How to Create a Personalized Santa Video for Free

Written by
Ema Lukan
Published on
June 4, 2024
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Ho ho ho! 🎅🏻

Christmas Eve is just around the corner - unless you're reading this in July and already feeling the spirit of Christmas.

If the stress of the holiday season is creeping up on you and you don't know how to surprise your parents, extended family, kids, friends, or colleagues - we have a free and personalized gift idea for you.

Why not spread the joy to your loved ones by sending a personalized Santa video? 🎅🏻

Let us clarify: why not send a free Santa video with a personalized message?

Create a FREE personalized Santa video 🎅🏼

How to make a free Santa video in 3 easy steps

At this point, you're probably wondering: "How do you get Santa on video?"

Well, you can, of course, search for the elusive bearded figure somewhere in the North Pole and convince the busy Father Christmas to join a video call with your kids...

... or you can go the easy route and create a Santa video online using Synthesia.

You won't need to chase the real Santa or a Santa lookalike, you won't need to create any accounts, and you won't need to spend any money.

Here's how you can create a personalized and free Santa video using Synthesia.

Step 1: Choose a Santa template

Go to our handy Santa video generator page.

Santa video page by Synthesia

Choose from 8 unique Christmas-themed backgrounds for your Santa video:

  1. A pine forest filled with snow (with Ms. Claus)
  2. A gold-themed Christmas tree background (with Santa Claus)
  3. A quiet, cozy suburban street with snowfall (with Ms. Claus)
  4. A party-ready room with a disco ball (with Santa Claus)
  5. A cozy, glowing living room with a Christmas tree (with Ms. Claus)
  6. A warm Christmassy living room with a fireplace (with Santa Claus)
  7. A simple burgundy background with floating gold Christmas gifts (with Santa Claus)
  8. A simple red background with glittery gold reindeer (and Ms. Claus)

Selection of templates with Santa Claus and Ms. Claus

Step 2: Write your Santa message

Next, personalize your message and greeting from Santa Claus or Ms. Claus.

You will see some placeholder scripts when you choose a template, but you are free to come up with your own personalized script.

If you aren't sure what to write - no worries!

We have prepared a few script templates and examples for you for a range of different scenarios:

  • tell your child you love them
  • tell your children to write a gift list
  • invite family members and loved ones to a Christmas dinner
  • tell your friend they made it to your naughty or nice list

Did you know Synthesia's Santa and Mrs. Claus are polyglots? 🎄

You can write your script in any one of our 130+ supported languages. See the full list here.

Step 3: Share your Santa video

Enter your email, press 'Continue and send the greeting,' and you're done!

Kick back, relax, and enjoy the spirit of Christmas while Santa's elves are working hard behind the scenes on your personalized video.

You will receive an email once your personalized video is ready.

Show it to your children on Christmas Day, send it to your family and friends, post it on Facebook, or just watch it over and over.

Unlike the real Santa, this one doesn't get tired. 😉

Frequently asked questions: Christmas edition 🎄

We realize that it's not every day you create a Santa video, and you might have some questions... so here are answers to some of the most popular ones. 👇

How do you make Santa Claus talk?

No, it's not magic, and no, it's we're not filming Santa and Ms. Claus for every video request.

You see, Santa and Ms. Claus are actually AI avatars created by Synthesia. 🤯

We filmed Santa and Ms. Claus in a professional studio and then, using a bit of AI magic, created AI avatars for videos.

Santa and Ms. Claus talk in over 130 languages using text-to-speech technology, almost indistinguishable from real speech.

See a video explaining the process in a bit more detail.

Is the message from Santa free?


You can make a Santa video in Synthesia completely for free.

These videos will have a bit of Synthesia branding in the background, but if you want to create a Santa video that is longer, contains no branding, and has an editable background - create a Synthesia account.

Make your own Santa video for free

Get into the spirit of Christmas, or surprise your kids, family, and friends by creating your own Santa video today.


Frequently asked questions