18 Best Learning and Development Podcasts of 2024 (ranked by experts)

Written by
Kevin Alster
Published on
June 12, 2024
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Learning & Development is such a dynamic industry that it requires constant… learning (pun totally intended).

We took LinkedIn by storm and engaged with top L&D experts and podcast enthusiasts globally to find out exactly what podcasts are out there that help you upskill, and this is what we found:

  • Top 5 best L&D podcasts ranked by experts
  • Top 5 expert-approved podcasts that boost creativity
  • Top 8 most popular L&D podcasts

Are you an L&D professional aiming to contribute to human capital development and stay ahead of the curve to become more strategic and impactful? Dive into our expert-recommended learning and development podcasts and set yourself up for success.

Best L&D podcasts in 2024 (ranked by experts)

These podcasts are pure L&D gold. They all have expert guests who can contribute with unique learning and development stories and perspectives. And every show is a deep dive into how you can keep up with the latest in the field, enhance your skills, and apply innovative strategies in your work. 

1. The Learning Hack

Best for new tech developments in the learning industry. 

Hosted by John Helmer, a seasoned professional in emerging technologies, journalism, and digital learning, The Learning Hack is a premier podcast in the learning and development space at the intersection of learning and technology. Helmer's analytical approach to discussions on learning and organizational development makes this podcast a must-listen if you’re looking to stay informed and ahead in the field.

The Learning Hack stands out for its critical examination of the role of technology in education, with each episode offering a fresh and intriguing angle on learning. The host has a knack for dissecting complex topics, making them both accessible and engaging, and ensuring that listeners can easily grasp and appreciate the nuances of each subject.

This learning and development podcast covers various topics ranging from AI in learning and the role of podcasts in education to unique perspectives on learning, such as “What can horses and brain damage teach us about learning?”

Adding to the richness of the content, The Learning Hack features a variety of distinguished guests, including learning strategist Egle Vinauskaite and award-winning learning consultant Sarah Ratcliff. Leaders in these fields contribute their experiences and viewpoints, creating a dynamic and inclusive atmosphere guaranteed to inform and inspire you.

Listen on: Spotify

Publishing frequency: 2-3 times a month

Episode length: About 30-40 minutes

2. The eLearning Coach

Best for upgrading your personal L&D skills with proven strategies.

The second-most recommended learning podcast, The eLearning Coach, has been around for years. Each of its episodes is a journey into topics like AI literacy in learning and development, behavior change in instructional design, and the utilization of learning data and analytics to refine instructional strategies.

Connie Malamed is a renowned learning experience design consultant, author, and speaker, and she's making this podcast a treasure trove of knowledge and insights. Her background in Instructional Design & Technology and her undergraduate studies in art education provide a unique lens through which she explores various facets of eLearning and talent management.

What makes The eLearning Coach stand out is the practical and informative approach. Connie goes the extra mile to give you theoretical knowledge and actionable strategies. Her website is a platform for sharing resources and product reviews. And she's offering a membership community for ongoing professional development. If you’re keen on instructional design, the practical content and insightful interviews will make it an indispensable tool for you.

Listen on: Spotify

Publishing frequency: Occasional 

Episode length: 30 minutes

3. The EdTech Podcast

Best for expert in-depth interviews with a wide range of professionals. 

Under the founding vision of Sophie Bailey, an entrepreneur and consultant/strategist, The EdTech Podcast has cultivated a global community. Its audience grew significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to the focus on remote work and digital learning.

The actual host of the podcast is Professor Rose Luckin of UCL, a noted learning scientist and Founder of EDUCATE Ventures Research. She interviews notable guests, from global education leaders and blue-chip company representatives to government officials, and she’s constantly looking to feature and host events and online communities that enhance dialogue between educators and technologists.

The EdTech Podcast offers a unique blend of AI and educational expertise. It covers topics like AI in education, games-based digital learning, and educational access. 

One of their most popular episodes, "Cutting Through the White Noise Around AI for Education," featured Nina Huntemann, Director of Academics and Research at edX, and Jim Knight, member of The House of Lords of the United Kingdom. It was quite an exciting show that aimed to help the audience understand AI's role in education amidst the hype and misinformation.

Listen on: Spotify

Publishing frequency: Monthly

Episode length: 50 minutes

4. Trends & Issues in Instructional Design 

Best for up-to-date L&D trends and news. 

Trends & Issues in Instructional Design is a relatively new podcast with only 11 episodes, each super short at under 15 minutes. Still, most L&D experts agree it’s an excellent resource for those looking to keep up with rapid educational technology and instructional design changes.

As the name suggests, the podcast updates you on trends and discusses potential issues in instructional design, educational technology, and learning sciences. Dr. Abbie Brown and Dr. Tim Green, the hosts, are professors of instructional design and educational technology, and they both bring their extensive academic and practical experience in these fields, offering informed insights and observations.

If you’re into topics like AI and its applications in education or the ethical considerations surrounding using artificial intelligence, check out the Trends & Issues in Instructional Design podcast.

Listen on: Apple Podcasts

Publishing frequency: Bi-monthly

Episode length: 10-15 minutes

5. Video Learning Lab

Best for learning how AI can work for you in the L&D industry.

Ep. 20: What Does L&D need to (finally) Get Right in 2024? w/ Guy W Wallace

Unlike all the other podcasts you’ve seen above, Synthesia’s Video Learning Lab is a YouTube video fortnightly podcast. It’s hosted by Kevin Alster, learning strategist and the Head of Synthesia Academy, an online learning hub with guided, step-by-step courses and webinars that help create professional-looking videos in minutes, even if you’re a beginner.

Kevin is a top voice known for his expertise in bridging the gap between L&D and AI. The podcast covers various topics crucial to modern L&D professionals and video creators. And you can expect in-depth discussions on the impact of AI on learning, the creation of eLearning videos, agile L&D methodologies for performance improvement, and the intersection of marketing and L&D.

The Video Learning Lab provides actionable strategies, the latest tools, and proven techniques to enhance the craft of L&D professionals and video creators. But given its focus on video, you can also consider it an eLearning development and corporate training podcast.

Thanks to the host’s ability to synthesize complex topics into accessible content, this video podcast is particularly valuable if you’re a chief learning officer or learning and development consultant looking to navigate the evolving landscape of digital learning, training, and AI. 

Listen on: YouTube

Publishing frequency: Fortnightly

Episode length: 30-60 minutes

Best podcasts that boost creativity

Creativity is a must-have in L&D as it drives innovation, problem-solving, and the ability to see beyond conventional boundaries. The following podcasts can ignite the creative spark within you, delving into diverse fields such as design, sound, technology, and entrepreneurship and offering a wealth of insights and inspiration that will transform how you approach learning and development.

6. 99% Invisible

Here’s a highly acclaimed podcast for you to enjoy. With Best Overall Podcast and Best Society & Culture Podcast at the Discover Pods Awards and a Webby Award for Best Podcast under its belt, 99% Invisible, hosted by Roman Mars, will help expand your horizons.

This podcast is about the hidden aspects of design in everyday life. It highlights the differences between what we see and what designers, architects, and engineers see. And people love its exceptional storytelling and the uniqueness of the information it provides.

At 99% Invisible, you’ll find invaluable insights for learning professionals and instructional designers. Its exploration of the often-overlooked details in design and architecture provides a unique perspective that can inspire innovative approaches in educational content, visual communication, and environment creation.

Listen on: Website

Publishing frequency: Weekly, with some exceptions

Episode length: 30+ minutes

7. Twenty Thousand Hertz

Since 2016, Twenty Thousand Hertz has attracted listeners interested in the art and science of sound and has become a go-to for audio professionals, enthusiasts, or those curious about the sounds that surround us daily.

The host, Dallas Taylor, is a renowned sound designer and TED mainstage speaker. He created this show to explore the fascinating stories behind the world’s most recognizable and interesting sounds. And his extensive experience in leading high-profile sound design projects across various media brings an authoritative voice to the podcast.

Twenty Thousand Hertz is an essential listen if you’re into digital learning and development, particularly for its deep exploration of how sound influences our perception, memory, and emotional engagement. It will bring you unique insights into the power of sound in educational design and storytelling so you can make your instructional content all the more engaging and valuable.

Listen on: Website

Publishing frequency: Bi-monthly

Episode length: 30 minutes

8. a16z

Aimed at builders, the tech-curious, and anyone seeking to understand future trends, the a16z podcast is produced by the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and hosted by writer and growth marketer Steph Smith.

The show explores the impact of technology not just in Silicon Valley or traditional "tech" companies but across all industries. It dives into significant innovations shaping how we work, live, eat, learn, and play, with topics like AI, bio + healthcare, consumer tech, social media learning, crypto, enterprise, fintech, games, and more. One of their most popular recent shows was "2024 Big Ideas: Miracle Drugs, Programmable Medicine, and AI Interpretability."

For learning and development professionals, a16z offers a comprehensive view of how technology reshapes industries and influences workplace learning methodologies. Its wide-ranging discussions on tech trends and innovations provide valuable insights if you want to integrate cutting-edge technology into your educational strategies and content development.

Listen on: Spotify

Publishing frequency: Weekly

Episode length: 30-90 minutes

9. The Vergecast

The American technology news website The Verge developed The Vergecast as its flagship podcast hosted by Nilay Patel, David Pierce, and Alex Cranz. The show offers a unique blend of the latest happenings in technology and gadgets, new product releases, trends in the tech industry, and broader implications of technological advancements on society. 

With an engaging and conversational style, The Vergecast makes complex tech topics accessible and enjoyable. Even though it’s targeted toward a tech-savvy audience, ranging from casual tech enthusiasts to industry professionals, it’s also an excellent resource for learning professionals. It helps you stay abreast of tech trends, understand their implications, and even gain insights into incorporating these advancements into your educational strategies and content.

Listen on: Spotify

Publishing frequency: Weekly

Episode length: 1-2 hours

10. How I Built This

Brought to you by Guy Raz, an award-winning podcaster and seasoned journalist, How I Built This features interviews with well-known entrepreneurs and thought leaders who share their journeys of building iconic brands. Raz delves into the intimate moments of doubt, failure, and eventual success that mark the entrepreneurial experience and impact business performance. And the show is a master class in innovation, creativity, and leadership, offering insights into overcoming challenges in business and beyond.

The podcast appeals to many listeners, from aspiring entrepreneurs to seasoned business professionals and anyone interested in the stories behind successful businesses. How I Built This is particularly beneficial for learning and development, as it offers profound takes on the entrepreneurial mindset, problem-solving strategies, and resilience in the face of adversity. As an L&D strategist, you’ll learn a ton from the narratives of successful entrepreneurs, and you can use this knowledge to shape your corporate training programs and organizational culture.

Listen on: Wondery

Publishing frequency: Twice a week

Episode length: 30-90 minutes

Most popular L&D podcasts

Eager to listen to even more learning and development leaders discuss human resource development? Here are 8 other L&D podcasts that have garnered widespread acclaim and large audiences for their insightful content and engaging approaches. They provide a ton of useful information for educators, instructional designers, and anyone interested in the field of learning.

11. The Learning and Development Podcast

As the #1 most downloaded L&D podcast globally with over 425,000 downloads, The Learning & Development Podcast is the go-to fortnightly podcast for L&D professionals.

The host, David James, is CLO at 360Learning and has over 20 years of experience, including at The Walt Disney Company.

Episodes feature captivating discussions with guests from leading companies like Netflix, Novartis, and Ericsson. And, of course, David James is a rockstar who touches on the pressing topics that shape the L&D world today and adds so much value to the show.

Listen on: Spotify

Publishing frequency: Fortnightly

Episode length: 30-60 minutes

12. The Learning Leader

The Learning Leader is not your ordinary podcast. Celebrated by Apple Podcasts as an “all-time best-seller” and acclaimed by Forbes and Inc. Magazine, this show offers invaluable leadership development insights from the world's most popular thought leaders. 

Over the years, learning leader and podcast host Ryan Hawk interviewed notable guests like Jim Collins, Seth Godin, Kat Cole, Adam Grant, and many more in a powerful collection of over 560 episodes.

If you’re interested in exceptional leadership and performance, take a deep dive into all the conversations with business leaders, Special Forces Operators, and best-selling authors. You might become a learning leader yourself.

Listen on: Spotify

Publishing frequency: Weekly

Episode length: 45-60 minutes

13. Mind Tools L&D Podcast

The Mind Tools L&D Podcast has been a weekly staple for over five years, and you might have heard of it before under the initial name of The Good Practice Podcast.

Gemma Towersey, Ross Dickie, Owen Ferguson, and Ross Garner form the Mind Tools team that brings you industry experts' insights and good humor on all things work, performance, and learning. Their talks are an essential listen for HR and learning professionals interested in talent development through learning initiatives that truly engage audiences.

This engaging show brings special guests and offers a collaborative space to explore and debate industry challenges. It's a hub for shared experiences and learning, fostering a thriving Mind Tools Learning Community.

Listen on: Spotify

Publishing frequency: Weekly

Episode length: 30-60 minutes

14. Digital Adoption Show Podcast

Focused on upskilling for a digital future, the Digital Adoption Show is a weekly podcast on a mission to revolutionize learning and development. It offers a deep dive into the minds of L&D pioneers and top HR experts, revealing learning strategies that yield tangible outcomes and lead to business success.

Shifting through its episodes, you’ll discover valuable discussions and stories on innovative solutions and practical tips. This is an essential resource if you'd like to exceptionally accelerate digital adoption at your company and facilitate modern learning experiences.

Listen on: Spotify

Publishing frequency: Weekly

Episode length: 20-30 minutes

15. Working Podcast

As a Slate-produced podcast hosted by Karen Han, June Thomas, and Isaac Butler, Working is meant to engage you in insightful interviews with creative minds. 

From writers and musicians to filmmakers, many big names working in creative fields are invited to delve into the intricacies of their work, offering a unique glimpse into diverse artistic professions.

This show is part of the "Slate Plus" service, providing subscribers exclusive content and bonus material, enriching the cultural and creative discourse.

Listen on: Spotify

Publishing frequency: At least once a week

Episode length: 30-50 minutes

16. The L&D Career Club Podcast

Sarah Cannistra’s L&D Career Club Podcast, formerly known as The Overnight Trainer Podcast, may very well be your gateway to mastering the L&D field.

The Overnight Trainer is Sarah herself, an L&D coach, and her podcast is filled with gems for learning professionals climbing the ranks and anyone stepping into learning and development.

The weekly podcast features an L&D leader who’ll share their personal journey and discuss their organizational learning challenges. If you’re into success stories and would love to learn from them, check out what the Overnight Trainer has to say. 

Listen on: Spotify

Frequency: Weekly

Episode length: 30-60 minutes

17. Mind the Skills Gap Podcast

This learning podcast is particularly unique through its focus on neuroscience and cognitive psychology. With a suggestive name, Mind the Skills Gap blends the science of the brain with practical L&D strategies.

The host, Stella Collins, is an expert in science-based learning with over 20 years in the field. In her shows, she offers insights and real learning solutions to transform learning cultures. Plus, she tackles the challenges of skills transfer, helping L&D professionals bridge the skills gap from knowledge to action.

Listen on: Spotify

Publishing frequency: No longer actively publishing new shows.

Episode length: 5-60 minutes

18. Life at Disney Podcast

What does a podcast powered by the Walt Disney Company have to teach about L&D? Quite a lot, considering that Disney is one of the world's most innovative and successful companies and has been around since 1923.

As an L&D professional, listening to the Life at Disney Podcast will give you inspiration and new ideas for creating engaging and inclusive learning environments. The show often features interviews with Disney's cast members, imagineers, and executives, offering a unique glimpse into the company's culture, values, and innovative approaches to employee development.

Listen on: Spotify

Publishing frequency: No longer actively publishing new shows.

Episode length: 30-45 minutes

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