Use Synthesia STUDIO to create polished, professional product videos directly for your Shopify store.

Why integrate Shopify with Synthesia?

eCommerce product pages with videos convert 80% better than those without.

How to embed a video in Shopify

Embedding a Synthesia video into Shopify only takes 3 simple steps:

  • Give your page a title and select the "Insert Video" option in the toolbar
  • Here you can paste in your Synthesia embed code
  • You should see your Synthesia video populate in the editor

The process couldn't be easier! You can also watch our video tutorial above for more detailed instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add video to Shopify?

Yes! You can add embed video code by simply clicking on the 'Insert video' icon and pasting in the code.

How do I upload video to Shopify?

You can upload videos to Shopify in few simple steps. Simply copy the embed code of your video, head to the Shopify page where you want the video to appear, click 'Insert video' and paste in the code.