5 Best Text To Video Converters of 2024

Written by
Ema Lukan
Published on
June 4, 2024
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Let’s agree that this article doesn’t need a long introduction. You’re looking for the best text-to-video converter, and I’ll help you find one. 

After testing A LOT of them, in this article I’ll focus on the 5 best text-to-video converters you can currently find on the internet. 📹

For each of them: 

  • you’ll learn how it works (= an honest description of my experience)
  • you’ll learn about the top 3 features (= features I find really cool & helpful)
  • you’ll learn all about the pricing (= concrete numbers & plans for each tool)

💡 Good to know before we dive deeper: I’m not a professional video editor and I find video editing software like Premiere Cut too complex. So what I was looking for in these tools is a combination of ease of use, speed, and high-quality output.

  1. Synthesia → best for professional videos with AI avatars in 130+ languages
  2. D-ID Creative Reality Studio → best for fun videos with cartoon avatars
  3. Pictory → best for creating faceless videos from long-form text, English-only
  4. InVideo → best for creating faceless videos from a script in 21 languages
  5. Video Maker → best for total beginners, 20 languages supported

Ready? Let’s explore the tools in detail. 👇

#1 Synthesia

Synthesia is the most advanced AI video generator that allows you to create videos from text.

Not just any videos, but videos with realistic AI presenters

As in: impossible-to-tell-they-are-not-real presenters. 

Within the platform, you can choose between 140+ diverse AI avatars (from doctors to students to businessmen to chefs) who can speak your words in more than 130 supported languages. Besides, you can also create your own custom AI avatar

In Synthesia you can choose between 140+ lifelike AI avatars to speak out your script in 130+ languages. 

The process of converting text to video using Synthesia

Once you log in, you can select a template or start creating your video from scratch.

If you already have your script, you simply type in (or paste) your text and split it into different scenes. You then pick an AI avatar to act as a presenter, customize the video to your needs, and click Generate. 🪄

If you need help writing your script, you can use Synthesia's integrated AI script generator. Specify the required parameters and the AI will generate the script within a few seconds - all you have to do is edit the video to fit your brand and overall message.

3 stand-out features

1) You can choose between 140+ realistic AI avatars to make videos more engaging.

2) You can make videos in 130+ supported languages and with a variety of voices. 

3) You can create videos from 55+ professionally designed templates. 


Synthesia offers a Starter plan starting at $29/month, which allows for 10 minutes of video creation.

For business needs, pricing packages depend on the specific requirements of the organization.

There’s also the option to create a free AI video to see how it works.

#2 D-ID’s Creative Reality Studio

Another video editing tool you can use to convert text to video is D-ID’s Creative Reality Studio.

Unlike Synthesia’s realistic avatars, the video you get here is narrated by a cartoon-like AI avatar.

The platform combines 3 generative AI applications to help you scale your video production: GPT-3 for writing, Stable Diffusion for image generation, and its own face animation technology.

In D-ID’s Creative Reality Studio you can convert text to video with an AI avatar speaking in different languages and voices.

The process of converting text to video using Creative Reality Studio

You start by creating an AI avatar for your video; you can either create it from a still image or text description, or choose one off the shelf.

The next step is to insert your text in one of the supported languages (you can also generate it directly in the tool) and generate your video. 

To be honest, I did miss some more video editing options here. The tool doesn't let you edit background images, insert text, or use stock imagery to spice up your video.

3 stand-out features

1) You can generate the script using the GPT-3 integration within the tool.

2) You can create an avatar in 3 different ways.

3) You can create your video in more than 100 languages and accents.


To use this text-to-video converter, you can choose between 4 different pricing plans.

It’s good to know that these plans have different limitations in terms of stock avatars, watermarks, and the length of video you can create: 

  • Lite plan: $5.99/month for up to 10 minutes of video
  • Pro plan: $49.99/month for up to 15 minutes of video
  • Advanced plan: $299.99/month for up to 65 minutes of video
  • Enterprise plan: custom prices and features

#3 Pictory

Both tools I analyzed before (Synthesia and Creative Reality Studio) allow you to create videos with AI presenters.

But that’s not the only option — Pictory, for example, creates short branded videos from your long-form content without them. 

Script-to-video or blog-to-video, both its functions support 16:9, 1:1, or 9:16 aspect ratios and offer full access to 3+ million licensed stock videos and images. The tool automatically adds captions in English. 

Pictory will automatically turn your script into a video with different scenes combining stock imagery and on-screen text. 

The process of converting text to video using Pictory

The procedure is simple. You paste your script, select one of the available templates, and choose your preferred aspect ratio.

The platform will then create a storyboard for you, automatically highlighting some words.

No voiceover is generated automatically, although you can add one from a selection of over 20 English-speaking voices.

3 stand-out features

1) You can make any video in 3 different aspect ratios.

2) You can add automatic captions to your videos.

3) You can start converting text to video by sharing a link as an input source.


Pictory offers 3 pricing options: 

  • Basic: $19/month for 30 videos
  • Premium: $39/month for 60 videos
  • Custom: custom prices and features

#4 InVideo

Another handy tool you can use as a text-to-video converter is InVideo.

Its AI-enabled converter automatically turns text into faceless video without any editing.

It automatically adds relevant images and videos based on your text input and combines them into a nice flowing short video.

If you want to add voiceover narration, you can do it by recording your voice or converting text to speech in 21 supported languages

Invideo will convert your text to a faceless video in a few clicks. 

The process of converting text to video with InVideo

It’s reeeally simple!

First, select a template and aspect ratio for your video. Then, paste in your script. Once your video is generated by AI, you can further customize it.

If you want to add an audio narration to your video, head to the Text-to-Speech section, select a language, and generate the voiceover.

3 stand-out features

1) You can choose between 5000+ templates for all types of content and formats.

2) You can auto-resize your videos for any aspect ratio.

3) You can use it in a browser, as a desktop app, or as a mobile app.


Using InVideo, you can choose between 3 plans:

  • Free plan: 40 minutes of video content
  • Business plan: $15/month for 60 videos
  • Unlimited plan: $30/month for an unlimited amount of video

#5 Video Maker by Designs.ai

This is the simplest converter from the selection I’ve tested, but it is a good choice for beginners — you can create a free demo without even having to create an account.

With this online tool, you can make videos from text in a few super intuitive steps.

There are some limitations when you convert text to video with Designs.ai, but these result in a super intuitive process.

The process of converting text to video using Video Maker by Designs.ai 

Since this converter is very easy to use, it also has some limitations.

Your input should include a title and a script, and you must choose from six pre-written goodbye slides. Next, you have to select your industry to inform the algorithm what video style you want. After that, you choose a language and voice, and generate the video in a minute.

The narration is automatically added to the video, which came as a pleasant surprise. 

3 stand-out features

1) You can resize your video with a click.

2) You can make videos in 20 languages.

3) You get the audio narration generated automatically.


Their pricing plans unlock access to other features such as Logo Maker, Design Maker, and Speech Maker.

You have 3 options:

  • Basic plan: $19/month for an unlimited amount of video
  • Pro plan: $69/month for an unlimited amount of video with additional features
  • Enterprise plan: custom prices and features

Conclusion & recap

So there you have it, a comparison of the best text-to-video converters you can use to convert boring text documents into engaging videos. 

Let’s recap:

While Synthesia is the best option for those looking for professional-looking videos with realistic (and multilingual) AI presenters, D-ID’s Creative Reality Studio offers a fun and creative approach with its generative AI and cartoony avatars. 🗣

On the other hand, Pictory, InVideo, and Video Maker by Designs.ai are good choices for those who prefer faceless videos based on stock imagery. However, they do have limited narration capabilities in terms of languages and voices. 

Picking the right tool, of course, relies on your specific needs and preferences — and I hope this article has helped you in making a decision. 😊

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