Live Collaboration, a new way for teams to work together on videos

February 29, 2024
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Video creators rarely work alone: editors work with subject matter experts to create a script or visuals and managers review drafts from their team. Those interactions, between peers collaborating on a video or with other teams who need to provide input, have so far happened outside video editing platforms which have made them less effective.

Today, we’re unveiling one of our most requested features – Live Collaboration! Live Collaboration brings a true and tested product paradigm to the video world and allows users to work together seamlessly, synchronously and asynchronously, to create stunning videos.

Breaking down barriers to collaboration

Traditionally, video editing has been a solitary endeavor, with creators working in isolation to bring their visions to life. 

However, we recognize that true innovation thrives in collaborative environments. With Live Collaboration, we are breaking down barriers and enabling users to collaborate effortlessly, regardless of their location or time zone. 

‎Here is what is included in this release: 

  • Sharing: two or more users working in the Synthesia editor can get Full Access, Can edit or Can comment permissions, allowing them to collaborate on a video. 
  • Co-editing: users can see each others’ cursors, selections, and the scenes their teammates are working on.
  • Commenting: any user with a Can comment permission on the video can open the editor in a comment only mode. This user can be a guest or a regular workspace member.
  • Version: Users can access the version history, ensuring no progress is lost. Synthesia automatically saves your progress and users can restore or duplicate any session.

Synchronous and asynchronous collaboration

Users can edit videos in real-time, collaborating with team members in a live editing session. This synchronous mode allows for immediate feedback, brainstorming, and decision-making, fostering faster iteration cycles. For example, I recently worked with colleagues from product marketing, sales and knowledge enablement on a video for a product Q&A session. We jumped on a call and started a new project in Synthesia, each of us editing the script and scenes for which we were responsible. By editing the video synchronously, we were able to parallelise the effort of creating the video and finished it quickly.

‎Alternatively, users can choose to work asynchronously, editing videos at their own pace and maintaining a tight feedback loop by leveraging comments. For example, a ride hailing app that uses Synthesia has multiple teams signed up to our platform, each with their own workspace. Before Live Collaboration was available, video editing was a slow process of duplication and sharing links. Now, teams no longer need to duplicate videos and can edit the same video asynchronously, significantly improving the process. 

Advantages of collaborative video editing

Here are just a few of the amazing advantages you'll unlock with real-time and asynchronous editing:

  • Increased efficiency: By enabling multiple people to edit a video, Live Collaboration streamlines the editing process and reduces turnaround time. Tasks that would typically require sequential editing can now be completed in parallel, accelerating project timelines.
  • Enhanced creativity: Collaboration breeds creativity. With Live Collaboration, users can bounce ideas off each other, experiment with different editing techniques, and co-create videos that surpass individual capabilities. The synergy of diverse perspectives fuels innovation and elevates the quality of the final product.
  • Improved communication: Effective communication is essential for successful collaboration. Our collaborative tools facilitate seamless communication among team members, allowing them to share feedback, discuss edits, and resolve issues in real-time. Clear and transparent communication enhances productivity and ensures alignment throughout the editing process.
  • Flexible workflows: Whether working in the same location or across different time zones, Live Collaboration accommodates diverse workflows. Users have the flexibility to choose between synchronous and asynchronous collaboration, empowering them to work in a manner that best suits their needs and preferences.

Embrace the future of AI-powered video editing

Organizations that have already tested Live Collaboration include some of the largest companies in the financial, food processing and e-commerce, and retail industries.

With Live Collaboration, we are moving towards a future where creativity knows no bounds and teamwork knows no limits. If you want to be among the first to try out Live Collaboration, you can contact your account manager or reach out to support here.


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