Cphnano increased SEO by 50%

Emil Højlund-Nielsen

cphnano is a fast-growing laboratory technology company. It focuses on upgrading and digitizing UV-Vis spectrophotometers.

Small Business: <100

Key Results:


videos produced


increase in visibility in search

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We spoke with Emil Højlund-Nielsen, the CEO of cphnano. Emil and his team have found Synthesia to be an extremely useful solution that helps them create lots of videos for their new landing pages - which both increases conversions and improves SEO presence.

The challenge

A great contribution to cphnano's SEO optimisation was made by videos, as they proved to be an excellent format for improving search presence.

Here's how the team went about creating video content:

  • Once a year, they shot a video, which they posted on their website.
  • They worked with an external video company that helped them with voiceovers.

But video was difficult to scale for several reasons:

  • Cost: Video production isn't cheap. It requires investment in actors, film equipment, a studio and much more. More than once a year wasn't feasible.
  • Time: Producing a video for the website took at least a week, including many content revisions with the external partner.
  • Scalability: Without a big budget, it's almost impossible to scale video production as needed to fill various landing pages with content.
  • Flexibility: It would a big effort to update the videos once created, and it would require additional time and resources to recreate the videos.
  • Control: Outsourcing to an external video provider meant that cphnano had limited control over the quality of the content, especially when it came to technical terms.

Not wanting to give up on its goal of creating high-quality video for its landing pages, the cphnano team set out to find alternative solutions.

It took at least one week of full time work to produce 3 min of high-quality video and we only did it on a yearly basis. Working with an external video company made quality control difficult. - Emil Højlund-Nielsen, CEO at cphnano

This is how the team creates videos now:

  1. The team writes a script and paste it into Synthesia’s script box.
  2. They select one of 80+ avatars.
  3. They add screen-recordings, text or imagery.
  4. They generate the video and it’s ready to be uploaded to the website.

This is an example Synthesia video generated for one of their landing pages:

Here are the main values of Synthesia that Emil and his team advocate:

  • Cost effective: cphnano is able to stay on budget while scaling video production significantly.
  • Flexibility: Once a video is created, it can be easily updated at any time without you having to start all over again.
  • AI Avatars & Voices: The 80+ diverse stock AI avatars and 65+ AI voices provide an easy way to create engaging, relatable video content without having to hire actors or record voiceovers.
Synthesia does a fantastic job of getting scientific and technical terms right in English. We  have full control over voiceovers and pronnounciation. - Emil Højlund-Nielsen, CEO at cphnano

The results

With a streamlined and cost-effective video production process, cphnano quickly saw impressive improvements:

  • Scalability: cphnano is now able to create 10 times the amount of videos than before.
  • Website performance: cphnano's visibility in search results improved by more than 50% within 3 months using Synthesia-powered landing pages.

Here's an excerpt from cphnano's Google Search Console. It shows that visibility in search has increased recently due to the new landing pages with Synthesia videos:

Without a doubt, AI video has proven to be a scalable and affordable option to increase not only video output, but also search engine visibility.

And Eric and the team are already looking into expanding the service to other areas. After SEO-optimised landing pages, they plan to turn all of their help articles into videos as well.