9 Free Epic Training Video Script Templates

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Kevin Alster
Published on
June 10, 2024
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Employee training is critical to any business, but creating engaging and effective training programs can be challenging. Fortunately, videos can make the process easier and more accessible for your team.

This post will provide the best way to create video scripts. You'll get access to the following:

  • 9 free script templates for different employee training scenarios
  • Video templates you can quickly duplicate cover various topics such as compliance, sales, leadership, and more.
  • A framework you can use to write a failure-proof script yourself! 

By the end of this post, you'll have everything you need to create a good script and effective instructional videos that help your employees develop new skills and achieve their goals.

So, let's dive in and start creating your next good script😎.

The power of using a framework to write video training scripts

A framework is the foundation of any production line. 

And while this post is PACKED full of effective video script templates for short videos… 

… you might have a unique subject matter that they don't quite fit. Or you might want something a little more unique to your company.

So, we will do more than give you some templates. 

We're going to give you the framework behind the templates. Or as we like to call it, the "everything" template.

And this is no fad. Synthesia's actual script templates have been used by plenty of companies to 10x training video creation

We've included the "everything" template at the end of this post in a conveniently downloadable format, so feel free to grab it before you move on to your next video task of the day! 

Did you know? 🤔

Employee training statistics show that inadequate training and disengagement can lead to more than $500 billion in annual losses. In contrast, 74% of employees think they have a lot of untapped potentials and want more training. No mater what type of video you create, it's always a good idea to provide more training for employees!

Template #1: Video script for sexual harassment training

Workplace sexual harassment is a growing phenomenon.

Women are disproportionately more likely to be victims, but men are affected too. That's why companies are typically required by law to provide sexual harassment training to all new hires within the first 30 days of arrival.

Video training is a great way to reduce sexual harassment and:

✔️Build a positive company culture

✔️Facilitate a safe work environment

✔️Prevent lawsuits and legal liabilities

✔️Boost your employees' morale and productivity

Check out this selection of the best eLearning video examples for workplace harassment. Here's how you can use this video script template: 👇

✅ Conduct initial training sessions: Create an eLearning video to inform employees about your company's sexual harassment policies and procedures.

✅ Provide ongoing education with visual cues: Instead of a one-time training, create a video series that ensure continuous education.

✅ Discuss the different types of sexual harassment: Provide details on differentiating verbal from physical harassment, and talk about quid pro quo vs. hostile work environment harassment.

✅ Educate on reporting procedures: Instruct your employees on what to do if they experience or witness sexual harassment.

✅ Inform on the role of management: Inform your managers and team members on the important role leaders play in preventing and addressing sexual harassment. Focus on management responsibilities for creating a safe, respectful work environment.

See the video script in action 🎥 Preventing Sexual Harassment - Lesson 1

Template #2: Video script for cybersecurity training

Statistics show data breaches lead to an average of $4.24 million in damages, yet only 43% of companies do well with their employees' cybersecurity skills. 

You want to avoid being among the 57% of organizations that deal with a skills shortage and pay for damages. But do you comply with workplace cybersecurity laws and mandates in your industry? And are you doing anything on top of minimal requirements?

To develop an effective awareness and training strategy, you have to come up with multiple cybersecurity training videos that will:

✔️Prevent data and financial losses

✔️Create a culture of security within the company

✔️Show your employees you care about their safety

✔️Maintain your company's reputation and customers' trust

✔️ Have a strong call-to-action that protects employees from phishing, malware, or ransomware attacks

Here's how you can use this script template:

✅ Raise awareness: Pair training with explainer videos that educate employees on the importance of cybersecurity and how to protect themselves and the company from cyber threats.

✅ Inform your employees: When your script clarifies things, your employees will be aware of your expectations and requirements.

✅ Provide ongoing education: Use your template to create new training videos or update your existing ones as cybersecurity threats and best practices evolve.

✅ Train on password management: Educate your employees on creating strong passwords. Equip them with strategies to create such passwords and tell them how often to change them and how to keep them safe in everyday use.

✅ Teach mobile device security: Employees use mobiles at work for either personal or professional purposes. To prevent security breaches on their mobile devices within your working perimeter, train them to keep their phones safe. 

✅ Educate on reporting incidents: Let your employees know how important it is to report any cybersecurity incident quickly. Teach them how to do it and what information to provide.

Template #3: Video script for diversity training

Statistics show diverse companies have 2.5 times higher cash flow per employee. But the more diversity you foster, the more you must invest in making everyone feel comfortable.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace aren't just a fad. In some jurisdictions, companies are required by law to provide DEI training to their employees. And you need a sound training approach to avoid the challenges non-diverse companies face.

Focus on your DEI strategy to:

✔️Enable a more inclusive workplace

✔️Increase employee morale, engagement, and retention

✔️Improve communication and reduce misunderstandings of cultural differences

✔️Foster a culture of innovation by encouraging employees to think outside the box

Use the diversity template to create a network of educational resources that:

✅ Introduce diversity and inclusion: Provide visual elements that help employees understand why diversity and inclusion are essential and what you do to promote them.

✅ Address unconscious bias: Introduce the notion of unconscious biases and how they can impact decision-making. Help employees recognize and overcome their biases using a clear call to action.

✅ Discuss microaggressions: Bring in a subject matter expert to help your employees understand microaggressions, why they contribute to a toxic workplace, and to recognize and address them.

✅ Promote cultural competency: Create educational videos on different cultures/customs. Support your employees to understand and appreciate the culture of other team members.

See the video script in action 🎥 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - Lesson 1

Template #4: Video script for software training

The software makes work easier and your business more productive if your employees know how to use it.

But before you demand efficiency in using software and technologies from your team, you must provide them with adequate training. So, you'll have to create all sorts of software training videos, mainly in the how-to category, if you want to:

✔️Help employees work more efficiently

✔️Improve customer satisfaction

✔️Increase your employees' confidence and job satisfaction

✔️Reduce errors and the likelihood of having to redo the work

The script template you can download below is a great starting point whenever you're looking to:

✅ Introduce new software: Help your employees understand what the new software does, how it works, and what benefits it provides.

✅ Provide step-by-step instructions: Demonstrate to your employees how to perform specific tasks and functions within the software.

✅ Highlight software key features and functions: Empower your employees to understand the software's capabilities and how to use them to improve workflow.

✅ Address common issues: Anticipate common issues/errors that may arise when using the software. Help your employees troubleshoot and resolve issues more effectively. 

✅ Provide advanced training: Develop training around specific aspects of the software. Increase your employees' knowledge, upskilling them for increased productivity.

See the video script in action 🎥 Cloneable Software Onboarding Mini-Course: AI Avatar Included

Template #5: Video script for safety training

Workplace injuries hurt your company and cost you money. They slow down production times and increase absenteeism while plummeting employee morale.

You want to comply with the legal requirement of providing health and safety training for your employees and avoid work accidents. Yet you're tasked with much more than quickly teaching everyone about work safety. 

You have the tall order to make your training sessions enjoyable so the information truly sticks in everyone's mind.

Engaging, even interactive training videos are essential if you want to:

✔️Increase work productivity

✔️Increase your employees' confidence

✔️Reduce workplace accidents and injuries

✔️Lower your organization's compensation costs

✔️Enhance your reputation as a company that prioritizes safety

Use our template whenever you want to:

✅ Teach safe work practices: Help employees avoid injuries and accidents by educating them on safe work practices, such as proper lifting techniques or safe driving.

✅ Demonstrate proper use of safety equipment: Show your employees how to use it correctly and safely. Use your main character to demo the proper use of specific safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers or personal protective equipment.

✅ Introduce safety procedures: Educate employees on safety procedures in the workplace. Help them understand the steps for ensuring their safety and the safety of others.

✅ Provide emergency response training: Instruct your employees on what to do during a fire or other emergency.

✅ Address specific hazards: Create videos informing employees about workplace perils, such as electrical or chemical hazards. Help employees understand the risks of these hazards and mitigate them.

See the video script in action 🎥 Fire Safety Awareness - Lesson 1

Template #6: Video script for compliance training

If you're in a heavily regulated industry like healthcare, finance, or telecommunications, compliance requirements breathe down your neck.

And if you're not? You still want to invest in keeping your employees updated with relevant laws, regulations, and internal policies on safety, security, privacy, financial rules, anti-discrimination, or even ethical behavior.

The problem? Compliance = laws; most employees yawn at the mere thought of learning legislation. So, you'll have to play it smart and hide your legalese in memorable compliance training videos that help you:

✔️Improve risk management

✔️Foster a culture of compliance

✔️Reduce the risk of legal and financial penalties

✔️Improve your employees' conduct and performance

✔️Protect your organization's reputation from non-compliance

And none of these is impossible if you start with the suitable script template on the table. Luckily, we have the template that will help you:

✅ Address discrimination and harassment: Educate employees on your organization's discrimination and harassment policies. Show them what's considered prohibited behavior. Or teach them to report incidents.

✅ Promote workplace safety: Explain the company's safety policies and procedures. Demonstrate safe equipment usage or the handling of hazardous materials. And teach effective response procedures for such emergencies.

✅ Implement privacy and security practices: Craft individual security training focused on data privacy and security policies. Consider handling sensitive data, identifying and reporting potential breaches, or protecting company and customer information.

✅ Teach financial regulations: Explain your organization's policies and procedures on financial regulations. Consider teaching employees to report financial information accurately or to avoid insider trading and other financial crimes.

✅ Encourage ethical behavior: Create training videos that discuss your company's code of conduct and expectations for ethical behavior. Think of handling conflicts of interest, gift-giving, entertainment, and whistleblowing.

See the video script in action 🎥 Data protection and privacy training - Lesson 1

Template #7: How-to video script for leadership training

A leader knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way, said John Maxwell.

Still… almost nobody is born that way, according to Zippia's research on leadership. Their report claims only 10% of people are natural leaders, and another 20% show some qualities that can be cultivated. Meanwhile, only 48% of employees would label their company's leadership as "high quality." 😑

That's a tough pill to swallow. But whether it applies to your employees or not, it should motivate you to reap the benefits of training your leaders with impactful, actionable videos.

So, do you need to develop leadership skills for new managers? Help experienced managers transition into executive roles. Or provide training for specific skills such as conflict resolution or public speaking? In any case, you should go all in and:

✔️Increase productivity

✔️Improve employee engagement

✔️Improve decision-making processes

✔️Facilitate more effective communication

✔️Better your company's employee retention

✔️Build a pipeline of skilled and effective leaders who can drive performance

With a solid script template for how-to videos, you can start strategizing your leadership training while focusing on how to:

✅ Teach communication skills: Support employees in a leadership role to communicate more effectively with their team members, clients, and stakeholders.

✅ Teach strategic thinking and planning: Use leadership training to teach employees how to think strategically and plan for the long-term success of your organization.

✅ Instruct on time management and prioritization: Instruct your leaders on managing their time effectively, prioritizing tasks, and increasing productivity. Include a clear call to action to help action change.

✅ Train decision-making and problem-solving: Train your leaders on making effective decisions and solving the problems they typically encounter.

✅ Guide on performance management: Instruct your leaders on managing employee performance effectively, set clear expectations, and provide constructive feedback.

✅ Encourage team building and collaboration: Teach your leaders to build effective teams, manage conflict, and promote teamwork.

✅ Stimulate emotional intelligence and empathy: Use subject matter experts to help leaders develop emotional intelligence and empathy to understand better and connect with team members.

See the video script in action 🎥 Ace Your Performance Reviews | Cloneable Talking Head Video

Template #8: Video script for sales video training

Whether you're looking to upskill your sales team or to support your best sales reps in breaking their records, sales enablement is a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal.

If you pick a video format, you'll make it significantly easier for your employees to grasp the training information, remember it, and apply it successfully. And the amazing part? There's no shortage of effective sales training videos you can include in your teaching strategy to:

✔️Increase sales performance

✔️Improve customer satisfaction

✔️Enhance product knowledge

✔️Up your employees' morale

✔️Improve time management

The moment you figure out a winning template, you can replicate it with success for all sorts of sales-related objectives:

✅ Explain your products/services: Help your employees learn about the products or services they are selling, including features, benefits, and competitive advantages.

✅ Instruct on sales processes and systems: Guide your employees on the sales processes and systems you're using to prospect the market, generate leads, follow up, etc.

✅ Provide training on sales technology and tools: Train your sales team on making the best of the technology and tools they utilize in the sales process. Think of customer relationship management (CRM) software, email marketing, social media accounts, etc.

✅ Teach sales techniques and strategies through audio elements: Use voice overs and sound effects to guide effective sales techniques and strategies, such as identifying customer needs, overcoming objections, and closing deals.

✅ Demonstrate effective customer service: Teach your sales reps to provide excellent customer service and create a positive customer experience.

See the video script in action 🎥 The Challenger Sales Model - Lesson 1

Template #9: Video script for employee onboarding video training

Integrating new employees into your organization and ensuring they have everything they need to be successful in their roles requires a structured program.

Would you say you're doing an excellent job of helping your new employees feel welcome, engaged, and confident in their roles? We hope you do, but bear in mind that only 12% of employees strongly agree their organization does a great job of onboarding new hires 🙈

Anyway, it's never too late to get better at it with a good video script. Effective onboarding involves multiple stages of integration, support, and development over an extended period. So, plenty of areas for you to start tweaking right away.

To take it methodically, focus on creating an onboarding video training strategy that covers all the onboarding levels. And you'll be able to: 

✔️Improve job satisfaction

✔️Improve new hire retention

✔️Stimulate employee engagement

✔️Help your new hires quickly become productive

✔️Reduce the need for additional training later on

✔️Reduce the time and costs associated with turnover

Here's how you can use this orientation video script template:

✅ Introduce new hires to the organization's culture and values: Explain important details about your company culture, values, and mission. Exemplify how all these align with your new hire's role.

✅ Introduce new hires to the team: Let your new hire know their colleagues and provide a video overview of the team's responsibilities and goals.

✅ Orient new hires on job responsibilities: Create job-specific orientation videos that outline the new hire's job responsibilities, expectations, and performance metrics.

✅ Train on software and systems: Create training videos to explain how to use the organization's software, systems, and tools. Provide a product tour that can save time with tips and best practices.

✅ Present company policies and procedures: Organize individual walk-throughs for your organization's various policies and procedures on time off, benefits, dress code, etc.

See the video script in action 🎥 Understanding Company Policies and Procedures

The "Everything" training video script template

It's time for the free video script template we promised you earlier in this blog post. The one that'll help you move from working with ready-made templates to being in complete control while writing your own video script templates.

This video script example will work for any application and:

✔️Give you greater flexibility and creative control.

✔️Make it easier to align the video structure with your training goals.

✔️Lead to more engaging videos and improved effectiveness in video training.

Based on FOCA, this framework reveals a practical and straightforward 4-step process. Experts use the same method to create consistent, professional-looking, engaging, and impactful videos. While we won't dive into what FOCA is here, you can check out the in-depth video below on how to use it for your training programs. 

FOCA Framework Webinar: The blueprint for video excellence 🎥

Watch this webinar and discover the elements of a good video and an effective script.

FOCA Framework: The Blueprint for Video Excellence

Onto the "everything" template! 

Think of developing a template as a Q&A exercise. You're asking yourself the right questions. And you're giving the answers to serve as construction pillars in your training video script creation.

First, open up Google docs and start by answering the following questions: 

  • What does your audience know/not know before watching your video? 
  • What knowledge/task/skill do you want your audience to be able to complete after watching your video? 
  • What are the steps to learning that knowledge/task/skill? 
  • What examples or screencast video clips would your employees need to understand each step you propose in training?
  • What appropriate visuals will support the information you provide at every frame in your template?

Then, flesh out the framework below in your own words to create a rough outline for your script.

And that's it! We hope this post was helpful in the development of your next video.

👉 If you'd like to learn more about writing excellent training video scripts in less time and with less budget, check out this blog post.

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