How Tek Experts speeds up Just-In-Time video training by 80%

Dan Montgomery
Chief Learning Officer

Tek Experts is a leading global provider of technical talent solutions and a trusted partner to some of the world’s largest, most respected organizations. With over 5,000 employed tech experts, they help enterprises deliver exceptional customer experiences and results, at scale.

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We spoke with Dan Montgomery, Chief Learning Officer at Tek Experts, who explained how he and his team are utilizing Synthesia to provide just-in-time training for 4,000 engineers who offer tech support for some of the world's largest technology companies.

The Challenge

Dan and his team strongly believe in ‘learning in the flow of work’. They prioritize providing training right at the point of need, without pulling engineers away from their current tasks.

To keep up with the speed of client needs, the team found it difficult to deliver video training at a similar pace. Traditional video production methods just couldn't keep up:

  • Long production cycles: Making videos takes too long due to hiring talent, multiple recordings and extensive editing.
  • No flexibility: Updating videos post-production was nearly impossible without a complete redo, consuming more time and resources.
  • Hard to scale: Producing videos on a large scale was a difficult task to accomplish without exceeding the budget.

The Solution

With Synthesia, the Tek Experts team can now create a 3-min training video to train 4,000 engineers in a matter of hours. This drastically improves their response time to client issues.

The team creates a script, adds an avatar in Synthesia, and does some basic editing before uploading the video to their LMS and assigning it to learners.

Here's what the team values about Synthesia:

  • Flexibility: Updating videos post-production is straightforward and can be done at any time.
  • Diversity of avatars: The platform offers a diverse range of 150+ avatars, catering to all clients' geographies.
  • Localisation: Synthesia supports over 120 languages which enables the team to provide training in 6 languages.
The approach to building training that takes weeks and months is becoming obsolete. We had to figure out how to provide just-in-time training. Synthesia enables us to do that. - Dan Montgomery, Chief Learning Officer

The Results

With Synthesia, Tek Experts achieved remarkable improvements in their training production speed and scale:

  • Speed of release: The training video production time dropped from 5 days to less than 8 hours, improving client problem resolution times.
  • Increased training demand: With quicker execution, the demand for training videos saw a significant uptick.
  • Video at scale: With Synthesia, a team of three instructional designers became a video production powerhouse, releasing over 300 training videos in less than a year.
  • Cost savings: By utilizing AI video, the team was able to save 28% of their budget compared to using traditional video production methods.
The biggest win for us is that we’ve increased our Learning & Development content capacity without increasing cost and headcount. - Dan Montgomery, Chief Learning Officer

Dan plans to deepen its use of Synthesia with the aim of increasing its AI-video developer pool. The goal is for everyone in the company to be able to create training videos quickly and easily.