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Synthetic Media

Synthetic media is a catch-all term to describe video, image, text, or voice that has been fully or partially generated using artificial intelligence.

What is synthetic media?

Synthetic media is a catch-all term to describe video, image, text, or voice that has been fully or partially generated using artificial intelligence algorithms.

What is synthetic media?

Synthetic media can be separated into 7 types:

  • Synthetic video
  • Synthetic images
  • Synthetic voice
  • AI-generated text
  • AI influencers
  • Mixed reality
  • Face swap
Examples of synthetic media as Instagram filters, GPT-3 and video generators.
3 examples of synthetic media

How does synthetic media work?

Synthetic media is created by artificial intelligence algorithms. Machine learning models recognise and analyse patterns of input data and learn to perform tasks based on these data, without human intervention.

The difference between synthetic and non-synthetic media

Synthetic media are media that are partially or fully generated by computers. Non-synthetic media can be any other media, i.e., media that is produced by human input.

Take a newspaper article, for instance. Written entirely by a human, it clearly falls under non-synthetic media.

Now think of a photo where an Instagram filter is used to add bunny ears to a real human face. This is partially generated by AI (the pic being modified by algorithms), and we can thus say it’s “synthetic.”

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Deep learning is a branch of machine learning that deals with algorithms inspired by the structure and function of the brain.

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Non-Synthetic Media

Non-synthetic media describes any medium that has not been generated by computer, a.k.a has been generated by human input only.