8 Personalized Video Examples You Can Easily Recreate

Written by
Elly Henriksen
Published on
June 4, 2024
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Receiving a personalized video makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You can’t help but feel “they noticed me!”

But why would you want to impress your employees like that?

For once, because Impressed = Engaged. And only 20% of employees declare themselves engaged with their work. Gallup says this is the world’s $7.8 trillion workplace problem.

To make it not your company’s problem, you can create customized videos to improve your internal communications, create a positive work culture, and show your employees the recognition they expect.

You must be thinking: Wait a minute, a custom, unique video for each and every employee. There's no way I can scale that.

Oh yes, you can.

What you’re about to read will:

✔️ Show you how it’s possible to create internal videos using AI

✔️ Show you inspiring personalized video examples you can duplicate in seconds

✔️ Enable you to make your own custom video in about 30 minutes (which you can then personalize in mere minutes).

Tip 💡

While this article focuses on making personalized videos for employees, you can also use them to create sales videos for potential customers or welcome videos for new customers. For high-end brands of B2B businesses, it can also be used in video marketing campaigns that keep bit customers engaged.

Let’s dive in 👇

How you can recreate these personalized video examples in minutes

When working with an AI video maker like Synthesia, the limitations and challenges of traditional video creation no longer apply to you.

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This small but mighty tool has radically changed video production. It gives you access to over 125 diverse AI avatars, 120 languages and accents for professional voiceovers, and 60 pre-designed templates, allowing you to:

✔️ Access professional actors for a fraction of the cost and without booking a studio

✔️ Use professional voiceovers without recording yourself

✔️ Create professional-looking videos in minutes

✔️ Enjoy full video editing capabilities in a simple and intuitive interface

You can mix and match all of its functions 1) To create a video from scratch or 2) To duplicate a pre-designed template and change its elements with your brand assets, text, sounds, and desired visuals.

To recreate any of the custom video examples listed below, you will use option 2 and follow these super simple 6 steps:

  1. Duplicate your chosen template
  2. Copy and paste your text into the script box
  3. Select your desired language
  4. Generate an AI avatar
  5. Edit the template by adding your content in all the placeholders
  6. Hit the “Generate” button

8 Personalized video examples you can easily recreate

Video personalization implies tailoring the content and message of your video to a specific employee, department, or team.

There are different ways to make a video look and feel personalized. You could:

✅ Mention the viewer’s name, location, or other personal information

✅ Show customized imagery that is relevant to their work activity

✅ Include interactive video elements and personalized CTAs

✅ Meet them at their skill level, showing you know what information they have and what new information they need

✅ Create different versions of the same video to cater to different individuals, perhaps even in different languages

However you choose to customize your videos, your purpose is to create a more meaningful connection with the viewer, thus increasing their engagement. And you can do that in various contexts 👇

1. Employee onboarding video

Example: Employee onboarding training video

This onboarding video should help the new hire get a broader image of your company. The series could cover the company history, a presentation of your products and services, and the workplace setup. In this first video, you set your expectations and introduce the history.

👉Duplicate this training video example

How to personalize this video:

  • Name your new hire, their position, and the company’s name
  • List the exact information you want to present
  • Pick the first point on your list and present it using data and imagery that is relevant to your new employee

2. Orientation video

Use this employee orientation video template to impress new hires

You can send this video to your employees before their first day. It’s a standard orientation video that covers the company's current status, a schedule of their first day at the office, and a checklist with the essential tasks for the week. It’s one of the best ways to improve conversion rates for new employees completing all the minor tasks they need to in their first week.

👉Duplicate this training video example

How to personalize this video

  • Greet them by their name
  • Create a timeline of their first day of work
  • Show the team member’s pictures and names

3. Office setting video

Office Setting Video Template

This video combines show & tell that will introduce the office setting to your employees and instruct them on handling specific situations. The template is straightforward, relying on text and image slides. Consider upgrading it with one or several video slides for a more immersive experience.

👉Duplicate this training video example

How to personalize this video:

  • Create a personalized experience by presenting the office layout — the department your new employee will work in, the office space, and important areas like break rooms, conference rooms, and workstations.
  • Showcase the emergency procedures and the fire evacuation routes.
  • Introduce the equipment used in the office — printers and copiers, communication tools, etc.

4. Company benefits video

(Template/Example) An Overview of Company Benefits

This video presents an overview of potential company benefits, from health and 401(k) to disability support and life insurance. Use it

1) As part of your onboarding process to inform a new hire of the benefits they’ll experience now that they work for you or

2) As part of your recruitment process to introduce a candidate to the potential benefits of working with you.

It’s also an excellent way to improve click-through rates on your video emails for corporate-scale benefits.

👉Duplicate this training video example

How to personalize this video:

  • Mention if certain types of insurance apply to their specific work environment.
  • Detail disability insurance for workplaces with a higher risk of accidents.
  • Include personal details such as the time-off structure, mentioning if and how many sick or personal days they can take, especially if your new hire is also a parent.

5. Expense reimbursement video

(Template/Example) Expense Reimbursement Process

Explain your company’s reimbursement policies and procedures with this straightforward video template. You can use it to inform your new hires, remind your more experienced employees, or support your finance and account teams to make the reimbursements possible with minimum friction.

👉Duplicate this training video example

How to personalize this video:

  • Plan a series, presenting a specific expense reimbursement process in each video
  • Use real-world examples that apply to one department or one position, whether it’s in sales, marketing, or finance
  • Consider translating it into different languages for international teams

6. Diversity, equity, and inclusion video

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - Lesson 1

DEI is a BIG topic, so you’ll see this template as an introduction to a series. It’s a starting point for educating your employees on the most important terms, such as unconscious bias, cultural competency, harassment, and discrimination. Along the way, you’ll want to match the theory with actionable tips so the target audience will know what to do in any situation you present.

👉Duplicate this training video example

How to personalize this video:

  • Choose relevant topics — how managers can create a more inclusive team OR how a frontline worker could recognize and address discrimination or harassment
  • Select familiar examples and appropriate language for your intended viewer, with translations or captions if they speak different languages
  • Format for the environment — make shorter videos for busy employees or longer videos for workshops and dedicated training sessions

7. Anti-bribery video

Anti-Bribery Course for Financial Industry Professionals - Lesson 1

Bribery is yet another critical topic you want to discuss in depth. This video template for an anti-bribery course will help you do that, giving you a format to introduce concepts, provide practical examples, and keep your company safe. While it’s handy for employees in the financial industry, you can adjust it for various departments in any company.

👉Duplicate this training video example

How to personalize this video:

  • Call your employee by their name or specify the department this video is intended for
  • Give specific examples of activities in their job description that would make them likely to encounter bribery
  • Give specific names of departments and managers they should turn to if they need any help in a bribery-related situation

8. Ace your reviews video

Ace Your Performance Reviews | Cloneable Talking Head Video

This video template is a great way to support newly promoted managers in doing their job at their best. It’s almost like a marketing strategy to get managers excited for the review process. It walks the learner through the various aspects they should consider when reviewing someone on their team. And when executed correctly, it helps the manager and the other employees grow and improve.

👉Duplicate this training video example

How to personalize this video:

  • Greet the manager by their name and congratulate them on the new position.
  • Tailor the content to their management level, with appropriate differences between frontline managers and executive managers.
  • Focus on company-specific practices, including rating scales, performance metrics, and essential competencies for their department.

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You’ve seen the 8 personalized video examples above. But there are 60+ video templates you can snatch from the Synthesia library and customize to your needs. These also include videos that can assist with your marketing efforts, such as explainer video templates, customer satisfaction templates, and brand awareness templates


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