5 Best Workplace Harassment Training Video Examples You Can Recreate

Written by
Elly Henriksen
Published on
June 13, 2024
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We get it; not all your employees will feel comfortable discussing sexual harassment or any other kind of workplace harassment. Fortunately, there are ways to make this training effective and less awkward for everyone.

If you are looking for a new approach that won't make your team go red as a cherry and forget everything they just learned in 5 minutes, here are five examples that aren't cringeworthy and will inspire you to create the best workplace harassment training video.

1. Teach your employees to identify workplace harassment with this video

Preventing Sexual Harassment - Lesson 1

You and other L&D professionals have prayed for these training videos. In 5 micro-learning sessions, your employees will become masters and experts in preventing any sexual harassment behavior in the workplace without being embarrassed or bored.

The course teaches how to identify abusive circumstances and different types of harassment, regardless of gender identity, race, or religion. It also discusses what constitutes sexual harassment and what to do if you are a victim of sexual harassment.

👍 Why we like it

There are two main reasons why we like these training videos: Reason number there are not cringe-worthy, and reason number two this sexual harassment training is suitable for all employees of any age.

Why it works

  • Visually attractive for employees.
  • Sync between text and visuals.
  • Straightforward.
  • Generates awareness.

2. An animated harassment video about workplace bullying prevention

Workplace bullying

If you or your business are more into animation training videos, this is a great option to teach any employee about workplace bullying prevention.

First, the video teaches you what bullying is and why this type of harassment hurts. Secondly, it shows you what bullying looks like in the workplace. And finally, it goes over the steps to preventing bullying in the company because, as they say, "no one has to tolerate that crap," and workplace abuse is against the law.

👍 Why we like it

Thanks to its impressive visual effects, we could spend hours and hours glued to the screen, learning about harassment, how to respect defined protected groups, and discrimination in the workplace.

Why it works

  • Creative.
  • Great visuals.
  • Short but comprehensive workplace training.
  • Easy to understand and remember.

Did you know?🤔

The price for one minute of animation can range from $600 - $1,500. While with platforms like Synthesia, you can choose from several templates and create your AI training videos for as little as $30 per month.

3. Funny or Die finds a funny way to teach you about sexual harassment

Fox News Sexual Harassment Training Video

With this Fox News video, listening to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody takes longer than understanding what constitutes sexual harassment.

Through humor, Funny or Die helps you train your employees about sexual harassment in the workplace so that your workers learn to identify any abusive conduct.

👍 Why we like it

Who can resist training lessons with the power to teach and make us laugh simultaneously?

Why it works

  • Uses humor to show a hostile work environment.
  • Entertaining.
  • Short.

4. Preventing harassment with these anti-bullying safety training videos

Anti-Bullying Course - Lesson 1

Like it or not, bullying doesn't stop in High School. But effective anti-bullying courses like this example are the best way to prevent your company from becoming a real-life Telenovela or K-drama.

The training program consists of 5 lessons to raise awareness among teammates about bullying and how to prevent workplace harassment and abuse that can create a hostile work environment.

 👍 Why we like it

In a matter of minutes, we learn how to identify abusive behavior by managers or employees and how to help the victim. In other words, we learned everything we need to know to prevent workplace harassment in your company, and we don't even work there.

Why it works

  • Comprehensive anti-bullying lessons.
  • Professional.
  • Short.

Did you know 🤔

Online learning like this course can increase retention rates by as much as 60% compared to the 8-10% retention rate of typical classroom training.

5. With this seminar, Saturday Night Live shows what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace

Workplace Harassment Seminar - SNL

Suppose sexual harassment training done with a PowerPoint was as entertaining ad effective as this example from Saturday Night Live. In that case, chances are you'd still be doing all your harassment training like this.

The story begins in a room where Donald and Maria, part of the HR team, intend to train their workers on sexual harassment. However, to their employees' surprise, the course does not go as expected.

👍 Why we like it

Although the video is not corporate training, it is a fun approach everyone can understand and enjoy. It gives you a clear view of inappropriate behaviors and sexual harassment.

Why it works

  • A humorous example of sexual harassment training.
  • Straightforward.
  • Generate awareness through comedy.

Create Your Best Workplace Harassment Training Videos

Now that you have plenty of ideas and know there are ways to create great harassment training videos that aren't cringeworthy, you can start designing your own.

Remember that your videos should be engaging, memorable, and effective to impact your organization positively and that one of the easiest ways to do so is through AI videos.

AI videos are a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to any other way of designing training videos. In addition to these benefits, with a video maker like Synthesia, you can design your own video or use one of their various templates, choose from over 140 diverse AI avatars, and create harassment training in over 120 languages in no time.

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Frequently asked questions

How do you educate employees about harassment?

When it comes to educating employees about workplace harassment, one of the most effective methods is through harassment training videos. These videos provide a comprehensive and engaging approach to raising awareness, promoting a respectful work environment, and preventing incidents of harassment.

What are 5 strategies for preventing workplace harassment?

Creating a safe and respectful workplace environment can be achieved through the following five strategies for preventing workplace harassment:

  1. Establish clear anti-harassment policies and communicate them effectively to all employees.
  2. Provide comprehensive training programs on recognizing, preventing, and addressing harassment incidents.
  3. Encourage open communication and establish multiple reporting channels for employees to safely report harassment.
  4. Foster a culture of respect, inclusivity, and diversity, where all employees feel valued and supported.
  5. Enforce strict consequences for perpetrators of harassment and ensure prompt and fair investigations of reported incidents.

Does OSHA require harassment training?

No, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) does not explicitly require harassment training. However, OSHA does encourage employers to provide training on preventing workplace violence, including harassment, as part of their overall efforts to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.