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Frequently asked questions

How do I make an AI video for free?
A quick way to make a free video in Synthesia is to use the free video maker.

It allows you to test out the AI part of the video maker - the AI avatars and AI voices.

The process only takes 2 steps.

First, select a template out of the 5 pre-designed video templates available on the page: Synthesia Demo, Sales Pitch, Learning & Development, Compliment, or a How-to Video.

Next, paste the video script, which can be up to 200 characters long. You can use any popular language (we support over 60 languages currently).

Once you've entered your details, your video will be generated shortly.

If you want to customize and edit videos, choose different avatars and voices, and share videos across social channels with no branding, you can get a personal plan to get access to all features of the video maker.
How can I create videos with AI?
There are a few tools out there that leverage video creation with AI.

One of the most popular ones is Synthesia, which allows users to create professional videos with realistic AI presenters by typing in text.

You can read an in-depth article about making video content with AI on the blog, but these are the 4 main steps in short:

1. Select a video template or start from scratch
2. Type or paste your video script
3. Edit video by adding photos, images, videos, shapes, transitions, animations, music and more
4. Generate video

It's important to note, that you can also choose one of the 65+ stock avatars to act as presenters, and one of the 200 voices for the narration of the video.