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Cyber Inc. creates training courses with its own avatar

April 12, 2021

See how Cyber Inc. accelerated expansion into 6 markets by using Synthesia to create training programs in 6 languages. They've even leveraged a custom avatar to add a differentiated brand feeling to their videos. Read more below.

Alain Rees, the CEO of Cyber Inc., shared how Synthesia STUDIO makes it easy to produce 6x more multilingual training programs 2x faster. All without actors, cameras or expensive equipment, at a fraction of the price compared to traditional budgets.

About Cyberinc

Cyber Inc. is a security and privacy awareness company based in the Netherlands. They offer high-quality training programs and learning experiences on privacy and security topics for SMEs and multinational companies.

The challenge

Cyber Inc. wanted to scale its business and expand into more markets. The main bottleneck to achieving this was the process of creating training programs in multiple languages. Here's why:

Time consuming: having to rely on actors, the process could take a lot of time, and considering the impact of COVID-19, it got even more complicated.

💸 Costly: It was expensive, considering that each time they could create videos only in one language, expanding to new markets would increase the cost substantially.

🪨 Not flexible: There wasn't an easy way to edit a video or update an older one.

The solution

First, Alain's team created a custom avatar using Synthesia. This eliminated the need to hire actors, and now they can start creating videos in minutes, at any time.

Then, they used Synthesia STUDIO to create the videos in 6 languages, which cut down the whole process of video creation to a few hours.

Here is a short video created with Synthesia:

Here are the 5 reasons why Alain recommends Synthesia:

🦸🏻 The avatar: The quality of the custom avatar is unbelievable. You can't notice the difference unless someone tells you that's not a human.

Speed: You can create a high quality video 80% faster, without compromising quality.

🌍 Localisation: You can create videos in 40+ languages, which really helps scaling a business by quickly addressing customer needs in it's native language.

🔮 Flexibility: You can quickly edit a video and generate a new version in minutes. In fact, I saved a month worth of work to update some old courses.

🚀 Ease of use: If you can write an email, you can create a video. It's really simple.

Tip from Alain:

"Use the "upload your voice" feature If you wish to customise the voice of your avatar and bring even more authenticity to your videos. It worked great for us!"

What's next for Cyber Inc. ?

Thanks to Synthesia, they will now expand French, Spanish and Italian markets way ahead it was planned in their roadmap. Before, they had to think twice about the costs and resources when dealing with customers from markets they did not support because of the language barrier. Now it's just a matter of days before they can show their customers the value they can bring them.

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