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Add subtitles to video

Add subtitles to video automatically in 39+ languages in a single click with Synthesia. Embed them into your videos, or download as a separate subtitle file.

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Translate your subtitles and voiceover

Use the video translation feature to automatically translate the voiceover and subtitles to 25+ languages.

Download the subtitle file

Whether or not you choose to permanently add subtitles to your videos, you can always download them as an SRT file separately.

Add subtitles to your videos in a click

No need to add and type your subtitles manually. With Synthesia, you can add subtitles to your video in a single click.

How to add subtitles to a video


Open a video in Synthesia

Go to Synthesia's video editor and open an existing video project or create a new one from scratch.


Paste text to generate a voiceover

Add a voiceover to your video by typing text in 120+ supported languages. Synthesia's text-to-speech tool will automatically generate a voiceover.


Enable the 'Include captions' toggle

Once you're ready to generate your video with subtitles, enable the 'Include captions' toggle. Synthesia will automatically create subtitles.


Generate and download

Download your subtitled video as is, or just download the subtitles as an SRT file. You can then upload your video online, or stream it in Synthesia.

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Add subtitles to a video online with Synthesia

Subtitles automatically synched to audio

No need to create subtitles manually and sync them to your audio file. Synthesia automatically synchs the subtitles to the narration.

Add subtitles in different languages

With Synthesia's auto subtitle generator, you can generate subtitles/closed captions in 39+ languages in just a few clicks.

Easy-to-use video editing platform

The online video editor is not just useful for adding subtitles, but also for creating an entire video from scratch without cameras or equipment.

Share videos on social media

Use pre-set aspect ratios to create social media videos with auto subtitles. The subtitles will be perfectly adjusted to the video format.


Here are the 4 main reasons why you should add subtitles to your videos.

Improved accessibility

Adding subtitles to a video ensures that hard-of-hearing and deaf people can understand and enjoy the video content.

Optimization for search engines

Videos with subtitles can be indexed by search engines, potentially improving search rankings and discoverability.

Increased clarity

Using a video caption generator ensures viewers can follow along and understand the audio even in a noisy environment.

Compliance with regulations

In some regions and for certain types of content, adding subtitles to a video is mandated by law to ensure accessibility.

Subtitles and captions - what's the difference?

Video subtitles

Subtitles for videos serve to translate the spoken dialogue in a video, without descriptions of non-spoken auditory elements, like background noise and music. The primary goal of adding subtitles to video content is to make it accessible to global and multilingual audiences.

Video captions

Adding captions to video allows people that are hard of hearing or deaf to enjoy video content. Captions for videos not only include dialogue, but also other audio elements like sound effects and music. Captions are typically in the same language as the spoken dialogue in the video.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add subtitles to an existing video?

To add subtitles to an existing video file, use an online auto-subtitle maker.

  1. Upload your video to the chosen tool.
  2. Add subtitles manually or use an auto subtitle generator if it's available.
  3. Use the tool's advanced features to adjust the font size, color, and delay for the subtitles, even if you are using automatic captions.

How can I put subtitles on a video?

Here's how you can add subtitles to your video in Synthesia:Here's how you can add subtitles to your video in Synthesia:

  1. Open your video in Synthesia's video editor by starting a new project or selecting from existing video files.
  2. Input the voiceover text you want in any of the 120+ languages supported by Synthesia.
  3. Ensure that the 'Include captions' option is enabled to activate automatic subtitle creation.
  4. Download the video with the embedded subtitles or, if preferred, save just the subtitles as an .srt file.

How can I add captions to my video for free?

To caption a video for free, you have 3 options to choose from.

Option 1: Use built-in auto-captioning features on social media platforms. Many social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram offer built-in features to add captions.

Option 2: Use free online video captioning tools that allow users to add subtitles quickly using subtitle presets.

Option 3: Use an online video editor, and add subtitles to the video manually using the text box feature.

Is there an app that automatically generates subtitles?

Synthesia offers a built-in subtitle maker that automatically generates subtitles based on the voiceover. It supports 39+ languages and allows users to permanently embed the subtitles or download them in a single subtitle file.

Is there an app that adds captions to videos?

Synthesia has a built-in closed captioning feature that allows users to add captions to video in just a few clicks.