14 best product demo video examples (that are easy to recreate)

Elly Henriksen
March 4, 2024
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Creating a product demo that clearly explains your offer, resonates with your target audience, and gets you more customers can feel more daunting than scaling Mount Everest's snowy peaks in flip-flops. But hey, you're doing marketing, and that's the job!

Here's the good news: Making product demo videos that convert is not mission impossible.

The demo videos below show you how to create "sign me up" magnets packed with engaging storytelling and visuals. They're all great examples that you can draw inspiration from, use as templates for your own video, and share with your team.

We know you're here to watch, not read, but if you're interested in peeling back the curtain on what makes these videos so effective, check out the commentary text. We've walked you through the key parts of each demo video and why they're worth your attention so you can create impactful demo videos with more clarity and confidence. 👇

What are product demo videos?

Product demo videos are relatively short videos that walk viewers through how a product or service works, telling the audience exactly what it does and why they need it. 

These videos mention key features and emphasize benefits with engaging visuals and clear explanations. They spark interest in viewers browsing your website, scrolling social media, or attending a sales pitch.

Often, B2B SaaS companies create product demos to sell to leads and convert them into customers. Typically, a software company will record a live demonstration webinar — like an actual Zoom call — and repurpose it as educational video content. 

Product demo videos can involve different techniques. You can create product demo videos with live-action footage, animations (either 2D or 3D) or even just a slideshow with a presenter. As you'll see in each demo video below, the goal is to make a product or service stand out through a compelling walk-through.

What makes a good product demo?

A good product demo introduces a simple solution to the viewer's problem. It uses engaging visuals, product or service features, and stories to demonstrate how the offering solves the audience's pain points. The best product demo videos tell enough to convince without overwhelming the audience and end with a clear CTA on what to do next.

When you start creating videos, stay under the 30-minute waffling zone and correlate their length with the audience's awareness level: 

  • For low awareness, create short one to two-minute demos that spark interest and leave them wanting more. 
  • For high awareness, you can create videos of five minutes or more. Dive deeper into how the product works or helps, address specific needs, and showcase its complexity. 

The format you choose depends on the goal of your video. For example, an animated product demo video typically will be shorter and provide an overview. This means it's great for product awareness and lead generation. On the other hand, a webinar-style video can dive more deeply into the product's features and benefits providing the information someone needs to convert into a customer.

14 outstanding product demo video examples

Ready to be inspired? Here are 14 product demo videos exemplifying the perfect blend of clarity, storytelling, and visual engagement. Watch and learn how these masters of the craft showcase their offerings.

1. Food delivery promo by Magic Meal

Forget dry, boring demos and emulate this Magic Meal video that feels like a breath of fresh air. Blending product marketing appeal with valuable info, the video lasts less than two minutes. But in that time, it hooks you in and motivates you to change your life with their food delivery service, bite by bite.

Magic Meal: Healthy Meals Delivered to Your Home

This video demo ditches the hard sell and takes you on a relatable journey to transform your eating habits. Notice how it taps into the universally appealing idea of a glow-up.

Magic Meal positions itself as the solution to slaying the everyday woes of meal prep and handling dietary restrictions. The problem-solving angle makes the product demo video informative and highly relevant to the audience.

At the end of the product demonstration, we're left with a warm invitation to start the wellness journey. Now, that's how you seamlessly transition from story to call-to-action.

2. AirTable product demo video

Many software product demos put you to sleep faster than a counting sheep convention, relying mostly on some dull screen recording. But Airtable shows off its cool software without putting viewers to sleep. And they do it by opening with a real-world example of managing a fashion brand's campaigns and assets.

Create a Marketing Calendar with Airtable | Airtable

This video demo shows how Airtable could fit into your work life by providing examples you can relate to. It demonstrates the software's benefits and ease-of-use value proposition as clearly as day.

The voiceover artist makes the narration feel like having a friend explain things. Thanks to the personal approach, you stay hooked throughout the entire software demo video and feel excited about Airtable less than five minutes in.

3. App promo video by BankScout

Want a short, attention-grabbing demo video that explains your product in less than a minute? BankScout app's 26-second promo video packs a punch with concise messaging, a clear value proposition, eye-catching visuals, and a personal touch from a friendly face.

Fintech App Promo Video

Short attention spans? No problem. In mere seconds, BankScout introduces its app, highlights its unique selling points, and addresses security concerns, which are critical for a financial app and help build trust with the audience.

Phone snippets mixed with a friendly voiceover keep things dynamic and easy to follow. This short and sweet product demonstration video is a gem — it shows you exactly why you need it in your life.

4. Risk assessment & method statement live demo

HandsHQ took their software product demo live on Zoom and recorded it for further use. This real-time interaction allows the presenter to address questions as they pop, clarify doubts, and tailor the presentation to the audience's interests on the spot.

HandsHQ Risk Assessment and Method Statement live demo 07 July 2021

As a 26-minute presentation, this product demo video walks viewers through the HandsHQ software, covering everything from the initial login to creating and managing risk assessments and method statements (RAMS). The scenarios and examples relate to the audience's daily tasks and challenges. They all help you visualize how the software fits into the daily grind and increase the likelihood of adoption.

The HandsHQ live demo on Zoom isn't just an informative verbal run-through. It's also engaging. With interactivity, in-depth software coverage, real-world relevance, and a user-friendly presentation, it connects with the audience and shows how their software can make life easier.

5. Apple Vision Pro product demo

Apple's Vision Pro demo video speaks to desires and needs and literally shows the magic of what it's like to experience its immersive world firsthand. The approach in this product launch video is all the more valuable since we're looking at a… spatial computer 👀.

Introducing Apple Vision Pro

The product video shows you the world through the eyes of a Vision Pro user. It's a stunning video that gives you a clear picture of what it's like to have a personal screen, control tech with natural gestures, and explore mixed realities simultaneously. 

But right when you're getting comfy with the new features and feeling like a user, action switches, and you start seeing, from a distance, the user with the headset on. This is quite the clever "dual perspective" — it's not just storytelling; it's bringing the future to life.

The video demonstrates how the product might fit into your everyday routine and makes you start craving that futuristic feeling in your own hands.

6. Company intro video by ACME

This short, 36-second video is a demo with a twist. Unlike other demo video examples, it introduces a company instead of a product. "Welcome to ACME, where ambition meets innovation," they say, setting the stage with a vibe of pushing boundaries and dreaming big, kind of like a brand's video introduction.

Company Intro (AI Video Template)

It's not just the bold opening that makes this video stand out. It's how they show, don't tell, their dedication to excellence by sharing real stories of their customers and giving you a taste of quality and purpose that feels like home.

With a nod to "endless possibilities," they're not just talking about today. Instead, they make you look at the future. More than just a demo, their video is a call to join: "Are you motivated by innovation and excellence? Enter the ACME family!"

7. Sphero's programmable robot RVR promo

Robots need product demo videos, too, and one robotics company, Sphero, just nailed it with their RVR video. Check out how they're introducing the small-but-mighty programmable RVR, demonstrating its unique features, capabilities, versatility, and ease of use.

Introducing Sphero RVR - Now on Kickstarter

From the start, they tell us to forget complicated setups because RVR is ready to roll "right out of the box." That's a great selling point for those eager to skip the hassle of assembly and dive into programming. Speaking directly to beginners, educators, students, and tech hobbyists shows that Sphero knows its target audience and goes for broad appeal through ease of use.

Meeting the people behind the robot adds a human touch and makes the audience trust its quality more. The video shows the RVR's versatility, from classrooms to outdoor adventures, and gets you pumped to have one in your hands.

8. Duolingo's AI technology product demo video

In this example, Duolingo shows us what it's like to repurpose an event like their Duocon and, with a little bit of creative editing, turn it into impactful demos for social media. This one sits on YouTube, further educating potential customers and working toward brand recognition.

Personalized learning with the latest AI - Duolingo's approach to AI

The video features Klinton Bicknell, Duolingo's Head of AI, so it immediately lends credibility and authority to the information shared. He breaks down the complex AI stuff in a way even non-techies can understand. And because it's more of a language learning app presentation than a product video, it cleverly mixes the talk with supporting app screenshots and images.

Viewers don't scratch their heads at confusing jargon, as with other product demonstration examples. They get clear, animated video visuals that make the "AI magic" real. This demo captures the viewer's attention and makes Duolingo's tech product stand out by translating its AI and showing how its personalization, engagement, and constant innovation make it a must-have for language learners.

9. Asana onboarding training video

Many organizations use onboarding videos that teach employees how to use the software. But most product demo videos in this category aren't necessarily exciting for the learner. So, here's a fresh take on the classic demonstration video — a mini-course packed with five quick 2-minute videos that show you the ropes step-by-step.

Asana: Tool onboarding - Lesson 1

Concise and focused, the course provides bite-sized knowledge that gets you up and running fast. It gives you the essentials to do your work like a pro and respects your time, protecting you from information overload.

Seeing the app's interface, how to navigate it, and how to perform specific tasks creates a tangible learning experience that captures the viewer's attention — it's the kind of experience you can't get from abstract descriptions alone. Clearly, this product demo video course is quite the quick-start guide.

10. Aeroccino Plus product demo video by Nespresso

Talking demos with monologue voiceovers can feel boring and monotonous. But what if you have no voiceover and rely solely on the visuals? Nespresso demonstrates how you can create an excellent demo using high-quality footage and excellent video editing.

Aeroccino Plus - Product Demo

Visual clarity makes this milk further shine. We've got silky smooth milk frothing to perfection, with close-ups of every detail of the physical product (button, markings, even the lid) and pouring steamy hot coffee.

In under one minute, we understand what the product does and how it looks in a real kitchen setting. The visuals instantly show you how easy it is to use and prompt you to imagine the delicious possibilities in your own kitchen.

11. Place app product demo video by IKEA

Are you looking to introduce new technology to the market? Learn from this simple but great product demo video by IKEA that shows how their augmented reality app solves so many furniture headaches. 

Say Hej to IKEA Place

We see a room and a hand holding the phone. The app on the phone scans the room, and the hand selects, moves, and places furniture within the space. This walk-through shows how the app works through the audience's eyes.

The promise is clear, too, and introduced with humor — visuals of real people's furniture struggles, with it-doesn't-fit dreads and measuring mishaps make you think, "Yep, been there, done that."

And the best part? There are no lengthy explanations. They show you how it works, remind you of your furniture pain point, and then hit you with a clear call to action: "Try IKEA Place in your place." Simple, sweet, and effective.

12. Mach X sneakers promo video by HOKA

HOKA's Mach X video lets you step into a runner's shoes. Sunny, the presenter, is a triathlete pro who demos the shoe for you herself.

The HOKA Mach X: Speed and Stability

Rather than being about fancy product features, the video shows the Mach X in real life. It demonstrates how comfy, supportive, and fast it can be, demonstrating a deep understanding of the audience's pain points. Following a compelling storyline, it clearly explains the product benefits from someone who knows how to run inside and out and wears the shoes herself.

So, they get bonus points for credibility and relatability, but the video also reveals the tech behind the comfort and speed. It helps viewers understand how the product is assembled, making it appealing for casual runners and gearheads who love the science stuff.

Plus, the upbeat background music and cool running footage keep things exciting, just like the Mach X itself.

13. Time tracking app promo video by TimeSave

TimeSave is a time-tracking app for time management, productivity, and organization. While its presentation is short, it's also effective. Notice the concise messaging and practical demonstration of key features:

TimeSaver: Time Tracking App

The main idea is that this app saves you from the frustration of complicated and cluttered time management alternatives. This short and punchy video shows exactly what you need to know — how the app helps you manage your time, boost productivity, and stay organized. There's really no fluff, just the good stuff.

By the end of the product demo video, you'll be itching to download TimeSave and see how it can improve your life on the spot.

14. Google's Dear Sophie product demo

Email services are hard to promote in a world where we all send, receive, and ignore tens of emails a day. But Google's Gmail-focused promo video turns it up a notch with a heart-warming, innovative twist.

Google Chrome Dear Sophie

"Dear Sophie" has universal appeal. We all want to preserve memories for our loved ones, which makes this promo so relatable that it transcends languages and cultures.

Notice how Google's ecosystem, focusing on Gmail, is cleverly integrated into the storyline. There are no boring explanations or tech jargon, just a subtle demonstration of Gmail in action.

Product marketing-wise, the ending is fireworks. "The web is what you make of it," followed by the Google family of products, promotes using the internet to create more meaningful connections and experiences.

Rather than telling you to buy something, this product demonstration video inspires you to think deeper, to see how Google can enrich your life and make the most of life's precious moments. 

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