How a global spirits company trains 10+ production sites

Samantha Bradley
Quality Systems and Training Manager

Sazerac Company, Inc. is the largest spirits companies in the United States, selling over 450+ brands.

Enterprise: 1000+

Key Results:


onboarding programs in a few months


day for a 3 minute training video


learner feedback

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We spoke with Samantha Bradley, Quality Systems and Training Manager at Sazerac. She shared how she uses AI video to train quality professionals at Sazerac's manufacturing sites.

The Challenge

One of Samantha's responsibilities is to provide quality training to around 50 lab technicians and 100s of front-line workers across over 10 different sites located in North America.

To ensure an engaging learning experience tailored to specific quality assurance needs, Samantha has been exploring different ways to create videos.

However, she quickly realized that the conventional training video options came with several limitations:

3rd party training videos: Since there were many Sazerac-specific control processes and policies, off-the-shelf training videos were not an option.

3rd party video production: Shooting training videos is a time-consuming and expensive process. Once completed, updating them is difficult.

Self recorded voice-overs: Recording herself would be time-consuming and require rerecording her voice for every small update, along with editing it with her PowerPoint presentation.

Our quality policies require customized training that can't be obtained from off-the-shelf training video providers. So, I've been using PowerPoint, but it's not very engaging for learners. - Samantha Bradley, Quality Systems and Training Manager

The Solution

With Synthesia at her disposal, Samantha creates her first training prototype in Synthesia, selecting template, avatars and adding relevant content to each scene. Then, she writes the script and gives the video a final polishing. And that’s it, the video is ready to be uploaded to the Learning Management System.

Here’s what Samantha likes most about Synthesia:

Diverse range of avatars: With over 140 stock AI avatars and 120 AI voices, it's easy to create content that represents Sazerac's employees around the world.

Engaging Templates: A diverse selection of dynamic templates helps to create training videos much faster than with PowerPoint and leads to a more engaging final product.

Extensive Media Library: A large supply of stock images and videos, as well as the ability to upload your own media, make it easy to create engaging and relevant videos.

Synthesia provides me with the ability to switch between genders, ethnicities, and voices. This makes training more relatable, as people often get bored with PowerPoint presentations. - Samantha Bradley, Quality Systems and Training Manager

The Results

Samantha made great progress in scaling the quality training curriculum by utilizing AI video:

Video at scale: Samantha was able to create a 30, 60 and 90 day onboarding program in just a few months.

Time savings: Samantha is now able to create a full-fledged 3-minute training video in less than half a working day.

Positive learner feedback: A survey conducted by Samantha after an important quality training showed overwhelmingly positive results and feedback from learners.

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Personally I enjoyed the whole thing, all was exceptional.
The entire videos were valuable and highly engaging!