How Teleperformance is training a global workforce

Jakob Marovt
August 8, 2022

Easily scale your video production in 60+ languages.

"Our +380.000 employees all over the world, no matter in which country, must have the same competence profile. Synthesia helps us develop engaging, relevant and localised training content at scale."
- Ben Kirby, Teleperformance

To learn how Teleperformance team trains a global workforce in 16 languages, read the article below or watch this short video:

Teleperformance uses Synthesia STUDIO to scale the production of video learning content, such as global compliance training and onboarding videos on topics like security or data privacy, as well as part of career development programs (internal re-skilling and up-skilling).

Key results

Synthesia helped Teleperformance tackle the challenge of content creation at scale in several key areas:

Time savings: +5 days saved per video created, compared to other video authoring tools.

💰 Cost savings: +$650 cost savings per video compared to other video authoring tools and +$5.000 compared to traditional video creation.

🌎 Localisation: Helped streamline video content translation in +16 languages

⭐️ Standardisation: Helped maintain consistency and video quality, using Synthesia templates.

🚀 Digital transformation: Supporting the high tech and high touch strategy of the organisation, contributing to the overall digital transformation strategy of the group.

About Learning and Development at Teleperformance

We spoke to Ben Kirby, Global SVP Learning and Development at Teleperformance, a global leader in customer experience management. The Global Training team led by Ben is part of Global Human Resources, and is responsible for conducting training to over 380,000 employees in over 170 countries.

The team provides multiple approaches to target learning needs at every part of the organisation:

  • Global compliance training and onboarding on topics such as security and data privacy
  • Career development programs - internal re-skilling and up-skilling
  • Training standardisation and quality assurance
  • Research and application of new technologies and methodologies to engage the learning organisation

To produce high-quality video content that meets the demands of engaging such a large audience, Teleperformance is one of the first organisations to embrace synthetic media as part of their learning content strategy.

💡 Synthetic media can be defined as any type of automated media production, particularly through the use of artificial intelligence algorithms.

The challenge

Key question: How do we rapidly produce high-quality video content in 16 languages, using the latest technology?

Content creation challenge

In creating eLearning videos, the Teleperformance team uses a mix of traditional video creation methods and course authoring tools available on the market. However, the existing tools and processes have limitations:

⏱💰Time & money: Traditional way to create videos is time consuming, costly and unscalable.

⚡️ Flexibility: Existing authoring tools and video editing tools are lacking the agility and flexibility, especially in regards to speed of content production and translation of video content.

🌎 Translation: Localisation of learning content is time consuming, costly, difficult to scale and does not cover the whole demographic of Teleperformance workforce.

⭐️ Consistency: Standardisation of learning becomes complicated on a large scale, especially when it comes to the constant updating of curricula.

Organisational transformation challenge

Another, more abstract challenge to tackle relates to Teleperformance’s overall organisational transformation strategy and their dedication to continuous innovation and growth.

With it's high-tech, high-touch approach, Teleperformance is able to help clients address the challenges affecting the customer service industry, and remain passionate about providing simpler, faster, safer, better, and more cost-effective interactions.

To achieve that, Teleperformance team seeks to discover and implement the latest technology solutions and methods to support their organisational transformation, and the L&D department is at the forefront of this process.

The solution

Speedy, High-Quality Content Production

Teleperformance works with employees in more than 170 countries and requires training video content to be produced and delivered in up to 16 languages.

Using Synthesia STUDIO, Ben Kirby and his team are building eLearning videos for learning types ranging from self-paced learning to assessment tools. Some of these modules use video as a way to train employees on standalone content, while others are used to supplement instructor-led training.

With Synthesia STUDIO, Teleperformance’s team was able to tackle the challenge of content creation at scale in several key areas:

🚄Speed of video content production: Teleperformance team is saving on average 5 days per video in one language compared to other authoring and video creation tools, due to simplicity and ease of use of Synthesia STUDIO.

💰 Cost savings: The team saves up to $5.000/per video in one language, compared to traditional video creation and up to $650/per video in one language, compared to other video creation tools.

🌎 Localisation: Teleperformance was also able to create video content reflective of the diverse, international audience that it serves. Synthesia STUDIO generates video with 40+ photorealistic avatars and 60 languages and accents available in the tool, covering a wide range of ethnicities and cultures.

⭐️ Consistency and standardisation: With Synthesia STUDIO templates, the team is able to easily retain the quality and visuals of the videos, making it easy to scale consistent and standardised content across +170 countries.

🚀 Organisational transformation: Synthesia brings novelty and innovation to Teleperformance's eLearning content, resulting in increased learner engagement while supporting Teleperformance's high-tech, high-touch approach and contributing to the overall transformation strategy of the group.

Working with Synthesia

"From demo to adoption, it was the shortest amount of time I have ever spent with any technology at Teleperformance. That's a testament to the fact that people immediately saw the value in the solution and wanted to use it."
Ben Kirby, Teleperformance

Synthesia has a streamlined process in onboarding Teleperformance’s Global Training team onto the platform with the team starting to make videos after one day of training.

The team was able to simplify their workflow from designing each element of a video, to working with Synthesia STUDIO templates that include placeholders for objectives, quizzes, and many other types of typical learning formats within the platform.

Besides that, Synthesia product team has an impressive cadence of delivering new features, with almost weekly updates that make it even easier to create video content.

We have received great feedback from our users, and since we acquired the first group of licenses, we are constantly receiving requests for more information and licenses in other countries, as the professionalism and simplicity of the videos are clear to see.
Ben Kirby, Teleperformance
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