How to scale interview training - with AI video

Hugo Costa
Head of Product Design

Screenloop is a London-based hiring intelligence start-up whose mission is to help make better hires with unbiased data to enable companies screen, interview and recruit the best talent.

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5 days

To go from idea to finished video using Synthesia


saved per video compared to traditional video creation


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We spoke with Hugo Costa, the head of product design. He told us how Screenloop uses Synthesia to optimise video creation for its new customer training platform.

The challenge

The Screenloop team identified a gap in the market: professionals lacked training in how to conduct interviews.

Since the Screenloop team are experts in all things related to interviewing, they decided to create a training platform and share their knowledge with their customers in the form of bite-sized training courses on how to conduct job interviews.

When choosing the format, it was clear that short-form video content would be the way to go.

However, the team quickly realised that producing video content the traditional way had more limitations than opportunities:

  • Scalability: Without a big budget, it's almost impossible to scale video production.
  • Cost: Screenloop had considered outsourcing. But third-party providers are expensive, with an average price of 3,000$ per finished minute.
  • Flexibility: it would be nearly impossible to update the videos once created, and it would require additional time and resources to recreate the videos.
  • Speed: Creating videos would take a lot of time, which didn't fit into the Screenloop ambitious schedule.
‘Our biggest challenge for video was the logistics involved in producing it. We would have needed actors, cameras, editors, etc. The cost and time involved would have been absurdly high.’ - Hugo Costa, Head of product design

Traditional video production was out of the question for Hugo and the team.

They knew they had to find another solution if they wanted to deliver high-quality content at scale. In their search for alternatives, they came across Synthesia.

The solution

Synthesia enabled Hugo and his team to create high-quality training videos at scale by eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming video shoots. This allowed Screenloop to quickly build its training platform from the ground up.

This is how the video creation process looks like now:

  1. The team creates a script
  2. They insert it into Synthesia's script box
  3. They choose one of Synthesia's 80+ Avatars
  4. They add text, images or screen recordings
  5. They generated the video - and done!

Here's a Screenloop training video example, created entirely in Synthesia 👇

This is what Hugo and his team value most when creating videos with Synthesia:

  • Ease of use: The platform is easy to use and includes all the necessary video editing features to create high-quality training videos without the need for additional tools.
  • AI Avatars & Voices: The 80+ diverse stock AI Avatars and 65+ AI voices provide an easy way to create engaging, relatable video content without having to hire actors or record voiceovers.
  • Flexibility: once created, a video can be easily updated at any time, without having to start from the beginning.
  • Time: Screenloop is able to save time and resources by speeding up the process from script writing to video creation, including reviews and iterations.
‘Synthesia played a major role in building the training platform. It definitely sped up the delivery process from the get go.’ - Hugo Costa, Head of product design

The results

The training platform has been up and running for less than a few weeks now, but it already contains 7 training courses.

The team did a quick performance review, and the results are quite impressive:

⏱️ Time Savings: The Screenloop team is able to produce a video from scratch in 5 days. This includes everything from writing the script, creating the video, iteration rounds and final delivery.

💰 Cost Savings: The team was able to save 500% (!!!) of its video budget, by reducing the cost per video by +£1.700 compared to traditional video creation.

Screenloop's interview training platform has so far only been rolled out to select customers.

In the future, Hugo and his team plan to make their training content available to all clients and expand their learning library with more videos - created at the desk with Synthesia.