Easily create AI training videos, knowledge base videos or customer onboarding videos.

What does FlowShare do?

FlowShare is a simple documentation program for Windows that creates step-by-step guides as you perform your tasks.

Why integrate FlowShare with Synthesia?

FlowShare has a direct API sync with Synthesia, so you can create professionally narrated videos from your flows in minutes with the power of AI.

How does this integration work?

  • Get your API key from Synthesia Settings Menu
  • Enter the API key in FlowShare settings dialogue (Web Export tab -> Synthesia icon -> enter API key -> Test and Save)
  • Select Synthesia as the preferred web export
  • Create your flow
  • Export flow as Synthesia video
  • Synthesia will now appear as an export option (Export button)
  • Select avatar and language
  • The export will start, with progress displayed in a pop-up
  • Once the export is complete, your newly created video will open in browser window

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