The ultimate guide to FOCA video framework

Jakob Marovt
January 10, 2023

What is FOCA?

FOCA is our framework to help you create better videos today.

FOCA framework is based on researched-backed theories (e.g. Mayer multimedia theory, van der Meij’s rules for instructional videos) and best practices from top-tier video companies.

Here's what the acronym stands for:

  • F - Foundation of the video
  • O - Organization of the video
  • C - Creation of the video
  • A - Action that you want people to take after

Here's a quick video explaining the FOCA framework:


According to Skilljar's 2022 Customer Ed Benchmarks report, Video is the #1 increase in investment companies are making next year.


This investment alone won't help if you don't know how to make a good video.

So we went and searched for a useful video creation framework to consistently make good, informative videos.

And… we couldn’t find one.

So we made our own - welcome to FOCA framework.

How to use FOCA?

We’ve prepared a set of questions and a FOCA creation template. These can help you structure your video content even before you open Synthesia.

This is a crucial step, so try not to skip it.


Because it's very hard to create a good video by simply jumping into a video creation app. If you do that you’ll be overwhelmed by writing a script and creating visuals at the same time.

👉 Free FOCA templateHere’s the template you can use to create FOCA videos.

In-depth FOCA help?

Well, good that you asked.

We’re running regular FOCA webinars for our customers.

Here you can watch a recording of our latest webinar:

Good FOCA examples?

Yes, of course we have some examples. Check out Synthesia Examples page, where every video is a great example of FOCA in action.

How to grade FOCA videos?

The first thing you can do is a little self-assessment. We’ve prepared a formula to help you with that.

Get the FOCA grading formula here.

Then choose a video to assess and score each row out of 5 based on what skills your video demonstrates.  You can total that score up and divide that by 20 to get your FOCA score.

For example:

3 + 4 + 4 + 3 = 14

14/20 = 60% = FOCA score

The benchmark defined for good video is going 80%.

You can watch a video below to see our Kevin grade one video through the FOCA lens:

Second thing, let’s say you’ve created a really nice video. And you’d like it to be graded by us and potentially featured among our examples? Well, then you can go to our examples page and submit your video link for grading (see the left sidebar).

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