digital avatar?

With a tool like Synthesia, making a digital avatar for videos is incredibly easy.

Here's how you do it:

  1. Make a Synthesia account. Or make a free demo video if you don't want to commit just yet.
  2. Choose a digital avatar. We have 160+ built-in avatars to choose from, but you can also generate your own customized virtual human.
  3. Customize your video. Type in your script, add any images, shapes, audio, and backgrounds to personalize your video.
  4. Download your video. Download, upload, share or embed with ease.

Why use digital avatars?

Virtual humans are used for a variety of purposes, from advertising and entertainment to education and customer service.

In many cases, they can provide a more lifelike and personal experience than traditional computer-generated characters.

For example, virtual individuals can be used to give tours of museum exhibitions or deliver presentations in online courses. They can also be used to create realistic 3D avatars for video games or virtual reality experiences.

When using digital avatars as video presenters, users report a 90% decrease in video production time, as compared to traditional methods using real humans.

What are the benefits of digital avatars?

Using a virtual person in your content offers numerous benefits, including increased engagement, the ability to produce content without needing physical presence, and the opportunity to present information in a more interactive and personalized manner. Virtual persons can also be used across various platforms and media types, making your content versatile and innovative.

What is the best digital avatar creator?

The best digital avatar creator platform is Synthesia. It's rated 4,7/5 stars on G2, with 1200+ reviews to back up the claims.

What is the meaning of a virtual person?

A virtual person, often termed a 'digital avatar' or 'virtual human,' refers to a digital representation or creation that mimics a human being, including physical appearance or behavior. This can be a simple 2D or 3D model used in video games and virtual world environments, or a more complex, AI-driven character capable of real-time interaction with real people conversationally or functionally, such as a virtual assistant or customer service agent.

These virtual people can be designed for various purposes, including entertainment, education, customer service, interactive videos, and more. They often serve as a user's representation in a virtual world or function autonomously to perform tasks, provide information, or engage with users in interactive applications.