Learning and Development


Use video to create and sell online courses that are both informative and engaging.

Why integrate Thinkific with Synthesia?

Using Synthesia and Thinkific, you can transform your expertise into a successful online course business.

How does this integration work?

  • Turn on "Enable Video Sharing" for your Synthesia video
  • Click the sharing button and select Embed. Copy the HTML embed code
  • Head over to Thinkific and login, or create an account
  • Create a new course, or select a pre-existing course
  • Select "Add a Document" and paste in your Synthesia embed code

Who is this integration for?

Thinkific is the perfect solution for Experts who want to share their knowledge online and add education as part of an existing business.

People use Thinkific so they can teach all types of courses, from learning how to play guitar or fly drones - even enhancing your digital marketing skills!

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