Doculife does video marketing using Synthesia

Jakob Marovt
July 20, 2022

As marketing strategies have evolved and changed, video has become the preferred form of communication. Globally, 3 trillion minutes (5 million years) of video content will cross the Internet each month by 2022 (Cisco report).

To learn how doculife team implemented a video first marketing strategy, read the article below or watch this short video:

About doculife

doculife uses state-of-the-art technology to create the perfect connection for documents, customer and employee data with Salesforce Apps to streamline business processes.

Eduard Dehgraf from doculife shared with us how his team can now easily implement a video-first marketing strategy, by using Synthesia Studio.

The challenge

For their flagship product, One Profile, Eduard and his team wanted to implement a video marketing strategy instead of a traditional text-based marketing strategy. This way, the team would spend less time on initial product demos and let potential customers explore the product at their own pace by watching an engaging video.

However, creating high-quality commercial videos with a voice-over proved to be a challenge, as video recording equipment, post-production, and a substantial marketing budget are required.

The solution

With Synthesia Studio, Eduard can now create high-quality product explainer videos 20x faster than before, and at a fraction of the time and price compared to the traditional process. He no longer has to record himself hundreds of times to get the pronunciation right and intonation consistent throughout the video. He just types in text and generates a video, it’s that simple.

Here's the One Profile explainer video Eduard made with Synthesia:

Here are 5 reasons why Eduard loves Synthesia:

⚡️ Speed: you can create videos really fast! Eduard creates videos it 20x faster than before!

💰 Cost: you can save 80% of your marketing budget, it's really hard to beat this with any other service.

📣 Voice: you can get a consistent voice/intonation across the video, and you can choose between 40+ languages!

🦸🏻 Avatar quality: people can't even notice it's an avatar and love the videos created with Synthesia.

🪄 Flexibility: you can always go back, edit an existing video and generate a new one in minutes.

What's next for doculife

The team is confident that thanks to Synthesia, their video marketing strategy will produce more qualified leads, saving them valuable time and resources. In the near future, the team plans to add more high quality video content across different customer touchpoints (for example, embedding video chatbots on their website).

Converting powerpoints to video is a thing of the past. With Synthesia, creating videos is as easy as writing an email.

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