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Why choose Synthesia’s avatars?

Synthesia's avatars are superior due to their large and inclusive selection of stock avatars, as well as the inclusion of 6 gestures which add more dynamic and lifelike movements.

Lastly, the lip sync rating of 4.5/5 further enhances the realism of the avatars, solidifies Synthesia as the leader in the AI video generation space.

Why choose Elai’s avatars?

Elai's avatars offer a unique advantage with their custom photo avatars feature, allowing users to use their own photo or image to create a personalized avatar that looks exactly like them.

Synthesia vs Elai - Avatars
Feature Synthesia Elai
Stock avatars 140+ 25+
Custom studio avatars Yes Yes
Custom web avatars Yes Yes
Custom photo avatars No Yes
Gestures Yes No
Lip sync 4.5/5 2.5/5
Multiple avatars on screen Yes No
Avatar branding Yes No

Synthesia or Elai – which one offers better voices?

Both Synthesia and Elai offer a large selection of languages for text-to-speech voiceovers - 130+ and 75+ respectively. Additionally, both platforms offer the ability for users to upload custom audio voiceovers for their avatars (Corporate plans only), and clone their voices for text-to-speech voiceovers.

Both tools provide auto-captioning, video translation, and AI script generation features, simplifying the process of creating scripts and captions for videos in multiple languages.

Synthesia vs Elai - Voices
Feature Synthesia Elai
Languages 130+ 75+
Voice cloning Yes Yes
Auto-captions Yes Yes
Auto-translation Yes Yes
Voice upload Yes Yes
AI script assistant Yes Yes

Making videos with Synthesia and Elai

Both Synthesia and Elai feature all the basic online video editing features, including animations, transitions, PPT uploads, stock media, and aspect ratios.

On the other hand, Synthesia includes a screen recorder tool - a must-have for any modern video creator, as well as video analytics.

The rendering time is also quite different, with Synthesia coming out as a leader with a 5-minute rendering time for a 40-second video.

Synthesia vs Elai - Video platform
Feature Synthesia Elai
Video editor Yes Yes
Workspaces Yes No
Collaboration Yes Yes
Auto-translation Yes Yes
Aspect ratios Yes Yes
Screen recorder Yes No
PPT/PDF upload Yes Yes
Element animations Yes Yes
Transitions Yes Yes
Rendering time 40s = 5 min 40s = 9 min
Analytics Yes No
ChatGPT Integration Yes Yes
Doc/URL to video Yes Yes

Want to add multimedia?

Synthesia and Elai offer very similar stock media options, and allow users to upload their own media.

The biggest difference is that Elai features a larger stock music library, while Synthesia features a larger stock video library.

Synthesia vs Elai - Media
Feature Synthesia Elai
Music 23+ 70+
Images Yes Yes
Videos Yes Yes
Stickers Yes Yes
GIFs Yes Yes
Upload media Yes Yes

Do both platforms offer templates?

Both Synthesia and Elai have a library of stock templates, though Elai offers a more extensive range, with around 55 landscape-oriented templates, and 50 mobile-oriented templates.

On the other hand, Synthesia's 90+ example videos can be duplicated and edited, essentially acting as editable templates.

Both companies offer custom brand templates to enterprise clients.

Synthesia vs Elai - Templates
Feature Synthesia Elai
Stock templates 65+ 105+
Custom brand templates Yes Yes
Example videos 90+ No

Synthesia’s security & ethics

In contrast, Synthesia has a strict content moderation policy (automated & manual), as well as SSO. The platform recently became SOC 2 Type II certified, and is GDPR compliant.

Elai’s security & ethics

Elai does offer Single Sign-On (SSO), but does not seem to be SOC compliant. This can stand in the way of big enterprises using the software.

Synthesia vs Elai - Security and ethics
Feature Synthesia Elai
Content moderation Yes Yes
SSO Yes Yes
SOC 2 Type II Compliance Yes No

How does the customer service compare?

Looking at the most trusted software rating platform (G2), ratings for both Synthesia and Elai are excellent - 4.7/5 and 4.7/5 respectively. Synthesia does have more reviews, though - 1100+ compared to Elai's 60+.

With regards to customer support, Synthesia offers support for all users both by chat and email, whereas Elai offer customer support through email only.

In contrast to Elai, Synthesia also has dedicated Customer Success Managers (CSMs) for Corporate plan users.

Synthesia vs Elai - Reviews and support
Feature Synthesia Elai
G2 rating 4.7/5 4.7/5
# of G2 ratings 1100+ 60+
Support Yes Yes
CSM Yes No

Other reasons to choose Synthesia

Synthesia is a comprehensive platform that offers a range of features, including a Knowledge Base for any questions about the platform, Synthesia Academy for simple tutorials and beginner courses made by in-house L&D experts, and Integrations with 35+ tools.

Additionally, Synthesia recently launched an Examples page, that showcases real examples of videos made in Synthesia. The video can be cloned and adjusted to individual needs. Lastly, you can find a list of Service Providers to help with your video needs.

Other reasons to choose Elai

In comparison, Elai has fewer features. But it does have a Help Center and integrations with 9 platforms.

Synthesia vs Elai - Other features
Feature Synthesia Elai
In-house L&D experts Yes No
Knowledge base Yes Yes
Academy Yes No
Integrations Yes Yes
Examples Yes No
Service providers Yes No
Own recording studios Yes No
Stand out features

6 reasons to choose Synthesia over Elai

Looking at all the features side-by-side can be a lot to take in. Here are the 6 main reasons we believe you should go with Synthesia vs Elai.
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AI research advantage

Being the oldest & biggest company in the space, we have a bigger AI dataset for training our models. Our focus in continually solving fundamental AI problems has a direct effect on Synthesia.

  • $10M R&D investment in 2023
  • Best lip sync & voice quality
  • Largest team of AI researchers
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Most trusted brand

As the leaders of the AI video generation space since 2017, we have strong ethics and content moderation policies. That is mirrored in our customer reviews.

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Enterprise grade security

Synthesia is currently the only enterprise-ready AI video platform, with a dedicated security team, regular penetration tests and official accreditation to back this up.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • GDPR compliant
  • SOC 2 Type II compliant
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1.8x faster video generation

On average, a 40-second Synthesia video generates in about 5 minutes. It takes Elai 9 minutes.

Helpful learning materials

Even if you are a novice in video creation, we have helpful tutorials, webinars, and examples to help you get started.

Built-in screen recorder

No need to use switch between tools to create a video. Use the built-in screen recorder to create videos from start to finish.


Synthesia vs Elai pricing

Along with features, pricing can be a crucial deciding factor. How does Synthesia stack up against Elai?

Synthesia plans

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120 minutes of video/year. Billed yearly.

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360 minutes of video/year. Billed yearly.

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Custom pricing

Unlimited videos + premium features.

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Elai plans



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15 minutes of video/month



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The difference in numbers

Here are a few quick facts about both companies in numbers.

Synthesia Logo
Founding year
Number of employees
Number of G2 reviews
Raised to date
Last updated: Feb 15, 2024
customer stories

Why 50.000+ companies choose Synthesia

We might be biased, but our customers aren't. See what they have to say.

G2 Logo 5 Star review

Faster video creation

"Synthesia’s AI voiceovers sold me instantly. They give us the ability to pivot and create video content much faster than before"

Ann Stutler
Senior Manager of Training & Learning at Division Maintenance Group
G2 Logo 5 Star review

No actors - no costs

"Relying on external agencies and hiring voiceover actors in multiple language was extremely costly. So it would either mean stretching the budget or no video at all."

Jason Etherington
Global L&D Sales Learning Strategy Manager at Xerox
G2 Logo 5 Star review

Speed, simplicity and ease

"We can record anytime and anywhere with greater speed, simplicity, and ease. It not only optimizes work schedules but also increases productivity and benefits the quality of our educational materials."

Tue S. Synthesia custoemr
Pedro da Silva
Global Educational Services Manager at Fiery
Synhtesia vs competitors

See how Synthesia compares to other AI video generators

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Hour One

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Frequently asked questions

Does Synthesia cost money?

For Personal plan users, Synthesia costs $30 per month. The price for corporate plan users is customized according to the organisation's needs.

Who owns Synthesia?

Synthesia was founded in 2017 by Victor Riparbelli, Steffen Tjerrild, Prof. Matthias Niessner, and Prof. Lourdes Agapito.

Is Synthesia an AI?

Yes, Synthesia is an AI video generation platform. AI in this case stands for artificial intelligence, and is used by Synthesia to generate audiovisual content, more specifically, synthetic video.

What is better than Synthesia?

While Synthesia is the leading AI video generation software, there are a few alternatives on the market. To compare them side by side, check out this list of top 6 AI video generators.

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