Use Synthesia videos to build stronger learners with eloomi's easy to use intuitive learning & development platform.

Why integrate eloomi with Synthesia?

Embed your Synthesia videos and share them with your employees to replace face-to-face training.

How does this integration work?

  • Turn on "Enable Video Sharing" for your Synthesia video
  • Click the sharing button and select Embed. Copy the HTML embed code
  • Head over to eloomi and login, or create an account
  • Click on the Admin option and select learning
  • Label your course and add a page. This is where we can add our Synthesia video. Give your page a title and select "Add content"
  • Select the iframe option and paste in your Synthesia URL. The iframe should populate with your Synthesia video

Who is this integration for?

Organisations looking to increase virtual learning experiences and reduce the number of face-to-face meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions