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Add a watermark to a video online in just a few clicks with Synthesia. Upload custom watermark images and logos, or create a text watermark in Synthesia in minutes.

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What is watermark on video?

An online video watermark is a visible overlay, often a logo or text, embedded onto the video to indicate ownership or source. It deters against unauthorized use and adds brand information to the video.

Why should I add a video watermark?

  1. Make your video more recognizable
  2. Increase brand recognition
  3. Build awareness on social media
  4. Protect your video online

Add a logo, image or text watermark

Watermark your videos by adding a custom logo, uploading a watermark image with a transparent background, or simply typing in text.

Customize your video watermarks

You can easily make your own watermark by customizing text, or uploading your own graphics. You can change the position, color, transparency and size of your watermark.

Easily create branded content

Make your brand's content instantly recognizable by adding own graphics, custom fonts, a brand logo and watermark to your video using the brand kit feature.

How to add watermark to video


Open your video project

Go to the Synthesia video editor, and open an existing video file, or create a new video from scratch.


Add your watermark to video

Add your watermark by uploading an image with a transparent background, or create your own inside the video editor using text.


Personalize your watermarked video

Edit your watermark by adjusting the size, position, and saturation. Add any other visual and audio elements to customize your video.


Download and share video

Now you can easily download your watermarked video in MP4 format and share it with the world.

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Why choose Synthesia to add watermarks?

Comprehensive online video editor

With Synthesia, you can not only add a watermark to your video, but use innovative AI video editing tools to create videos from scratch.

Multiple formats supported

Want to add an image watermark to video? We support the following image file formats: JPEG, PNG, SVG.

Aspect ratios for video creators

Easily adjust your watermark video for social media channels using pre-set video aspect ratios. Choose a portrait, landscape or square frame.

Easily adjust position, duration and size of the watermark

Choose to add watermarks to the entire duration of the video track, or only a specific section. Pay around with the position and size until it fits the video perfectly.

4 tips for watermarking videos

Here are some easy tips on how you can use an online video editor to watermark your videos.


Opt for a small watermark

Add a watermark to the bottom right section of the video frame to avoid covering up the whole video. A watermark logo works best in this case.


Keep the background transparent

Make sure that you upload your watermark in a PNG format with a transparent background. Otherwise, it will cover up the whole video!


Create custom watermarks

Adding watermarks that have been customized using your brand's colors, logos, and fonts will help boost brand recognition.


Create a watermark using text

If you don't have the assets to add custom image watermarks, simply add a text box to the video frame, type in your brand/name and decrease the saturation for a more subtle effect.


Frequently asked questions

How to watermark a video?

Here's how to add watermarks to a video using the Synthesia video editor:

  1. Open your video project in Synthesia, or create a new project.
  2. Upload a watermark image with a transparent background, or use the editor's text feature to create a text watermark.
  3. Adjust the watermark's size, position, and saturation to your preference.
  4. Add any other visual and audio enhancements as desired.
  5. Download the finished video in MP4 format to share with others.

How to put watermark on video for free?

To watermark videos online, use free online video editors or a special video watermark maker.

How do I create my own watermark?

Creating your own video watermark online typically involves using graphic design or photo editing software. First, choose a software like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or any other preferred tool. Design your watermark, which can be text-based, a logo, or a combination of both. Use a transparent background to ensure that only the watermark appears over your video content. Save the watermark in a format that supports transparency, such as PNG.

When adding watermarks to video, ensure they're placed in a position where they're visible but don't obstruct the main content of the video. Adjust the opacity as needed to strike a balance between visibility and subtlety, ensuring your work is protected without being overly distracting to viewers.

Is it OK to have watermark on video?

Yes, watermarks on videos are commonly used to protect intellectual property, promote brand recognition, and deter unauthorized use or redistribution. However, it's essential to ensure that the watermark video does not obstruct the primary content or distract viewers excessively. Proper placement and transparency can help strike a balance between protection and viewer experience.

How do I add a logo or watermark to my video?

To add a watermark logo to your videos online, go to Synthesia's online video editor and open an existing video project or create a new one. There, simply upload your logo, adjust it's position and size, and your watermark video is done!