5 Effective Microlearning Video Examples in Corporate Training

Karina Kasparova
May 16, 2023

If you are still deciding whether to opt for traditional video-based learning that lasts hours or for microlearning videos to train your team, think about this: A goldfish's attention span is nine seconds. In comparison, the average human attention span is only 8.25 seconds.

Shocking, right!? Now you understand why micro-learning videos can be better when training your employees and creating high learner engagement.

So get ready because here we come with five microlearning video examples to help you make a great training program for everyone at your company.

1. Learn everything you need about phishing in 5 microlearning videos

Cybersecurity training 101 - Lesson 2

One of the biggest fears of any security department is that the company or employees will be "fished" or rather phished by a hacker.

To avoid this, you can design a video like this or duplicate it to train your employees and teach them the importance of recognizing phishing cyberattacks and what happens when you don't know how to avoid them.

👉 Why we like it:

It keeps us entertained and attentive throughout the video. Plus, we loved that it combined high-impact videos with short but focused bites of information. 

Why it works:

  • Short but comprehensive.
  • Entertaining corporate training.
  • Attractive visuals help to create narratives.
Did you know? 🤔

According to a study, informal talking head videos are the most engaging among different types of instructional videos.

2. Stay safe thanks to this effective data protection course

Safety equipment

We get it, you've tried just about every course and learning method to keep your employees safe in the workplace, and somehow, they still manage to get involved in accidents that could easily have been avoided.

Don't worry; we have an ace up our sleeve that you can use: this video.

The safety equipment video is part of a micro-course that answers your prayers as it is a highly effective sticky learning experience about safety.

👉 Why we like it:

Thanks to this set of microlearning videos, your employees will need no more than 6.5 minutes to understand your company's security protocols against phishing.

Why it works:

  • Friendly approach.
  • Visuals and text highlight key learning elements.
  • Easy to understand. Keeps primary learning simple.

3. Make sure your team is an expert in DEI with this video-based learning micro-course

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - Lesson 2

You dream of a world where diversity, equity, and inclusion rule, and so do we.

That's why we chose this video as one of our best examples of microlearning videos, as it is a very versatile format with which your employees can learn about DEI and how to apply it.

👉 Why we like it:

We can't think of a better set of microlearning videos to increase your staff's recall and retention regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion, best known as DEI.

Why it works:

  • Short but focused bites. Specific learning takeaway.
  • More compelling visual format than traditional videos.
  • Very interactive video that uses microlearning techniques.
Did you know? 🤔

Learners favor visual formats more than any other media. 86% of U.S. viewers say they often use YouTube to learn new things.

4. Generating awareness about sexual harassment wherever your employees are

Preventing Sexual Harassment - Lesson 1

What if we told you everyone at your business could learn about sexual harassment at any time, regardless of where they at? Too good to be true? Not at all. So, what is our secret? Mobile learning.

Learn how to identify sexual harassment, how to act and protect yourself while you're on the subway, having a coffee, or taking a walk in the park just by playing this video.

👉 Why we like it:

Honestly, we prefer to learn of sexual harassment in our favorite coffee shop over a cappuccino than from a dingy office. How about you?

Why it works:

  • Uses the best microlearning video techniques.
  • Adapts to varied learning needs.
  • Easy to dive deeper into the topic.
Did you know? 🤔

Viewers retain 95% of a message in videos, whereas, in texts, they keep 10%. That is why when teaching about Sexual harassment, we prefer microlearning videos.

5. Stop and prevent fires with these microlearning videos

Fire Safety Awareness - Lesson 1

Yes, we all love firefighters, but no one wants them to show up to extinguish a fire at your business.

So to avoid any unexpected visits from them, you can use these microlearning videos to train your crew about the types of fire, how to prevent them, and how to respond. 

👉 Why we like it:

These video examples align with a more significant learning path. Moreover, processing all the information simultaneously is unnecessary, unlike traditional elearning videos and corporate training.

Why it works:

  • Everyone can easily gain proficiency in the subject.
  • The script creates narratives that promote high learner engagement.
  • Visually attractive. Graphics support agile training development

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