Synthesia vs Hour One

Deciding between Synthesia and Hour One? Compare all features and pricing side by side to see which one is right for you.


Compare the features side by side

Compare the exact features of Synthesia and Hour One that matter to you and your work.


Why choose Synthesia’s avatars?

Synthesia's avatars are superior due to their larger and more diverse selection of stock avatars, as well as the option to create custom web avatars.

The addition of 6 micro-gestures further enhances the avatars’ realism, making them more dynamic and lifelike.

Lastly, the lip sync rating of 4.5/5 solidifies Synthesia as the leader in the AI video generation space.

See a Synthesia avatar in action:

Why choose Hour One’s avatars?

Hour One stands out with their extensive collection of stock avatars, offering users a large and diverse selection to choose from.


Synthesia vs Hour One - Avatars
Feature Synthesia Hour One
Stock avatars 140+ 100+
Custom studio avatars Yes Yes
Custom web avatars Yes No
Gestures Yes No
Lip sync 4.5/5 2/5

Explore Synthesia's 140+ Avatars

Synthesia comes with an ever-increasing set of diverse and professional avatars which you can use in your videos.


Synthesia or Hour One – which one offers better voices?

Synthesia and Hour One both offer text-to-speech voiceovers as part of their platforms. Synthesia currently supports 130+ languages and Hour One supports 80+ languages.  

Both Synthesia and Hour One offer auto-captioning, making it easy for users to generate captions. However, Hour One offers additional features for auto-translation, but these features are only available with a premium subscription.

Additionally, Synthesia offers custom voice cloning for text-to-speech voiceovers, as well as custom audio uploads for voiceovers. Neither features are available at Hour One.


Synthesia vs Hour One - Voices
Feature Synthesia Hour One
Languages 130+ 80+
Voice cloning Yes No
Auto-captions Yes Yes
Auto-translation No Yes
Voice upload Yes No

AI Voices in 130+ Languages

Need a realistic sounding voice or voice-over for your avatar? We've got you covered, with our wide range of languages and accents.


Making videos with Hour One

As a video editing tool, Reals by Hour One offers very limited options for video editing & customization. Reals currently does not support element animations, transitions, or screen recordings, although it does allow PPT uploads. Even with the limited video editing features, the rendering time is slightly slower than Synthesia.

Making videos with Synthesia

Synthesia, in turn, offers a lot of features that any modern video editor includes: a screen recorder, animations, transitions, PPT uploads, as well as aspect ratios and analytics.

Here is a brief overview of Synthesia STUDIO:


Synthesia vs Hour One - Video platform
Feature Synthesia Hour One
Video editor Yes Yes (Limited)
Workspaces Yes No
Collaboration Yes No
Aspect ratios Yes No
Screen recorder Yes No
PPT/PDF upload Yes Yes
Element animations Yes No
Transitions Yes No
Analytics Yes No
Rendering time 40s = 5 min 40s = 6 min
ChatGPT Integration Yes No


Want to add multimedia?

Synthesia and Hour One offer similar options for stock media, like music, images, and videos, as well as the option to upload your own media.

Hour One does offer more stock music options than Synthesia, but does not include stickers or GIFs.


Synthesia vs Hour One - Media
Feature Synthesia Hour One
Music 23+ 50+
Images Yes Yes
Videos Yes Yes
Stickers Yes No
GIFs Yes No
Upload media Yes Yes

Explore Synthesia's features

Synthesia STUDIO is a simple and intuitive video editor for modern video creators.


Do both platforms offer templates?

While both tools offer pre-designed video templates, Synthesia's selection is significantly bigger.

However, Hour One stands out with its automated template color pallete feature, which is currently unavailable in Synthesia.


Synthesia vs Hour One - Templates
Feature Synthesia Hour One
Stock templates 55+ 20
Custom brand templates Yes Yes
Auto template color palettes No Yes

55+ Video templates

Synthesia comes with a large library of video templates which are professionally designed, fully customisable, and delightfully easy to use.


Hour One's security & ethics

Hour One does offer content moderation. However, upon testing, the content moderation system seems to be subpar, allowing profane content to slip through.

With regards to the security of the platform itself, Hour One does seem to offer SSO and is SOC 2 Type II compliant.

Synthesia's security & ethics

In contrast, Synthesia has a strict content moderation policy (automated & manual), as well as SSO. The platform recently became SOC 2 Type II certified.


Synthesia vs Hour One - Security and ethics
Feature Synthesia Hour One
Content moderation Yes Yes
SSO Yes Yes
SOC 2 Type II Compliance Yes Yes

Enterprise-grade security

Synthesia just became SOC2 Type II certified!


How does the customer service compare?

Looking at the most trusted software rating platform (G2), ratings for Synthesia are excellent - 4.8/5 with over 770 reviews. Hour One is currently rated at 4.6/5.0 with 42 reviews.

With regards to customer support, Synthesia offers support for all users both by chat and email, whereas Hour One's support is currently offered to Enterprise users only.

Both Synthesia and Hour One also have dedicated Customer Success Managers (CSMs) for Corporate/Enterprise plan users.


Synthesia vs Hour One - Reviews and support
Feature Synthesia Hour One
G2 rating 4.8/5 4.6/5
# of G2 ratings 770+ 42
Support Yes Yes
CSM Yes Yes

Synthesia is the #1 rated AI video creation platform.

Synthesia is rated 4.8/5 on G2 with over 500 reviews.


Other reasons to choose Synthesia

Synthesia is a comprehensive platform that offers a range of features, including a Knowledge Base for any questions about the platform, Synthesia Academy for simple tutorials and beginner courses with in-house L&D experts, and Integrations with 35+ tools.

Additionally, Synthesia recently launched an Examples page, that showcases real examples of videos made in Synthesia. The video can be cloned and adjusted to individual needs. Lastly, you can find a list of Service Providers to help with your video needs.

Other reasons to choose Hour One

In comparison, Hour One has fewer features, not even a Knowledge Base to answer commonly asked questions. It does, however, have a few integrations, which mainly focus on the ability to share the videos on social media.


Synthesia vs Hour One - Other features
Feature Synthesia Hour One
In-house L&D experts Yes No
Knowledge base Yes No
Academy Yes No
Integrations Yes Yes
Examples Yes No
Service providers Yes No
Own recording studios Yes No

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Stand-out features

6 reasons to choose Synthesia over Hour One

Looking at all the features side-by-side can be a lot to take in. Here are the 6 main reasons we believe you should go with Synthesia over Hour One.

Customer Reviews

Why 50,000+ companies choose Synthesia over Hour One

We might be biased, but our customers aren't. See what they have to say.

4 out of 5 StarsReview score: 5/5

Having a presenter who can instantly say what you want to say (and in the way you want to say it) is invaluable. A remarkable new authoring tool, without a doubt.

Oscar González Cantin
Instructional Designer
4 out of 5 StarsReview score: 5/5

Synthesia removes the skill and cost barriers in terms of voice acting and videography that's usually required to create talking-head training videos.

Muhammad Jinani
Educational Design & E-Learning Specialist
4 out of 5 StarsReview score: 5/5

The user interface is intuitive, and it's easy to produce video content quickly. Also super easy to edit, change elements, and manipulate the script.

Matt Canzer
4 out of 5 StarsReview score: 5/5

I don't need to record my videos to get a better effect on the video. I can shoot videos in multiple languages in minutes with an avatar.

Vitoria Regina Oliveira
Innovation Specialist
4 out of 5 StarsReview score: 5/5

It raises our content to the next level, helping us gain interest and engagement in our services. The speed of production and the fact that it only takes one person is a great cost reduction.

Lisa Rodgers
Internal Communicator
4 out of 5 StarsReview score: 5/5

When creating courses with audio, if the narrator leaves the organization, we don't have to settle for two different voices or search for a similar voice. We can easily recreate all voiceovers with Synthesia.

Alicia Patterson-Davis
Instructional Design Specialist
✅ Fixed
Review score: 5/54 out of 5 Stars

What I don't like about Synthesia is when we use bullet points. The manual process of finding the timing to sync the screen text appearance with the avatar's speech is time consuming.

Eliane Apolinario
E-learning training creator
✅ Fixed
Review score: 5/54 out of 5 Stars

What I do not like so much is the editing of the avatar's pauses. In the area where you insert the text, there should be a menu bar that allows you to click on it and insert pauses or gestures.

Ralf Lorz
Health Manager
👨‍🔧 Working on it now
Review score: 5/54 out of 5 Stars

The product is still in development, and as a user, I sometimes need to use creative workarounds. However, I do appreciate that I feel like Synthesia approaches this by making our company's needs part of further product developments.

Jana Menge
Digital Learning Designer

Synthesia vs Hour One pricing

Along with features, pricing can be a crucial deciding factor. How does Synthesia stack up against Hour One?

Synthesia pricing:

Free Demo

Unlimited free videos with 5 avatars, up to 200 characters


Try the free demo →

Personal plan

AI avatars included


Create account→

Corporate plan

All personal plan features + premium features

Custom pricing

Contact sales →

Hour One pricing:


3 minutes of video



10 minutes of video/month



25 minutes of video/month



Custom pricing

The difference in numbers

Here are a few quick facts about both companies in numbers.

Founding year
Founding year
Number of employees
Number of employees
Rated: 4.8/5
based on 770+ G2 reviews
Rated: 4.6/5
Based on 42 G2 reviews
No reviews on G2
Raised to date
Raised to date

Last updated:

August 18, 2023

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