How Insight Global upskills nurses with AI Video

Jose Arnold Tariga
Director of Clinical Education and Development, Insight Global

Insight Global, a global staffing and services firm responded to the pandemic-induced nursing shortage by expanding into International Nursing. They focused on assisting internationally educated nurses, particularly those seeking to migrate to the U.S., through their International Transition to Practice Program.

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We spoke with Dr. Jose Arnold Tariga, RN, CPHQ, CNE, NPD-BC, Director of Clinical Education and Development, about how he used Synthesia videos to pioneer innovative training and development methods for nurses in the Philippines, ensuring their successful career transitions to the United States.

The Challenge

As a seasoned nurse and educator, Arnold played a pivotal role in establishing Insight Global's GRIT Academy. Tasked with overseeing the International Transition to Practice Program, he meticulously developed a comprehensive training curriculum to smooth the transition for Filipino and other internationally educated nurses migrating to the United States.

Arnold planned to use Powerpoint and his own recorded sessions for training modules. But, due to a global nursing shortage causing staff crises in hospitals, there was an unexpected change of deadlines from October to July which posed a major challenge:

  • Resource Constraints: The process of collaborating with Subject Matter Experts, crafting professional PowerPoint slides and recording on Zoom made it impossible to meet the new deadline.
  • Need for Innovation: Arnold recognized the crucial need for engaging, effective teaching methods, understanding that traditional approaches like PowerPoint weren't interactive or captivating enough.
  • Updating content: In the fast-paced healthcare industry, each knowledge update required a complete redo of presentations and videos, a lengthy process impeding the team's ability to maintain accurate training content.
And then, in the middle of the first quarter, the deadline shifted from October to July because the client needed nurses as soon as possible. I didn't have the time to prepare all the presentations on my own within the timeline. I was still curating the content and producing the powerpoints, and I still needed to record myself and have it checked by other subject matter experts…- Jose Arnold Tariga, Director of Clinical Education and Development

The Solution

Arnold has leveraged Synthesia to swiftly upgrade his curriculum from standard PowerPoint to immersive, AI presenter-led videos. His custom AI Avatar, complete with his own voice, enhances relatability, vital for topics like U.S. integration and healthcare system comprehension.

Here's what stands out for Arnold:

  • Ease of Updating and Maintenance: Synthesia simplifies the process of quickly updating training materials, as healthcare information often changes rapidly.
  • Flexibility for Learners: The platform supports self-paced learning, allowing learners to revisit content as needed.
  • Enhanced Engagement: With over 160 AI Avatars to choose from, Synthesia broke the monotony of traditional lectures, making learning more stimulating and engaging.
  • Custom Avatars: By creating his own AI Avatar and cloning his voice, Arnold made his videos relatable, encouraging Filipino nurses to communicate comfortably in English without fear of judgment, fostering a more inclusive learning environment.
I think the main game changer for me as an educator is really the capability of editing very fast and re-generating the video easily once it has been edited- Jose Arnold Tariga, Director of Clinical Education and Development

The Results

Gearing up for its fourth cohort starting in January, Insight Global’s GRIT Academy has been a great success. Here’s what they’ve been able to achieve:

  • Successful Nurse Transitions: By January, the academy will have seamlessly transitioned 40 nurses nurses into the U.S. healthcare system and around 100 by the end of the 2nd quarter of 2024
  • Increased Speed in Curriculum Development: Arnold's adoption of new tools enabled him to develop learning content materials up to 10 times faster than PowerPoints and in-house voiceovers.
  • Extensive Training Content: In only six months, over 50 accessible and comprehensive training videos were produced, greatly enhancing the learning experience.

The first group of nurses who arrived in the U.S. in November 2023 provided exceptional feedback, stating that the training they received was instrumental in preparing them for the transition, alleviating potential challenges and surprises in their new environment.

If I didn't have Synthesia I wouldn't have been able to actually develop all these materials in due time - Jose Arnold Tariga, Director of Clinical Education and Development