Cphnano increased SEO by 50%

August 19, 2021

To learn how cphnano boosted SEO of the new landing pages with Synthesia videos, read the below article or watch this video for an easy walkthrough.

cphnano is a rapidly growing laboratory technology company. They focus on upgrading and digitizing UV-Vis spectrophotometers. That may sound boring and geeky - and that's exactly what it is. But that's also why they're extremely focused on making this whole field more accessible.

We spoke with Emil, the CEO of cphnano. Emil and his team have found Synthesia to be an extremely useful solution that helps them create lots of videos for their new landing pages - which both increases conversions and improves SEO presence.

Key results

  • More than 50% increase in search visibility: cphnano's search visibility improved by more than 50% within 3 months using Synthesia-powered landing pages.
  • Tenfold increase in video production: cphnano can now create ten times more videos than before. After SEO-optimized landing pages, they plan to convert all their help articles into videos as well.

Here is an excerpt from their Google Search Console. It shows increase in search visibility recently due to new landing pages with Synthesia videos:


cphnano wanted to increase its presence in search results on the topic of spectrophotometry. They could write a lot of text and provide some images to support it, but they really wanted videos on each of the new landing pages.

This was their challenge:

  • Videos help boost SEO: for more stats about video effects on SEO check here.
  • But there wasn't enough budget for video creation: High quality videos with presenters for each of their landing pages could easily cost cphnano tens of thousands of dollars.


When Emil and his team discovered Synthesia, they immediately saw potential to boost their new SEO-focused landing pages with presenter-led videos.

Here's how Synthesia helped them achieve this:

  • Staying within budget: cphnano was able to prove effectiveness of Synthesia simply by starting with an affordable Personal plan (and then scaling with production needs).
  • Easy revisions of the videos: They are now able to now go back to existing videos and re-edit them within minutes if necessary. Emil from cphnano says about it: "Doing revisions of Synthesia videos is like editing a word document."
  • High-quality voices: Compared to previous solutions where they booked an external voiceover partner through an agency, Synthesia allowed them to achieve a better result with much less effort. Emil from cphnano says: "Since before the voiceover was booked by an external video company from Belgium, the partners involved in the project never had the opportunity to do quality control on the technical terms and therefore there are many mistakes in the pronunciation of the words. With Synthesia, cphnano has much more control over how the technical stuff is pronounced correctly."

Here's an example Synthesia video generated for one of their landing pages:

Who would you recommend Synthesia to?

"I would recommend Synthesia to companies interesting in turning traditional informative web pages with a high degree of technical information into video. Before Synthesia, it took at least one week of full time work to produce 3 min of high-quality video and we only did it on a yearly basis. Now we can produce videos in 3-4 hours as part of creating the content for our web pages."

What would your advice be for everyone starting to use Synthesia?

"Synthesia does a fantastic job of getting scientific and technical terms right in English, but other languages still lack the small details when it comes to very complex words and phrases. Therefore I can recommend starting with English for technical subjects and then wait for Synthesia to upgrade their offerings in other languages, such as Danish or Italian that we tested out."