Auto Generate Videos with Synthesia and Zapier

Jakob Marovt
July 20, 2022

Wouldn’t it be awesome to send personalized videos to your high value leads nudging them to book a demo?

Or surprise your most valuable customers with a personalized video campaign from your CEO?

How about sending a personalized video to every candidate that applies to a highly valuable position in your company?

All this without writing a single line of code? 🤨

Well - this is possible, today!

All you need is some basic Zapier knowledge, and of course, Synthesia.

Welcome to Synthesia Zapier Templates 👋

You don’t even need to be super creative - we’ve thought about different scenarios in which Synthesia personalized videos make sense and prepared a ton of Zapier templates for you.

For example:

  • Hubspot: Using Hubspot and want to generate a personalized video for each form submission? We’ve got a template for you.
  • Intercom: Using Intercom and want to generate a personalized welcome video for each new user? Here's a template for you.
  • Stripe: Using Stripe and want to generate a personalized video for each new customer? Template is here.
  • Shopify:  Using Shopify and want to generate a personalized video to nudge abandoned carts into buying the product? Here's the Zapier template.
  • Typeform: Using Typeform and want to generate a personalized video after specific form submissions? Here you go.

And so on. You can find our complete list of templates here on Zapier.

Below you can see an example auto generated personalized video. This example video could be sent in emails to high value customers after they've booked a meeting:

(Btw. the below API template is available within Synthesia STUDIO.)

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