7 Best Company Culture Videos

Kevin Alster
November 1, 2023
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How do you describe your company culture?

"Come work here, we're a fun bunch?"

That's a good start, but you can do better. Here's how:

Video captures the spirit and energy of a company's culture better than any other medium.

With a kickass company culture video, you can inspire, motivate, and connect with current employees, customers, and potential job seekers.

Videos make your audience see and feel the vibe and energy at your company. Watching company culture videos is the second-best thing to being there in person, soaking up the atmosphere.

The following examples of great company culture videos will deliver all the inspiration you need to create a kickass company culture video yourself.

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With great company culture comes great power 

Company culture comprises unwritten rules and traditions that create a certain vibe, project personality on your organization, and shape how things get done in the workplace.

Create a fun and engaging culture, and you'll:

  • Attract the industry's talents and easily keep them with your company.
  • Enjoy an excellent reputation with current and future clients inside and outside the office.
  • Foster a positive and inclusive workspace where employees feel appreciated, supported, and genuinely want to work hard for your success.

Did you know? 🤔

46% of job seekers say company culture is one of the deciding factors in their application process. A positive work culture that attracts skilled employees can lead to a 33% revenue increase, and once you have these people on board, a strong company culture is the best retention strategy.

Strong company culture is an invisible thread that makes everyone feel part of something special. People love to be there, high-fives are common, and success tastes sweeter as everyone's supercharged by the "we did it together" feeling!

Here are some great ways video can be used to promote your company culture:

✔️ Provide a virtual tour of the company's work environment, help your audience understand your workplace vibe, and show them they'd love to join you.

✔️ Communicate your company history and values authentically to meet the expectations of 78% of consumers who consider authenticity more important than the quality of marketing videos.

✔️ Demonstrate company values with proof of your commitment: employee interviews, snapshots of your daily activities, or behind-the-scenes footage of your sustainability and social responsibility projects.

✔️ Share visual testimonials of your employees and customers, which is perceived as more authentic than your business' pitch by 37% of consumers.

✔️ Leverage platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or LinkedIn, embed videos on websites or share them through email campaigns, and get a higher reach without demographic or geographic barriers.

1. Brighton Technologies' company culture video

Brighton Technologies' "Company Culture and Values" video briefly presents the five core values at their company. It starts with a clear statement of what sets them apart from other companies and makes them a great workplace. And it ends with a warm, heartfelt call to experience for the viewers — potential future employees — to come and see these company values at work.

(Template/Example) Company Culture and Values

What makes this company culture video stand out:

  • Company values are illustrated with different visuals, from the animated text on the screen to candid employee interaction footage.
  • Sense of scale and amplification of the idea of teamwork and collaboration using overhead shots.
  • Soft background music aligns with the presenter's radiant and approachable demeanor.

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2. Green Earth's company culture video

This successful culture video by Green Earth Inc is a powerful example of introducing employees to the company culture and motivating them to embrace it. While highlighting the company's ambitious targets to achieve carbon neutrality, reduce water usage, and divert waste from landfills, it demonstrates that sustainability is its core value. And by emphasizing how each employee can contribute to it, the video fosters a culture of collective responsibility.

(Template/Example) Sustainability and ESG Initiatives

What makes this company culture video stand out:

  • Goes beyond communicating a commitment to sustainability and proves it by highlighting specific initiatives and showcasing its active efforts.
  • A positive and inspiring tone conveys enthusiasm and excitement about company goals and creates a positive and engaging atmosphere. 
  • Stunning aerial shots of the ocean and forested mountains and footage of people participating in beach clean-ups promote a sense of collective responsibility.

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3. Netflix's company culture video

Netflix is one of the most popular online streaming services with a unique and distinct work culture. They proudly claim to value freedom, responsibility, and a high-performance environment. In this 3-and-a-half-minute video on the company's YouTube channel, 13 of their international employees share how they feel working at Netflix, demonstrating the company culture.

Netflix Culture: Freedom and Responsibility

What makes this company culture video stand out:

  • Opinions feel more authentic and genuine, showing the employees in natural and comfortable settings.
  • Experiences are demonstrated by a diverse range of employees from different departments, roles, and backgrounds. 
  • Various filming angles and the occasional scenes with two employees side by side prevent monotony.

4. Pottery Barn's company culture video

The popular home furnishings and decor retailer Pottery Barn shares its "Corporate Culture" video on YouTube, where employees are first asked to describe their work experience in one word. The message is strong, with answers varying from "iconic" to "exciting," but the questions don't stop there. This company culture video asks all the right questions to hit the nail on the head regarding how it feels to be a Pottery Barn employee.

Inside Pottery Barn's Corporate Culture

What makes this company culture video stand out:

  • Multiple establishing shots in wide angles showcase the scale and design of the Pottery Barn office building.
  • Employee interaction visuals demonstrate camaraderie and a sense of community through footage of social events, casual conversations, and team activities.
  • Behind-the-scenes footage of their design process, including sketches, fabric, and paint samples.

5. Apple's company culture video

The Apple name is almost self-explanatory across the globe to consumers of any language, and it also happens to be one of the most humanized brands. Their "Inclusion & Diversity" culture video perfectly reflects this open, inclusive approach to work; the presentation style is like no other. 

From the background music to the series of faces that enter the screen and the narration, it's all an impactful demonstration of their beliefs, as stated on the official website: "How we come together is how we change the world" and "community is the core of our culture."

Apple — Inclusion & Diversity — Open

What makes this company culture video stand out:

  • The company's portrait is drawn by introducing close-ups of its diverse employees.
  • Creative endeavor to communicate company culture while pitching others to work there.
  • Impeccable narration, showing the most representative snapshots in every scene. 

6. Grab's company culture video

In this example of a company culture video, we're taking a peek behind the scenes of Grab, Southeast Asia's largest and most dynamic tech company. It's a virtual tour where people can see the offices and hear some of the employees, which can make a lasting impression. But even more powerful is the fact that the video is meant to reflect what a Grab employee experiences on their first day of work.

A look at Grab's latest global R&D HQ in Singapore

What makes this company culture video stand out:

  • Unique and singular perspective of a new employee who soaks up everything they see on-premises. 
  • Positive and friendly vibes are reflected through the upbeat background music, the smiling faces, and the tradition of getting a "buddy" when entering the company. 
  • Exterior shots of the Grab offices and glimpses of workspaces, collaboration areas, and recreational spaces.

7. ABC Corp's company culture video

How a company treats its employees is always a good indicator of its culture and values. That is why a company benefits overview video can serve as a puzzle piece into a more extended plan of sharing the company culture with either newly hired employees or candidates for a hiring position. And ABC Corp's presentation makes for an enticing introduction to how much they value the people they work with.

(Template/Example) An Overview of Company Benefits

What makes this company culture video stand out:

  • Demonstrates that the company values employees' well-being and paints a helpful, approachable environment by encouraging employees to contact HR.
  • Simple visual representations of the benefits through icons of healthcare, retirement, and paid time off.
  • Benefits presentation entices by alternating different transitions from one scene to another.

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