11 Best AI Video Generators of 2024

Written by
Ema Lukan
Published on
June 28, 2024
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You know how much people love video... And perhaps you also know you should be creating more of it.

Well, now is a great time to get started. 

Thanks to AI video generators, it's easier than ever to create videos from text without needing camera equipment, actors, microphones, or even video editing skills. 

Not only is this method affordable, but it's also scalable, making it a fantastic way to enhance your content creation efforts. 📹

In a few years, 95% of content on the internet will be generated by AI anyway, so why not give it a go before it becomes mainstream?

But what exactly is an AI video generator? 🧐

Good question! Let's define it as a tool that enables you to generate videos from text. While there are many other ways to use AI in video editing, for the purpose of this post, we will be focusing solely on this particular application.

In this blog post, you'll find a detailed overview of the most popular AI video tools on the market: Synthesia, Colossyan, Hour One, D-ID, Elai, HeyGen, Runway, Pictory, Deepbrain AI, InVideo, and Fliki.

We’ll look into the realism of their AI avatars and voices; we’ll break down different pricing models, list some Pros and Cons, and give an objective conclusion based on these parameters. 

Ready to jump right in?

11 best AI video generators in 2024

  1. Synthesia
  2. Colossyan
  3. Hour One
  4. D-ID
  5. Elai
  6. HeyGen
  7. Runway
  8. Pictory
  9. Deepbrain AI
  10. InVideo
  11. Fliki

Summary of best AI video tools

Don't have time for extensive research? Here's a handy table summary of the best AI video tools on the market.

Best AI video generators in 2023
Tool Key features Limitations Pricing
  • 140+ languages for voiceovers
  • 160+ realistic AI avatars with gestures
  • 60+ video templates
  • Custom avatars
  • AI script generation
  • Auto translation
  • Collaborative video editing
Screen recorder could be improved
  • Free demo
  • Starter plan: $22/month
  • Creator plan: $67/month
  • Enterprise plan: custom pricing
  • 70+ languages
  • 30+ AI actors
  • Multiple actors in one scene
  • Custom avatars
  • Lip-syncing is a bit off; it feels uncanny
  • Lack of diverse avatars
  • Free demo
  • Basic plan: $21/month
  • Pro plan: $100/month
  • Enterprise plan: custom prices
Hour One
  • 30+ AI characters
  • 27 video templates
  • 19 languages
  • Brand kit
  • Not possible to change fonts
  • The editor is slow and glitchy
  • AI avatars not realistic
  • Free demo
  • Lite plan: $30/month
  • Business plan: $229/month
  • Enterprise plan: custom pricing
  • Live portrait feature
  • AI text-to-image generation
  • AI script generation
  • Lack of avatar realism
  • Lack of video editing capabilities
  • No resizing option
  • Free demo
  • Lite plan: $5.99/month
  • Business plan: $49.99/month
  • Enterprise plan: custom pricing
  • 65+ languages
  • 25+ avatars
  • Different aspect ratios for videos
  • Lip-syncing feels uncanny
  • Lack of social proof
  • The editor is slow
  • Free demo
  • Basic plan: $29/month
  • Advanced plan: $99/month
  • Corporate plan: custom pricing
  • 100+ AI avatars
  • 36 templates
  • 40 languages
  • Face-swap option
  • Realism is not there yet
  • No case studies
  • Video templates only contain one slide
  • Free demo
  • Essential plan: $30/month
  • Pro plan: $225/month
  • Enterprise plan: custom pricing
  • Text-to-video feature
  • Automatic prompt suggestions
  • 30+ AI features
  • Gen-2 has limitations in generating intricate details
  • Gen-2 video generation is limited to 4 seconds per video
  • No text-to-speech
  • Basic plan: free
  • Standard plan: $12/month
  • Pro plan: $28/month
  • Unlimited plan: $76/month
  • Enterprise plan: custom pricing
  • Support for different aspect ratios
  • Extensive library of templates
  • Auto-captions
  • It supports voiceovers in English only
  • Visuals do not always match the script
  • Standard plan: $23/month
  • Professional plan: $47/month
  • Teams plan: $119/month
Deepbrain AI
  • ChatGPT integration for scriptwriting
  • Realistic text-to-speech voices
  • Limited avatar realism
  • Few avatar choices
  • Not enough platform tutorials
  • Starter Plan: $30/month
  • Pro Plan: $225/month
  • Enterprise Plan: custom pricing
  • Collaboration features
  • Large collection of royalty-free media
  • Automated blog post-to-video conversion
  • Priority support only for paid subscribers
  • Overwhelming number of templates
  • Long rendering time
  • Free version
  • Plus plan: $25/month
  • Max plan: $48/month
  • Versatile use cases
  • Extensive stock library
  • Variety in voice styles
  • No AI avatars
  • Text-to-speech voices for regional dialects sound the same
  • Free demo
  • Standard: $28
  • Premium: $88

1. Synthesia

Synthesia is the world’s leading AI video generator that allows you to create videos with AI avatars from text.

It includes more than 60 video templates you can start from, and you can choose between more than 160 AI avatars that can narrate your text in more than 140 languages and accents. 🌍

The tool is mainly used for training videos, how-to videos and product marketing videos.

Prefer video? Discover Synthesia in 4 minutes:

Discover Synthesia in 4 minutes | Product Tour

Key features of Synthesia

  • 140+ voices and accents
  • 160+ diverse AI avatars
  • 60+ video templates designed by professional designers
  • The option to have a custom avatar created
  • The option to add micro gestures to an avatar (winks, nods…)
  • AI-assisted scriptwriting within the tool
  • Automatic video translation

Overview of Synthesia's AI avatars

As mentioned before, more than 160 stock avatars are available in Synthesia, and they’re constantly adding more. The selection is broad and diverse, covering different ages, ethnicities, races, and styles.

And yes, Synthesia’s AI avatars look very realistic. The team has just introduced micro gestures, which allow users to add different gestures to the avatars. To make their communication more human via non-verbal cues, it’s possible to make them wink, nod, frown, or raise an eyebrow. 🤨

8 of the 194 Synthesia AI avatars: Kristian, Ophelia, Anna, Samuel, Erica, Ines, and Leah in two framings
Synthesia has more than 140 avatars, most of which come in two framings. On the right, you can see two of their avatars performing micro gestures.

Another point worth mentioning regarding AI avatars is the ability to create your own avatar based on video footage of yourself. This add-on feature will cost you $1000/year.

Synthesia is constantly working to make avatars even better and is a pioneer in this field with its strong research department and academic background.

‍Here, you can see more about how Synthesia’s AI avatars are made:

How are Synthesia AI avatars created?

Overview of Synthesia's languages and voices

In Synthesia, users can choose from a wide range of voices and accents (more than 400 options), which are constantly being improved. 🗣

For non-users, it’s very convenient that they can listen to all the voices on the website without having to register as a user. It’s also possible to create a clone of your voice and use it in your videos.

An overview of Synthesia voices and languages
An extensive collection of voices you can use in Synthesia.

Overview of Synthesia's UX and UI

Synthesia works in a browser and is very intuitive to use. 

In Synthesia, you can easily access templates, avatars, voices, and stock footage, and it also allows you to upload your brand assets. You can easily organize your projects using folders. 📁

The updated Synthesia STUDIO app
Synthesia is the world’s leading AI video generator. It allows you to easily create videos from a browser in more than 140 languages.

Synthesia pricing

Synthesia offers users three paid plans:

  • Free AI video generator: available on their website
  • Starter plan: $22/month for 120 minutes of video/year.
  • Creator plan: $67/month for 360 minutes of video/year.
  • Enterprise plan: individual pricing for different users.

Reviews of Synthesia

Synthesia is being used by 50.000 companies of all sizes, with many big logos among them, such as Reuters, Teleperformance, Amazon, and BBC.

They have an extensive library of case studies where you can see real examples of how and why companies, large and small, are using Synthesia to generate videos, with some concrete money and time savings.

The software currently has 1150+ reviews on G2 and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5, making it the category leader.

"Creating different avatars in other languages has allowed me to make channels for my websites in English, Spanish and Portuguese. It's amazing, before Synthesia I never thought of having this. I recommend this application 100%." — Arturo V.

Pros of Synthesia

There are many reasons why you should give Synthesia a try:

And there are other reasons than the product itself:

  • The company is a pioneer in the field of AI video.
  • The company has an excellent knowledge base and regularly hosts webinars.
  • The company has a professional moderation team and follows the highest security standards.
  • They have a lively community of more than 3000 users on Facebook.

What to look out for with Synthesia

  • The pricing plans could be more flexible

Summary of Synthesia

If you're looking for state-of-the-art AI video generation software, Synthesia is the right solution. Besides the realism of the avatars, you can start creating your video right away since the interface is very intuitive. 

Their strong thought leadership, the highest security and ethical standards, and R&D culture show that the company is a true leader in the AI video space that you should definitely keep an eye on in the coming months.

2. Colossyan

Colossyan is an AI video generator that lets you create videos from text and add AI actors. The primary use cases are learning and training videos, explainer videos, corporate communications, and marketing.

Here’s how it works:


Key features of Colossyan

  • 70+ languages
  • 30+ AI actors
  • Multiple actors in one scene
  • The option to adjust the emotions and age of each AI actor 
  • The option to resize your video to different aspect ratios
  • The option to have a custom avatar created

Overview of Colossyan's AI avatars

Colossyan offers around 30 AI avatars to choose from, and you can also create your custom avatar for $1000/year. 

One feature that stands out is the ability to set the age and the emotions of each avatar with a single click. However, this is only available to enterprise clients.

An overview of Colossyan
AI avatars in Colossyan.

Overview of Colossyan's languages and voices

In Colossyan, you can choose between more than 70 voices and accents. 🗣

The tool also allows for automated video translation between 26 selected languages, but we haven't tested the accuracy of these translations.

An overview of languages and voices on Colossyan
Colossyan supports more than 70 languages.

Colossyan's UX and UI

Colossyan Creator is fairly easy to use and navigate. The only thing that feels slightly counterintuitive is the script box being placed on the left side of the video, but that shouldn’t be too much of an obstacle. 

An overview of Colossyan Creator app
Colossyan AI video generation software is minimalist and easy to navigate. One feature we like is their voice selection menu.

Colossyan pricing

Colossyan offers three paid plans to its users:

  • Free demo: 5 minutes of video (with watermark)
  • Basic plan: from $21/month for 10 minutes of video
  • Pro plan: from $100/month for 40 minutes of video
  • Enterprise plan: custom prices

Each of these plans, of course, has some limitations, and only the enterprise plan has all the features available. 

In summary, Colossyan’s plans may seem slightly complicated but are very flexible and accessible to a wide range of users.

Colossyan reviews

We couldn’t find the information about the number of customers using Colossyan. 

On G2, it has 300+ reviews, which are mostly positive:

"So far its features and intuitive nature of the UX, I was able to quickly and easily create my first video as a paid client. Also, the speed of creation was acceptable." — G2 review

Pros of Colossyan

  • Automated video translation
  • Multiple aspect ratios for your videos
  • Easy to use
  • Different pricing plans to choose from

Cons of Colossyan

  • Lip-syncing is a bit off; it feels uncanny
  • Lack of diverse avatars

Summary of Colossyan

Colossyan is a decent AI video generator. They offer some useful features (automated translations, multiple aspect ratios) and are constantly adding more.

Their avatars do not have the quality of Synthesia’s avatars. Still, their different pricing plans may make the tool more attractive to some. They also have a community of 300 members on Discord.

3. Hour One

Another AI video generator specializing in virtual humans in video is Hour One. Reals, their self-service video editing platform, makes it easy to create engaging videos from text in minutes. 

Here’s how it works:

Create AI videos with HourOne

Key features of Hour One

  • 30+ AI characters
  • 27 video templates
  • 19 languages
  • A brand kit option that allows you to define your brand color palette

Overview of Hour One's AI avatars

The tool includes more than 30 AI presenters that can narrate your video. They are based on real people, but look and act a bit robotic when used as AI avatars.

An overview of Hour One
There’s a wide range of AI avatars you can use as presenters in your videos.

Overview of Hour One's languages and voices

With Hour One, you can create videos in 19 languages, and each of them has some voice and tone variants you can choose from.

One can only listen to the voices and accents in the editor, where they are named with personal names, which we don't find very informative and descriptive.

An overview of Hour One
In Reals you will find many AI voices in 19 different languages.

Overview of Hour One's UX and UI

The interface of Reals is minimalistic yet easy to navigate. The script box takes up most of the space, and we wish the visual part of the video was more prominent.

But as the platform doesn’t offer that many video editing capabilities, it makes sense it’s more focused on the script part. 

Hour One
Reals, the AI video generator by HourOne is easy to navigate, but we miss more flexibility when editing different scenes.

Hour One's pricing

Hour One offers its users four plans:

  • Free demo: 3 minutes of video
  • Lite plan: from $30/month for 10 minutes of video
  • Business plan: from $229/month for up to 20 minutes of video
  • Enterprise plan: custom pricing for industrial-grade AI video production

What we like about the pricing is that you can pay extra for additional video-generated minutes: $5/minute on the Lite plan and $15/minute on the Business plan. The other AI video generators mentioned in this article do not allow you to simply buy extra minutes.

Hour One reviews

Hour One has only 100 reviews on G2, scoring 4.5 out of 5.

"Despite the impressive realism of AI-generated characters, there's always room to improve the subtlety of their expressions and emotional responses to mimic human interaction better." — G2 review

Pros of Hour One

  • It allows you to define your brand colors for better consistency
  • Tiered and affordable pricing plans
  • The option to buy extra minutes if needed
  • The option to generate images from text within the editor

Cons of Hour One

  • It's not possible to change fonts
  • The editor is a bit slow and glitchy
  • AI avatars don’t seem lifelike; their realism is not there yet

Summary of Hour One

Having put the tool under the microscope, we can say that Hour One is a robust and affordable AI video generator.

But even though some big logos use it, it doesn't make us feel like we could trust it 100%. Also, the realism of the AI avatars is far from the AI avatars available in Synthesia, for example.

4. D-ID

Another name that comes up when discussing the best AI video generators you may consider to create videos with AI is D-ID. 

While all the already mentioned platforms (Synthesia, Colossyan, Hour One) focus on text-to-video generation using AI avatars, D-ID also allows you to create videos from still images of faces.

Recently, Creative Reality™ Studio was introduced, a platform that combines several generative AI applications:

  • text generation with GPT-3
  • text-to-image generation with Stable Diffusion
  • their own face animation AI technology

See more about it in this short video:

D-ID Avatars

Key features of D-ID

  • Live portrait feature that allows you to get a talking head video from still images
  • AI text-to-image generation within the tool 
  • AI script generation within the tool

Overview of D-ID's AI avatars

When it comes to AI avatars, you have 3 options:

  1. Lifelike AI avatars: There are 29 presenters available in the video editor, 4 of which are marked as “high quality.” These look like real people when static, but their animated appearance in video clips still feels uncanny.
  2. AI avatar from a still image: You can upload a frontal-facing still image, and the tool will turn it into an AI avatar, speaking out the words you want it to speak.
  3. Cartoonish AI avatars: These avatars are entirely generated by AI, and you can also generate new avatars based on your text prompts. 

We believe that realism is not the primary goal for cartoony avatars, but it can be said that it is also lacking when using D-ID’s lifelike characters. 

Overview of D-ID
D-ID offers many options for selecting your AI avatar. You can create one from a still portrait, generate one using AI, or use one of their AI avatars.

Overview of D-ID's languages and voices

There are 119 languages and accents you can choose from. We especially like that after selecting the voice, you can further define its style (shouting, whispering, sad, excited…) to make it even more expressive.

It’s also possible to upload your own audio file.

An overview of D-ID
This is how selecting a voice looks like in D-ID’s video editor.

Overview of D-ID's UX and UI

The interface of D-ID is easy to navigate, but we did miss some more video editing capabilities.

Overview of D-ID
Creating an AI video with an AI-generated avatar in D-ID.

D-ID pricing

D-ID offers three paid plans to its users:

  • Free demo: 5 minutes of video
  • Lite plan: from $5.99/month for 10 minutes of video
  • Business plan: from $49.99/month for up to 15 minutes of video
  • Enterprise plan: custom prices and plans

The plans come with different limitations, especially when it comes to presenters available and watermarks.

D-ID reviews

There’s been some buzz around D-ID in the media lately. However, we missed some more social proof and user reviews when browsing the internet (only 16 reviews on G2 with a rating of 3.9/5).

Pros of D-ID

  • All-in-one generative AI tool
  • The ability to generate videos from still images
  • Many creative use cases using cartoonish AI avatars

Cons of D-ID

  • Lack of avatar realism
  • Lack of video editing capabilities
  • No resize option

Summary of D-ID

The most significant breakthrough of D-ID is its recently launched multimodal AI video creation platform that combines text, image, and video generation using AI.

While this opens up many possibilities for creative expression, D-ID's AI avatars lack human realism. Our prediction is they will focus more on the creative aspect of combining different media formats rather than traversing the uncanny valley of their lifelike avatars.

5. Elai

Elai.io is another text-to-video platform that allows you to make videos with AI presenters from your browser. It was founded in 2021 and is a relatively new player. 

So, let’s take a closer look at how it works and differs from the other AI video tools mentioned in this article. Here’s a quick video product tour:


Key features of Elai

  • 65+ languages
  • 25+ avatars available
  • Different aspect ratios for videos
  • Different types of avatars

Overview of Elai's AI avatars

There are 25+ realistic AI avatars to choose from when making videos with Elai. 

However, what stands out is the option to have your own avatar created – which you can do in 4 different ways:

  1. Selfie avatar (based on footage you can film with a smartphone or webcam)
  2. Studio avatar (based on high-quality studio footage)
  3. Photo avatar (based on a photo)
  4. Animated mascot (based on an illustration of a mascot)

Note that these are all add-on options, and the less effort it requires, the more uncanny it will look in your video.

Overview of Elai
In Elai, you can filter avatars by outfit/occupation. It also offers 4 different types of custom avatars.

Overview of Elai's languages and voices

The tool allows you to create videos in more than 65 languages. There is a descriptive list of languages available on their website, but unfortunately, it’s not possible to listen to them before using them in a video.

Overview of Elai
There are 65 languages available, and you can find the right one using a search bar.

Overview of Elai's UX and UI

The in-browser video generation platform is easy to navigate.

We especially like some filtering options that make creating videos even easier.

An overview of Elai
The tool is easy to navigate and offers many different horizontal, square and vertical templates.

Elai pricing

Elai.io offers four plans to its users:

  • Free demo: 1 minute of video
  • Basic plan: from $29/month for 15 minutes of video
  • Advanced plan: from $99/month for 15 minutes of video
  • Corporate plan: custom prices

The pricing plans allow for a lot of flexibility, so users can easily choose the one that works best for them.

Elai reviews

Since the company is new to the market, it’s understandable it doesn’t have much social proof yet. They have 1 case study on their website, a few hundred followers on LinkedIn, and only 67 reviews on G2.

"There can be some issues when rendering videos though, but this is nothing compared to the huge benefits of the service. I believe that all the minor problems will be solved in the near future, and this platform will become even more perfect!" G2 review

Pros of Elai

  • Multiple aspect ratios available
  • Pre-designed templates in different aspect ratios
  • Unlimited number of slides

Cons of Elai

  • Lip-syncing feels uncanny
  • Lack of social proof
  • The editor is slow

Summary of Elai

Elai delivers what it promises. It’s an easy way to create AI videos and a very accessible one, too.

The convenience of creating a custom AI avatar based on an image or smartphone-quality footage can be very appealing. Still, it’s not the best solution if you’re looking for high-quality lip-syncing and realistic avatar performance.

6. HeyGen

HeyGen was founded in 2020 and is another hot AI video generator. It’s great for anyone who wants to create engaging and professional videos for marketing, sales, training, and learning.

It works in 40 languages, includes more than 117 AI presenters and some other interesting features:

HeyGen demo

Key features of HeyGen

  • 100+ AI avatars
  • 36 templates
  • 40 languages
  • Face-swap option within the platform
  • Landscape and portrait format for your videos
  • Generative outfit feature

Overview of HeyGen's AI avatars

In HeyGen, you can choose between 100+ stock avatars. Some are modeled after real people, and others are entirely computer-generated. 

Most of their AI avatars come in different outfits (up to 5 different outfits per avatar), which can be useful when using a specific avatar as one of your brand representatives/assets. 

You can also make your own custom avatar in 4 different ways:

  1. TalkingPhoto option: upload a photo and bring it to life 
  2. Avatar Lite option: get a custom avatar with no professional setup required
  3. Avatar Pro option: get a high-quality avatar based on a 2-minute shot
  4. CG avatar: get a human-like 3D avatar to act as a mascot

Another unique option that HeyGen offers is the face swap feature in their editor.

You simply upload your photo and swap your face onto an existing AI avatar. 🎭

An overview of Movio
3 different ways to create your avatar in HeyGen.

Overview HeyGen's languages and voices

There are 40 languages supported and more than 200 voices available. You can give them a listen on the website.

We like that when in the editor, you can further tweak the voices using a special feature.

Overview of Movio
Choosing the voice you want is easy, and you can also set the speed of the selected voice.

Overview of HeyGen's UX and UI

The video editor is easy to navigate, and the video creation process is simple. Some filtering options even speed up the process. 

Unlike other AI video generators mentioned in this article, HeyGen’s video editor works with a timeline. So, instead of slides and scenes, here you have a timeline with different elements that appear in your video.

Overview of Movio
In HeyGen, you edit your videos using the built-in timeline. 

HeyGen pricing

HeyGen offers four plans to their users:

  • Free demo: 1 minute of video
  • Essential plan: from $30/month for 10 minutes of video
  • Pro plan: from $225/month for 90 minutes of video
  • Enterprise plan: custom prices

With this flexible pricing, users can easily choose the option that works best for them.

HeyGen reviews

As seen on their website, companies such as Volvo, Amazon, Wix, and Accenture use HeyGen to create videos.

We were also surprised at how lively their communities are. Their Facebook community has 9000 members, with 1141 active members on their Discord server. 

On G2, they currently have 500+ mostly positive reviews. Here’s one of them:

"It's exactly what I was looking for! Very easy to use, and simple and it has a whole of exciting options: the type of persons, the match with the voices, and the dashboard it's too simple to use."

Pros of HeyGen

  • Referral scheme
  • Big and active community on Facebook and Discord
  • The option to change the speed of a selected voice

Cons of HeyGen

  • Realism is not there yet
  • No actual case studies to prove the business value of the tool
  • Video templates only contain one slide

Summary of HeyGen

At the moment, HeyGen may not yet be the most advanced tool in its class, especially regarding avatar realism.

But as with the other tools presented in this article, we believe it has great potential for further development in the future.

7. Runway

Runway stands out as one of the best AI video generators, but in contrast to the tools we’ve already mentioned, this one does not include AI avatars and text-to-speech capabilities. 

However, it compensates with over 30 AI features dedicated to video editing, and its newly introduced Gen-2 feature revolutionizes AI video generation by enabling the creation of innovative videos from text and/or images. 

Or as it says on their website: No lights. No camera. All action. Here’s how it works:


Key features of Runway

  • Text-to-video feature
  • Automatic prompt suggestions
  • The option to upload an image for reference
  • Different previews to choose from before generating a video
  • Free plan to test the tool out

Overview of Runway's avatars, languages, and voices

As mentioned, Runway does not support text-to-video with realistic AI avatars. Additionally, the tool does not offer the capability to generate speech from text directly. 

However, it allows users to incorporate audio by uploading a separate file and manipulate the sound to synchronize with the video.

Runway lacks text-to-speech conversion, but you can upload audio files from your computer.

Overview of Runway's UX and UI

One thing we especially like about Runway is that it works on desktop and mobile. 

While the Gen-2 feature is intuitive (consisting of 3 simple steps), the whole Runway app is more complex to navigate. 

With Gen-2, the latest text-to-video feature from Runway, users can bring their envisioned videos to reality by describing them in up to 280 characters.

Runway pricing

There are five pricing plans available: 

  • Basic plan: free (125 credits, limited AI tools)
  • Standard plan: $12/month (625 credits/month)
  • Pro plan: $28/month (2250 credits/month)
  • Unlimited plan: $76/month (unlimited video generation)
  • Enterprise plan: custom pricing

Runway reviews

It comes as no surprise that numerous prominent brands are using it, including New Balance, Microsoft, Vox, Ogilvy… There are also many case studies on their website, showcasing innovative use cases of the tech. 

‍"This AI I have at my disposal is a groundbreaking breakthrough in video diffusion. Although it currently has some flaws and is free, with proper direction and prompting, you can create videos at no cost. However, remember that the creation process demands considerable time." —FuturePedia review

Pros of Runway

  • It stands at the forefront of AI text-to-video research
  • It provides a comprehensive set of tools for video editing
  • It is available as both a desktop and mobile app

Cons of Runway

  • Gen-2 has limitations in generating intricate details, such as fingers
  • Gen-2 video generation is limited to 4 seconds per video
  • The tool does not offer text-to-speech capabilities

Summary of Runway

Runway, with its Gen-2 feature, is a robust platform in the field of text-to-video conversion. It offers valuable insights into the present state and future possibilities of AI video generation, even though its accuracy may still have room for improvement.

8. Pictory

Another AI video generator is Pictory. It is designed to condense lengthy content and produce captivating branded videos effortlessly. By simply providing a link as an input source, Pictory transforms blog posts, articles, and text-based documents into compelling videos.


Key features of Pictory

  • It supports different aspect ratios
  • It offers an extensive library of templates to choose from
  • It can add automatic captions to videos

Overview of Pictory's avatars, languages and voices

The tool harnesses many stock assets, including images, music, and video, but no AI avatars. But it still offers a limited selection of voices if you want to make a voiceover from text. Currently, only English is supported.

Overview of Pictory's UX and UI

Pictory is very easy to use and requires no previous video editing experience. It guides you through creating a video from start to finish, and you can also choose from various templates to speed up the process. 

Pictory effortlessly converts text-based documents into captivating videos by automatically curating scenes and seamlessly pairing them with an extensive library of stock content, including images, videos, and music.

Pictory pricing

Users can choose from 3 pricing plans: 

  • Standard plan: $23/month for 30 videos
  • Professional plan: $47/month for 60 videos
  • Teams plan: $119/month for 90 videos

Pictory reviews

Pictory boasts a plethora of user testimonials and customer stories showcased on their website. Although we have confidence in the tool, it would be great to delve into case studies featuring more renowned brands.

"I no longer have to spend hours figuring out complex software or watching countless tutorials just to get started. Pictory's straightforward interface has truly simplified my experience and boosted my confidence as a beginner." — G2 review

Pros of Pictory

  • It supports video creation in different aspect ratios
  • It includes text-to-speech function
  • It offers a vast library of templates for all use cases

Cons of Pictory

  • It supports voiceovers in English only
  • Visuals do not always match the script

Summary of Pictory

Pictory is one of the best AI video generators for videos without human faces. It’s easy to use and accessible. While its current language support is limited to English, we would love to see expanded language options in the future.

9. Deepbrain AI

Deepbrain AI enables the creation of AI-generated videos quickly and easily using basic text inputs. It makes video production accessible for beginners and saves them significant time and cost.

Overview of Deepbrain's AI avatars

Deepbrain AI offers custom AI avatars developed from real humans to create authentic experiences​​ and 2D/3D conversational AI humans.

It's unclear whether or not they offer a selection of stock avatars. From the promotional videos on their website, the avatars seem highly uncanny, with robotic face and body movements.

Overview of Deepbrain's languages and voices

The platform supports over 80 languages, with a text-to-speech feature that offers realistic AI voices and efficient localization​​.

Overview of Deepbrain's UX and UI

Deepbrain AI provides fairly limited video editing capabilities within its video editor, especially compared to AI video generators like Synthesia. Unfortunately, there are no options to test out the video editor on the website.

Deepbrain reviews

The company does feature quite a few case studies on their website, most of them, however, feature Korean businesses, with no information on how other countries benefit from their technology.

On G2, the company has 179 reviews and is rated 4.4 out of 5.

"I do find it slightly inconvenient that I cannot reuse custom templates, upload images, or easily apply custom logos across slides. Despite these minor drawbacks, AI Studios remains a valuable tool for efficient video creation in my business endeavors." — G2 review

Deepbrain pricing

  • Starter Plan: $30/month or $24/month annually.
  • Pro Plan: $225/month or $180/month annually.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing based on requirements​​.

Pros of Deepbrain

  • Cost-effective video creation.
  • No need to be on camera.
  • ChatGPT integration for scriptwriting.
  • Realistic text-to-speech voices​​.

Cons of Deepbrain

  • Limited hand gestures and realism in avatars.
  • Fewer avatar choices compared to competitors.
  • The platform could use more tutorials​​.

Summary of Deepbrain

Deepbrain AI is well-suited for those who want to create videos without being on camera, though it offers less advanced video editing features and worse avatar quality.

10. InVideo

InVideo is a powerful AI tool for creating marketing and explainer videos from text inputs. It provides a variety of professionally designed templates, allowing users to generate high-quality videos in minutes without any prior video creation experience.

However, unlike other AI video generators, the platform does not offer AI avatars.

Overview of InVideo's languages and voices

Invideo supports various languages with AI voiceover capabilities, but specific details on the number of languages could not be found on the website​​.

Overview of InVideo's UX and UI

The platform has an intuitive user interface with over 5,000 customizable templates, offering a user-friendly experience​​.

InVideo reviews

On G2, InVideo has 152 reviews and is rated 4.6 out of 5.

"Although InVideo is a valuable and effective tool for creating videos, it also has some limitations. Among these, the template library is limited in terms of customization; this makes it sometimes difficult to make a template fit precisely to the brand's needs or image." — G2 review

InVideo Pricing

  • Free version: Limited features and watermarked exports.
  • Plus plan: $25/month or $240/year.
  • Max plan: $48/month for annual billing or $60/month​​.

Pros of InVideo

  • 7-day money-back guarantee.
  • Collaboration features for remote teams.
  • Large collection of royalty-free media.
  • Automated blog post-to-video conversion​​.

Cons of InVideo

  • Priority support only for paid subscribers.
  • Overwhelming number of templates.
  • Long rendering time for extended videos​​.

Summary of InVideo

InVideo is ideal for beginner to intermediate video editors, offering a wide range of editing features and direct social media publishing capabilities​​.

11. Fliki

Fliki stands out by combining text-to-video and text-to-speech AI capabilities, creating videos as quickly as writing. It features over 2000 realistic text-to-speech voices in 75+ languages, catering to various content creation needs, from educational videos to social media content.

Unlike other AI video generators, Fliki does not offer AI avatars.

Overview of Fliki's languages and voices

The platform supports a wide variety of languages and regional dialects, offering over 75 languages, 100+ dialects, and 900+ voices​​.

Overview of Fliki's UX and UI

Fliki features a beginner-friendly interface, enabling easy content creation. However, the video editing capabilities can limit users looking to customize their videos beyond the basics.

Fliki reviews

On G2, Fliki is rated 4.8/5 with 117 reviews.

"During my usage of Fliki's video maker, I encountered occasional performance issues. These included instances of slow rendering or minor glitches when working with complex projects. While these issues did not significantly hinder my overall experience, smoother performance would undoubtedly enhance the editing process." — G2 review

Fliki pricing

  • Free: 5 minutes of video credits/month
  • Standard: $28 for 180 minutes of video credits/month
  • Premium: $88 for 600 minutes of video credits/month

Pros of Fliki

  • Versatile use cases, from YouTube videos to blog conversions.
  • Extensive stock library integrated with Pixabay.
  • Variety in voice styles and emotions for enhanced storytelling​​.

Cons of Fliki

  • No AI avatars
  • Text-to-speech voices for regional dialects sound the same

Summary of Fliki

Fliki offers a comprehensive solution for converting text to video or speech, supporting a wide range of languages and dialects, making it suitable for diverse content creation needs​​.

What is the best AI video generator?

So, that would be our honest overview of the most popular AI video generators in January 2024.

As you can see, there are quite some nuances to them.

While some focus on the realism of AI avatars, others tend towards less lifelike presenters. Some employ professional content moderators, while others are less strict when it comes to moderation. Some focus on narrow use cases, while others focus on a wide range of more creative uses of AI video.

The choice, of course, is yours. There are many factors to consider, and it all depends on your needs.

However, if we had to name the best one, it would definitely be Synthesia

It has the best quality AI avatars, video editing capabilities, and a clear standpoint on where they position themselves as a company within the ever-evolving AI space. 

Let’s say we’ve done our job of testing the best AI video generators – and now it’s your turn. Try Synthesia's free AI video maker to create your first Ai video today.


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