10 Reasons Why AI Video is the Perfect Fit for L&D

Kevin Alster
November 1, 2023
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AI has been on everyone's lips lately, and it definitely is the next hot thing. 

But let’s face it – we’re still missing some real, tangible use cases of AI in business. 

Well, AI video certainly is one of them. 🤖

Or AI video for training, to be more specific. 

It drives concrete business results, makes video production not only accessible, but also scalable, and enables L&D teams around the world to create more and better training materials. 

Companies like WPP and Teleperformance are already using Synthesia, the most advanced and easy-to-use AI video generation tool, to train their employees.

So before we get into the details, here’s a quick overview of how AI video production actually works. 

Hint: It’s as easy as creating a slide deck, and you can start using it in minutes.

Synthesia Product Demo | AI Talking Head Avatars (New!)

And here are 10 reasons why you should give it a try:

1. Video is people’s preferred learning format

Can you think of one video you saw today? Of course you can. 

Because video is literally everywhere. 🤳

As our attention spans get shorter and shorter, video is the preferred — and most effective — format for learning.

And as L&D departments pour more and more resources into online learning, video is naturally their first choice. 

It’s the top investment priority for organizations when it comes to learning content, and also the first choice for learners.

Additionally, it has been proven that video is the best format for retaining information and enhancing learning. 🧠

2. AI makes video production scalable

That’s what you may be thinking right now:

“Yeah, video is great, but the price of creating a professional video is just too high…”

Yes, traditional video production is tedious and expensive.

The average cost to create 1 hour of instructor-led training: $5,934 💸

However, making videos with AI is anything but that.

With a bit of help from AI, you can make videos from your browser, and all you need is a single tool.

You guessed it – it’s Synthesia. 

By using it, Teleperformance has seen cost savings of $650 per video compared to other video authoring tools and $5,000 compared to traditional video creation. 

Now that sounds like a scalable solution, don’t you think?

3. Anyone can create it (no editing skills needed)

Using AI for video production not only makes it scalable, but also super easy.

Not a video editor? No worries! 

If you can make a PowerPoint slide deck, you can make an AI video in minutes.

You can also start from a template (you can choose between 50+ pre-designed templates for different use cases in Synthesia), which means you simply adapt it to your needs.

📹 Get inspired by Synthesia Examples

Check out different videos created by other Synthesia users. You can clone most of them – duplicate the selected video to your Synthesia account, edit it, and use it freely. All Synthesia Examples can be found here →

4. It makes translation and localization a breeze

Another aspect that makes AI video so powerful is its language capabilities.

As more companies go global, the need to train employees in their native language increases. 🌏

The learning outcome of translated content is better, and it also improves employees' sense of belonging.

Instead of hiring voice actors or working with translators to provide subtitles for your videos, AI videos can be easily created in multiple languages. 

All you need is a script in the desired language, and AI will do its magic for you. 

But don’t forget that localization goes beyond translation. 

If you really want your content to resonate, you should also consider changing images, icons, colors, dates, currencies, and perhaps even a presenter. 

Read on to learn more about AI presenters…

5. You can include diverse talking heads

So let’s talk ai avatars. 

Perhaps you know that talking head videos are the most engaging type of instructional videos, right?  

🗣 But there are some problems with talking heads…

Your SMEs don’t want to be on camera or are just not good in front of it. 

And even if they are – what happens to your videos when they leave the organization? 😬

And if you decide to work with a third party, the average price for a 1-minute talking head video is somewhere between $1,000 and $5,000. 

ai avatars make creating talking head videos so much easier.

You simply select one that you’d like to use in your video, type in the words you want them to speak in any language, and that’s basically it. 

In Synthesia, there’s more than 120 diverse ai avatars you can choose from – and we’re constantly adding more. 

Wonder how they’re made? Check out this video:

The story of Anna

And now you must be wondering if ai avatars can actually drive the same learning results as real humans. 

The answer is yes - and it’s backed by science. ✅

A recent study divided students into two groups and monitored the learning outcomes. Participants in one group were shown videos featuring AI avatars, while those in the other group watched videos featuring human actors.

 Key findings?

The study found that videos with AI avatars are as effective as traditional videos in facilitating gains in content knowledge and providing a positive learning experience for learners.

6. It’s easy to update the content at any given moment

Imagine this: 

You just received the final version of your latest training video. Of course you put a lot of effort into organizing everything, writing the script, dealing with the editor… 

But what happens if there's a need to change a certain piece of information in it?

What if your legal department wants you to add a sentence or two?

Well, with traditional video production, you'd have to do everything all over again. 😱

But with AI video, you can make adjustments in minutes; you simply edit the script of your existing video and generate it anew.

7. You can add interactive elements to make the video more engaging

Did you know that adding interactive elements to your video can significantly improve learning outcomes? 💡

Plus, students love them. 

There are several ways to make your video more engaging: 

  • Give users control over Pause, Stop, Repeat and other buttons
  • Change up your visuals every 20 seconds
  • Include interactive questions and other features in the video
  • Make the talking head in your video expressive using micro gestures

All this can be easily integrated into AI-generated videos. Here's how:

How to make engaging video (3 quick tips)

8. It enables on-the-fly collaboration

When creating training materials, collaboration is key. 

It enables a more cohesive training program that is aligned with the overall goals of the organization.

However, if you create videos the traditional way, collaboration is nearly impossible. 

Once the footage is filmed, there's no way to change text or add a scene that a colleague just suggested.

And that’s another reason why AI video is the perfect solution for L&D

Not only can you edit the video at any time – you can also share it with others, tag them on specific scenes, and collect their comments right in the workspace. 💬

9. You can integrate it with different LMS systems

What’s also great about AI videos is that they’re created entirely online.

Which means you can not only download them in MP4 format, but also share them without having to download anything using an embed code

It also means you can immediately access millions of stock images and videos directly from the editor. 

For L&D folks, the best part is that you can use them together with LMS systems of your choice, such as EasyGenerator, Articulate 360, Docebo, TalentLMS, and more. Click here to find out more about Synthesia Integrations →

10. It helps you create visually consistent materials

And now that video is becoming the top priority for L&D teams, there are more and more people getting involved in video production. 

And that brings another challenge: 

How to ensure that all videos produced are consistent and fit the brand?

We’re talking about consistent fonts, colors, transitions, styles, etc. 

The solution? Templates.

Create templates that are aligned with your brand’s visual identity so people can simply customize content without having to start from scratch.

🎨 Use pre-designed templates or create your own

Using Synthesia, you can choose between more than 50 pre-designed video templates for different use cases. If you want, you can create your own video template from scratch and save it to your template library. See all video templates here →

Ready to create your first AI video?

No matter what kind of training video you need, AI video can be of great help.

Instead of drawn-out traditional video production, give it a try the next time you need an engaging piece of training content – it’s easy to create, hassle-free to update, and fun to watch.

Click here to ‎create an AI video for free.


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