How to turn every employee into a video creator

Jakob Marovt
July 20, 2022

About Ocado Group

Ocado Group runs one of the world’s largest online supermarkets, as well as an end-to-end solution for online retail operations and automated fulfilment centres. You know, those big high-tech warehouses where robots run the show.

The company is growing exponentially and expanding into multiple markets and regions, resulting in the need to train and onboard more customers. Time is of the essence, and quality is non-negotiable.

We spoke with Tiffiny Franklin, Digital Content Creator at Ocado Group, who told us how with Synthesia STUDIO, everyone in her team can now be a video creator, which helps them develop efficient video-based customer training programs.

Out with the old

Imagine this 💭

You have just purchased a high-tech solution for your online retail business, ready to put your fully automated warehouse into operation. But hold on, this thing does not come with Lego-like instructions and your team needs to be trained on how to operate it.

And then this happens 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • You’re invited to sit in a classroom for 6-8 weeks
  • You’re being presented 25+ slide decks with 75+ slides each
  • You’re invited on-site for a “hands-on” session (if you can attend)

This is not what you'd expect, considering that you're buying a high-tech solution.

In with the new

Tiffiny’s team objective is to close that gap and make customer training an experience on par with Ocado’s products and services. High-tech, efficient and scalable.

They know that everyone has their own learning style and that a balance of training content is needed. That's why the team is now updating its customer training programme, introducing eLearning tools, multimedia content, AR/VR and video content.

When it comes to video content production, demand far exceeds the team's production capabilities. Hiring agencies and voice actors is one option, but it quickly becomes expensive and time-consuming.

If only everyone in Tiffiny’s team could create high-quality videos... 🥺

Making everyone a video creator with Synthesia STUDIO

Today, thanks to Synthesia STUDIO, everyone at Ocado can create high-quality videos, without ever worrying about cameras, lights, microphones and advanced video editing skills. Here’s why:

😌 Ease of use: It’s like having a video production studio, in a browser. Anyone can use Synthesia STUDIO, regardless of their experience with video production.

💰 Cost: Compared to hiring voice over actors or agencies, Synthesia STUDIO is cost-efficient, flexible and scalable.

🌪 Updating content: Ocado’s technology evolves quickly, which requires the content to be updated often. With Synthesia STUDIO, that’s just a click away.

🤩 Customer Care: A dedicated Customer Success team ensures a smooth onboarding process and that the team is successful in the long term.

⚡️ Product updates: Synthesia STUDIO is rapidly evolving, adding new features and video creation capabilities weekly, based on customer feedback.

Here’s how Tiffinny’s team is using Synthesia STUDIO

  • They break down chunky text into bite-sized videos, covering one topic at the time.
  • They add screen recordings, images/videos and soundtracks.
  • They localise the content for Swedish, French, Spanish, English markets, and can go on in 60+ languages available in Synthesia STUDIO.
  • They use templates to standardise the content and ensure it’s aligned with Ocado’s brand guidelines.

What’s next?

Tiffiny and her team look forward to expanding the use of Synthesia STUDIO as the company expands into more markets, which will require the creation of more customer training video content.

That’s why, Tiffiny is excited to introduce Synthesia STUDIO to more colleagues across other departments at Ocado Group and inspire them to become video creators.

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